Friday, November 26, 2010

stay tune!

Hi peeps,
I feel better after observing my babe getting healthier and he finally accepted the baby cereal which i bought ! *OMGosh! he is actually soaking in the baby cereal potty and barking happily now!!! Jesus Christ!* Walao wey, how to clean him?! T^T ...He's happy to stay alone play alone. He is damn fierce whenever i come closer or touched him *maybe because i ter-killed his future wife ='(* he's not going to forgive me *sob* 

Any idea how to get closer with him? and how to clean his body? =.="

mayb i should change his name to "stubborn".

yesterday picxi, tried McChicken Supreme. *not bad*

Actually I got lot'sa redundant events and thoughts in my damn good imagination mind *cheh* but i just couldn't blog about them yet. Because Imma seating for midterm test on next Wednesday.  *LML* because I'm only having business ethic paper for that week and then i got a week break for blogging.I know I still got plenty of time to revise, but I'm those who can't take it easy if one knows something stress-y is approaching towards ones, i feel stress when exams are coming *my usual moron symptom* Once the stress is ended, there come assignments and quizzes, and here goes the stress to handle again. lol.  Anyway. Imma blog just after the paper.

oh dear, I should stop typing since later I'm going to LCCT. 

A random and simple post for today.  Chaoz! *wave*

Monday, November 22, 2010

recovering from nasty emotion

Hey there, I'll be back after settled my nasty mood that I'm encountering now.
FYI *those who kaypo wanna know*, I'm a murderer of a cute sugar glider. Yea, but i did it accidentally.
the female sugar glider die on 21/11/10 *yesterday*. We tried to rescue her but end up her heart beat stopped. FML! I really feel so sorry to her. Don't really wanna explain how she die, because my mind will keep on flash back all the scans she struggling for help and gasping for air *somehow now I'm recalling back the scan again* Super heart-ache! *just shoot me!* Because i promised that I'll take good care of her but end up i broke my fuxking promise on my previous post. I got lot'sa stress from my parents who keep asking how she die and blaming me for the fault. These even make me hard to rise my head up. But, in the horrible incident there is still a little happy incident is that we manage to rescue the sugar glider joey- lil baby boy. Surprisingly, he is strong enough to survives. But he had experienced too much of fear. He is now under my observation. Hope he will recover soon *he is improving*.   God Bless him. And R.I.P lil girl glider, I'm super sorry, i shouldn't let u both waiting in the car under a torrid sun. Never ever let this happen AGAIN! *I swear*

The latest pix of lil baby boy
got appetite and manage to climb here and there already *good sign*

will stop feeding him cat food after i bought baby cereal. Because i have do some research on their food. Cat food cannot be served daily. Baby cereal should be the best choice. Gonna buy Baby Cereal for him after my class. *signing-off to classes*

Friday, November 19, 2010

New members in the house ♂ ♀

Guess what I'm busy with recently?

suffering from mosquitoes bites?

 chicken pox?
* =.=" i had before*

Omgosh! Are you actually having serious skin allergic?
*half correct, =)*

I'm actually being scratched by some kind of animal paws. >.<" 

Yorath presented me .... *drum roll~ *


Yup! a pair of new baby sugar gliders. * but it doesn't mean i will forget about cutepie, he will always in my heart*

The aim for getting me this 2 cute babies is because the bf afraid that I might mild in my home *coz he can't spent the time with me like we did last time since he got a job*

Thankiew babe! 

caught some pixies of them 

Sugar gliders make endearing, playful, and entertaining pets, which they need lot'sa attention from their owner.

 lil baby boy shy to take pixi, nah... he still can't cope with the new environment.
*give him some time*

 It's hard to believe that the lil baby girl have big appetite.

she is super small *a few week old only* 

 really unTAHANable! super adorable lorh!!!

I'll be super dupper caution about their diet, feeling, hygiene and SAFETY!!!! *i stayed in the area with effing lot'sa catssss!* 

Everything have to start all over again. Will train them after they manage to cope with their new pinky home. Haven't name them. Any suggestion? * I want cute names for them!!*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some lil food update ♨

My Naffnang Analytic value keep on decrease dramatically. *sad face*
-it must be a few past posts i upload all my bare face photos- *scared all the people bah, wtf*

haha! nah~ i think most probably is i "cincai" blogged too much >.<" *sowie* it's hard to bring up the blogging mood. Sometime i do have the mood to inspire me to blog, but then when i clicked "new post" it show a blank white box for me and my brain blank too. lol.

So, today gonna keep some effort to blog a lil with the limited photos in the memory card. *lazy to take photo nowadays* 

Recently just went out with the BF for dinner after his work and had movies on every Wednesday *as usual, and I'm not complaining the life is bore okay! =.=*

Once upon a time, i went to Nadeje with Yorath. He knew i'm craving for Mille crepe *especially the cheese one and banana! slurp!!!!!* 

 enjoy sitting at Nadeje Cafe reading Nov ViVi magazine *latest*!

 ordered banana mille crepe shared with Yorath. *I'm lovin' it* After that, I'm still demand for another piece >.<" ordered the Gula Melaka one! *kns taste! over sweet man! feel nausea after swallow it* Didn't snap the Gula Melaka Mille Crepe. Please don't order that favor *unless u are crazy fans of Gula Melaka*

A new "fast" food in the fast food sectors. =.="
 A new "fast" food - ChicKing trying to compete with KFC =.=" *ChicKing, u need to try harder.*

the fried chickens are small >.<" *probably forgot to inject the chicken* lol. So, i think is healthier than KFC.

Next- the Taiwan Noodles

Recommended by Yorath's brother. *since we were out-of-idea for thinking what's for dinner* I went they once with the friends before. But then that time i tasted the food like okay-okay lorh. 
When I went with the BF, the taste became much better. *the food taste nicer because i went with the BF? the chef improved? my tongue sensory spoil?*

 Yorath and me

That's all for the food thingy. =) 

I'm having shopping mood for this few days + lot'sa promotion caught my eyes! But i have controlled myself for not splurge on clothes so muchie. *i hope it fail! lol* I can't live without shopping and purchasing! life get bored without it okay! ladies born with a pair of super amazing legs *we can shop the whole day, but we can't jog the whole day- vise verse with the guys* haha!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Gonna blog about the Sagil trip now. *kinda lazy actually* Teehee!
 because i'm fugly in all the pictures.

My mum suggested to go Sagil on last Sunday. Since dear Yorath don't work on Sunday. Pity him for can't get enough rest on his first week of work, yet need to drive us to Sagil *climb the effin' high hill lagi* ='(

I wanted to cancel the trip one actually. But sometimes it's hard to make such kind of decision *mother vs. the BF* In the end, i didn't do any changes about the plan. >.<" *feel sorry to the BF*

Morning, mum and I were busy preparing the food for the Sagil picnic. And the brother and dad watching CARTOON while we busy like beaver. wtf. They are not helping at all =.="

After that, i went to Yorath house and pick up him first because *i'm kinda miss him in the morn* hehe. So, he can starts the journey from our house. My aunt and my lil cousins are coming along at first, but my aunt's car broke down *the tank broke* so, unfortunately they can't catch up with us. *aww, i miss my lil cousins.*

So, we took about 45 minutes to arrive the destination. *fml, i'm having my MP that morning!* Cannot enter water T^T *i did entered, i dont care!* The BF known me as the "polluter" of the day. Haha!

here comes all the pictures~

poor BF, have to carry the heavy bag of mine >.<'

 at the shallow mellow part... it's also known as the dirtiest part. lol

 a lot'sa indians that day because it's still their Deepavali day.

 since we all kiasu, so we climb up to the top to have the clean water. haha

 can't believe my mum is so energetic. * i was half death already*

haha! my daddy look so cute with the bag and the cap. *like small kid* haha!

once my mum reached the top, she can't wait to sink herself into the water >.<"

 the guys~ they need some preparation before getting wet, because it's effing COLD!!!

Some other people.

FML, i just can soak my feet =.="

 okay, got improve... he get his butt wet

 this pak cik was extreme enjoy slipping from the rocky hill to the water. >.<"
*i wander how if his balls hit the rock? * 

 me also got improvement. >.<" sink the whole foot.

 my skinny brother *idk what he is doing up there*

 happy husband and wife

 daddy laugh at brother because he got sexy rib bones.

 happy family without me =.="

hmm... meditating?

 drinking syrup with the taofu huey box >.< mum forgot to bring paper cups

 the only okay photo of me on the day

 picnic food

 the BF is still not wet yet =.=

 dad and mum

 fugly me eating bihun

 the water getting cooler because it's gonna rain soon

 not preparing to get into the water =.=" relaxing

 tadang~ ! the polluter >.< but i didn't sink into the water lar ... most of the time i'm sitting on the rock with lil water >,<"

 mum get up and enjoy her reading

 everyone going back and the sky turned dark

ah ma hand with winkles >.<"

 haha! macam ah-beng ah-seng like that >.<

 okay! it's time to back! *my dad carry my snoopy bag* lol

 the last fugly photo of me to share.

 confirm die if u just slipped down

bubye Ledang Hill!

Cincai blog >.<" not really in the mood to blog.

can't wait for the ladies shopping-day on this Saturday!
hope i could take some pics with them.