Friday, December 24, 2010

Simple lo❤ely Day

Alright, this is quite rarely to see me and the bf have time to went out together and for the whole day some more. Again, a task to do *sending the maid to LCCT* Fyi, LCCT is quite near to KL, so after sending the maid we went KL since I'm hunting for X'mas gift for friend and some one special. Teehee! Actually I shouldn't go KL because i got my midterm test on the next day, and I haven't memorized all the theoretical terms yet. *But, i insist to go with Boh-Kia-Si behavior* wtf.

-dolled up and waiting Yorath to fetch me-

His mood is not good on that day because he found there're some scratches on his car >.<". Fyi, the car is his second lover. *some time i did really jealous the car* So, he was like TMD!@#$%^&*&^%$# for about an hour =.=" I'm quite being irritated by his xxx words, but i forgive him larh, because who don't get mad after found out their beloved car got scratches some more is just after repainted the car few days ago. So i just remain silent. But he did RUINED  my shopping mood!!!!!! *never mind*

As usual, Gigabite is the best choice for snacking and snapping! 

Gigabite's top fans

win yourself an iPhone 4. Get more Gigabite and activate as many caller tunes as you can to grab iPhone 4 as your Techno-buddy. 

effing lotsa cars at parking area. x_x *right-hand-side*

stupid Mr. "FULL" signboard. 

after sending the maid away, Yorath said he is craving for Subway *he saw the Subway Ads on TV y'day* =.=" So, here we go ... 

the hectic KL town. Heading to Bukit Bintang but the traffic jam took us about 1 hour to reach the destination *we stucked at bukit bintang road*. wtf.

And then stucked in Sungei Wang parking basement for 1 hour.
 camwhored with Yorath when we stucked =.="

and finally he got to taste his Subway. Idk why we choose to have Subway at Sungei Wang lorh! Don't like Sungei Wang Subway, the onion is out of stock =.=" without the juicy fresh onion, Subway burger taste not good and the stuff very kiamsiap! everything give so little. I still loving the one at Penang. The stuffs are funny too. 

 the subway's fans and gigabite's fans ^^

i love this picture >.<" my hand look so fair! lol

After the lunch, we both walk around. It's quite hard to shop on that day because there's lotsa people shopping too. I don't really enjoy the shopping time. I can't even look at what i'm interested for long, those people will keep walking pass my back, i feel so uncomfortable like others rubbing my arse with theirs >.<" OMG! sound so disgusting! but did felt exactly like that.

Bought nothing except the iphone housing which i was look for a long time in Malacca. ^^ *happy*

tadah! Now i got 2 kitty housing =.=" we bought this at Sungei Wang and another one from Malacca =.=" After we bought at KL, Yorath's friend already manage to get this housing from KL. No choice, i have to take both >.<" who want the other one exactly same with the photo - for iphone 3GS user only >.<"

We went to Pavilion after the hectic shop at SW. Loving the atmosphere there. They decorate the external and internal of Pavilion with X'mas mood and songs and it's snowing at the main entrance. Yorath said he regret for not bringing his cammy along. 

hard to see the man-made snow with my lousy phone camera. The best i can made is this only >.<"

 effing lotsa people. So, we went in ,but

still a lot of people =.=" rubbing arse again =.="

 i like both photo because I look good with poinsettias and the red carpet >.<" *ignore my short legs*

he is cute with pink blinky boots >.<" lol


me and the funny skeleton with spec

 =,= ...

Finally i got to try SnowFlake! It's nice but huge ... I'm freezing while i'm having it + the aircon . Next time Imma wear sweater >.<"

First try and it taste good

 he is not very likie the dessert. Because he don't like beans ... So, I'm the one have to finish the whole bowl >.<" freeze me up!

 we attracted to this simple yet cute and cool band outside pavilion when we are upon to back. They actual bring joy to people =) love them!they know how to play many songs too~ don't play play

i told cha! they bring joy~ small MJ dancing XD

that's all for the simple walking day with Yorath. =)
actually i got more to blog before this post. But all pixies are not with me. So, still thinking whether to blog or to skip >.<" lol... lazy me~
stay tune for more christmas blog >.<"


  1. You sure had a fun fun day with your bf :D
    Your hello kitty iphone case is super cute!:D

  2. An early wish: Merry Christmas!! ^^