Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chirstmas Boxing Day

Ello~ I'm back from my fun + hectic life! i hate my holidays come with midterm test =.=" the mood is so indescribable and complicated, something like happy + excited + lazy + worry x_x dunno larh! Anyway, it's all past. =) So, back to normal life *Yeah*. Nah, busy planning my Yorath's birthday. haha! hope everything goes smooth.

Regarding the tittle above, What is Boxing day? *punch those u hate?* XD most of the people thought is about boxing/fighting( the combat sport). So, what i wanna say is "WRONG!!!" Boxing day is the day after Christmas day. Apparently, it falls on December 26th. Traditionally, 26 December is the day to open the Christmas box to share the content with the poor *so I'm poor =.=* lol. I mean traditionally. Nowadays, people consider as the day to open X'mas prezzies. It's logic right? Next morning, all the kids will go and collect their prezzies under the Christmas tree. *wee* 

 I've been so well in this year. So, i deserved  lotsa prezzies. Haha! no larh, it's actually the sweet one intend to melt my heart *and he did*. Thankiew so muchie! 
At first, I received present from Jerome, and then followed by Panda. The next day, I received 5 prezzies from my darling Yorath *i was so excited*. He told me those prezzies are from others. I asked him who but he refuse to answer and keep showing me the hidden-smiley face like he is hiding the truth. The alternative way to force him to tell the true is to get angry. Muahaha!! *it worked!* He told me that all the 5 prezzies are from Mr. Yorath. *silly boy*. Now i know why i got 5 prezzies, it's regarding to my older post. Still remember the post with the tittle "A wishlist for Santa" ? Ya, i know what're you guessing =.=" and he really did that. I think i'm the luckiest gf in the entire world ! I got a Santa bf who love me a lot.

those are the prezzies i got on before and on the Christmas day. =') the sweetest ever Xmas!

I opened all the Christmas prezzies right away after i woke up *no no, i brushed my teeth first*
All those pixies with my bloody bare-face >.<" so, it's warn that those who have heart disease please skip this post. wtf. p/s, I opened those prezzies on x'mas day. wtf. =.=" i thought was on boxing day. Lol.

domo-kun and kitty mountain bike's bottel water *both so cute!* they read my blog! *touched*

more touching one coming up:

the wishlist on my previous post.

brown and green nudy lenses checked!  ^^                         Me and Mr. Darcy, checked! ^^

looney tunes bunny baggage T^T checked!                        devil condom-look pouch checked! =')

Gucci perfume with pink some more T^T checked!!!!!!!!!!

He skipped Polaroid cammie because he can't afford it anymore. =( he is broke because of me. Aww, silly boy!  and he skipped the purse as well because i already bought earlier than him =) I'm really speechless. Frankly, I'm kinda regret for posting the wishlist for santa. Because that post made me feel like I purposely write it and ask people to give me those stuffs. It's true that I want those stuffs to be mine but I got no intent to ask people give me. I wrote for fun! *i swear, but forget it =.=* U guys won't believe, because i doubt on myself too sometimes. Suan le bah. Anyway, my true wishes for Xmas did come true ^^ the very first one " I wish YOU will love me more than everyday". He love to see me happy.

Love you! Silly boy use the dumbest way to prove how much he love me then make himself broke. I'll pay back soon! *your birthday is coming!* 

okay, done the post with ugly bare face photos *since i dunno how to PS the photos*.T^T So Imma upload some chioer face to recuperate those ugly photos. Hope it work well.

 okay, i failed! Forget it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

even baby got his X'mas present too! A banana =.=" okay, he is unhappy with his present. >.<" will replace other better one larh. lol.

okay, here goes another stupid post >.<"


  1. wow! shopping day huh? have fun =)

  2. Omgosh!
    you got so many prezzie!
    and your bf treat you so good larrrrrr
    xian mu >.<
    hey~~ i had followed you blog ^^
    if you don't mind, you can follow me back :)

  3. haha! ya, i'm suprised too when i saw those prezzies ..
    thanks, i've followed u. =)