Thursday, September 21, 2017

Coney Island, Singapore (day trip)

Hi humans, it's been awhile since my last blog post. I was too busy with all the work training lately. *Training is exhausting!*

Well, I was in Singapore the week before last. I woke up early thinking of hitting the gym in the morning. But then, the adverse weather shoo-ed away my hardly-found workout ohm. Meh ... *But I did some Tabata workout in the room for half and hour *at least not so guilty larh*. I texted my girl friend, Chloe to have breakfast  brunch together when my tummy starts growling after the workout. She came out with more than just having brunch together but outdoor adventure! *Yay, I like it!* 

She brought me to Coney Island for cycling. We met at AMK mrt station at 1pm and simply grabbed the crispy roasted pork rice at the nearby hawker. It starts to rain again when we were having our brunch. While waiting for the rain to stop, we went to Sportlink for a walk. I got so obsessed of seeing girl wearing football wear. So, I simply took one and tried on. But never buy larh. 

There were varieties of sport wears and sport shoes with great prices. I did not buy any as I plan to go again with my best friend, since he is interested as well. But gotta wait until he is back from trip first. He went for a long vacation with his darling. Yea, leave me here ALONE.

Okay, where was I ... ?
Oh ya, after done our window shopping at Sportlink, the rain stopped, and we took a bus ride from AMK to Punggol bus interchange. Then we took bus 84, aligned at Punggol Point Park / Punggol Settlement. We headed to the bicycle rental shop to get ourselves a bicycle and cycle all the way to Coney Island.

Took a photo at the famous Coney island gate. You will notice everyone lining up at the side and wait for their turn to strike a pose before setting off for full day cycle and exploration.

The jolly Chloe

The weather was so chilling after the heavy rain. Wind-proof coat will be perfect for the day. But I didn't bring larh.

The rustic Coney Island, alternatively known as Serangoon Island. If you need a little nature escape, this is the place!

This rustic island is covered with the abundant flora, and sand-paved bumpy road, therefore cycling is kinda tiring here if you rarely cycle like me, but the breeze and the greenery will certainly make your cycling experience a great one.

never forget to dab at "tepi longkang"

Besides cycling within the island, we also hang out at the beach and did strike some stupid poses to feed our hungry Insta.

sea weed

I love seaweed but not this one. Haha!

trying to take photo like a pro but failed.

Chloe was so pitiful. She accidentally stepped the red ant's nest. She got attacked by all the red ants and sand flies throughout the trip. Poor Chloe.

We cycled along the boardwalk that lead us to a few different designed bridges. And we also found the container eateries - Punggol East Container Park. We spent some time chilling at one of the container there since it started to drizzle a little.

we hang out at this Pump Station Bar & Bistro

My favorite beer of all. Hoegarden Rose

 Cheers to you, cheers to me, the best of friend we will be!

We cycled back and returned the bicycles after the "light" meal.

Overall it was a great outing with her. Thanks for touring me around Singapore. *flying kisses*
But the journey to Punggol was really time-taking. Haha.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Langkawi Island, Malaysia 4D3N (Part 2)

Having breakfast in the hotel is the toughest time for me as I need more time to separate with the bed. I don't function that well in the morning either. But one thing good about Destini Akef Villa is they serve breakfast in bed. It's the perfect hospitality ever for person who need to go through  dramatic wake up moment which gonna consume so much time. By that time, I got ready to have my breakfast, the lounge has nothing left for the late comers.Thumb up for the great service for serving the breakfast door-to-door. But it would be great if they can leave the breakfast on the table and leave instead of knocking the door, whereas we have to get up from the bed to get them in. *" Eh, you don't too much okay?!*

Anyway, we cannot be wasting too much time in the room as I have made a reservation earlier for Skytrex Langkawi Adventure. I went one on my previous visit. I bought my best friend here because we both love to get close to mother nature and we love extreme exercises. I thought skytrex will be the perfect one as both requirements are met. We get to challenge ourselves with various aerial obstacles in the tropical Malaysia rain forest. 

 Skytrex is located at Jalan Teluk Yu, Kampung Kok, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.

However, the weather become adverse when the activity started not long ago. me and the best friend are not afraid of bad weather as we experienced various time drenching in the rain We even claimed ourselves as the "God of Rain". Dafuq. 

We were instructed to carry on the challenges with a big group of people verse one instructor due to the lack of manpower during Hari Raya. It was tough at the beginning as we need to spend longer time to complete the challenges by waiting the rest of them.

We were then assigned to be much further front so that we do not need to wait for the others as we have other activities to go on after this.

I got myself a present after the fun. Last year I torn my toe nail in Langkawi by my clumsiness since born. So this time I got myself ....

Both legs are injured by falling on the floor dramatically by skipping a step on the stair.

The receptionist was very helpful. She quickly passed the best friend the alcohol-free antiseptic wipes. The best friend help to get rid of the sands and little stones from the wounds and clean the wounds patiently and silently.  I thought he was mad because I caused so much troubles. He was not talking much during the way back to our villa.I cannot stand the awkward moment and keep asking him is he mad and why so quiet. I told him that I am fine and the wounds are not painful. "I'm angry at myself for not keeping an eye on you!" he said.  My heart melt liao... this silly friend was actually self-reproaching. I thought he got angry of me. Too cute to laugh. 

The rain got worst and the road was slippery and sloppy. The car thread wore out and made little greeny span at the turn. Little greeny's wheel lost controlled and the best friend made a few slow drifts in order to slow down the car speed as making wheel an emergency brake might be worsen it. I expected a bang on the car but he get thing right and saved our precious life. We both stunned for awhile and continue the drive and I told him " See, this time you had protected and save our life." 

We got back to the room and it was still quite early. Cleaned up and rest in the room until around 4:30 pm for our sunset cruise dinner at 5 pm. *Can't wait any longer!* We hang-out in the room, showered, watched the movie -BFG for the second time, scrolled the phone and finally I couldn't resist more but to take a nap after the exhausting morning. The best friend entertained himself by making the room as a club and he made himself the DJ of the day. *Lol* He played all sort of songs and get wild by continue drinking his Chivas. * I still can't stop laughing even by just recalling back.* Anyway, he totally treaten me as a hollowman lady or invisible person. He blasted songs and don't even give a fuq that I was taking my beauty nap beside lor. 

About 4pm, we started to get things prepare and he start to get tipsy drunk. Dahell man, what a great timing to get drunk when we were about to wait the driver to pick us up at the lobby. And the worst part was, HE LOST OUR ROOM KEY! *gan chiong sia!* I reported to the receptionist and requested him to unlock the room for us with his spare key when we got back from dinner later and promised him that we will search for the key again.

We were all waited at Resort World Langkawi, Fun & Adventure office. We were ordered to paste on the cruise company sticker on our shirt to ease the staffs to determine his guests when boarding their cruise ship.

It was our first ever sunset cruising and among the trip, this is the one I awaited for so long. I was so excited. It was a 3 hours cruising around the beautiful islands, enjoy the BBQ dinner on the yacht and they serve us free flow of all type beverage.

The best friend was a little tipsy after he syiok sendiri in the room while I was taking my nap. He still ordered a glass of rum & coke. *Yea, I know right? really Boh Kiasi*. 

This Si-Gina go and mingle with all the staffs and guests around the yacht after a few sip of rum as in like he is the host of the day like that. 

I was so worry that he might drops into the sea. I can say that he made himself the main attraction of everyone. He chit-chatted with a few new friends (which normally, he is not that friendly). I ordered a few cans of pineapple juice to clear his drowsiness away so that he would not feel nausea or sea sick at the end of the day. *I'm so mighty larh!*

Aside of looking after this Si-Gina, I really enjoy the sceneries of the beautiful islands. I did not put high expectation to catch the sunset view as it was raining season. However,  we able to see a few huge brown eagles soaring overhead the islands.

We had our dinner on the netted yacht, laying down and enjoy the ambiance at the sea breeze is my favorite part. My type of vacay!

We spent our luxury evening of the day on the net. The whole experience had perked me up and I definitely gonna try again some other day (on other islands). 

We had a quick nap while on the way back to our room. I was worrying about the missing key.. The first thing I did after came back to the room was to search for the key again. And you know what? I found the key in the Si-Gina's sport shoes that he wore to the skytrex! Really dafuq right? But he is too cute to be scolded larh. So I just kept quiet and return the spare key to the receptionist.

We ended the day by resting early in the room.

The next day, we were greeted & guided by the staff to have our breakfast at the customer lounge as they are lack of manpower to send the breakfast to rooms during the Hari Rayas. We had a quick breakfast and went back to our room. Supposed to go for the island hopping activities but it was cancelled due to insufficient passengers to cruise the boat. 

We decided to make our last day a lazy one without plan.The best friend hooped into the swimming pool in front of our room. It has been an eternity since my last swim.

I only manage to swim a few laps and tired AF. 

I climbed up from the pool after the sun strike us. I quickly lay on the sundeck to enjoy sun tanning. We miss the sun so much and finally today!

We planned to get ourselves expose to the hot sun at Chenang Beach. Drove all the way to Kuah City for lunch before to Chenang Beach. Also brought the best friend to capture some pictures at Dataran Lang where the iconic eagle statue nestled at.

We had our lunch in Jetty Point Complex, Kuah City.It was a great afternoon dining together and we share jokes and craps around. 

We then head back to Chenang Beach. We had so much fun in the car . We were singing and dancing all along the way. Some funny incident happened when "Despacito" song was played. The best friend tried to adjust to a higher volume and suddenly there was a electric shock sound came out and I thought he got electric shock and we both screamed like bitch. WTF was that?! Scares the hell out of me. This Si-Gina really created a lot of funny incidents in this trip until I can't bear with him, but to keep laughing until my stomach burst. We did not know where was the sound came from. After that we reduced our "sampat-ness" by playing and sang the songs softly.

Arrived Chenang Beach like finally. We took a walk along the beach and tried to get ourselves as tan as possible.

We went to Yellow Cafe to have some soft chill and took a few wefies after a few attempts running and jumping in the waves. 

Chilling at Yellow Cafe and again crapping and peeking at those sexy ladies with bikinis. *Slurp*. We actually spent hours at Chenang Beach. 

The best friend suggested to have our atas dinner at The Cliff Restaurant & Bar. It was located at the end of Chenang Beach. We walked there with barefoot and wet clothes.

I choose to sit at the side so that we can enjoy the cool breeze. Everything seems so nice and romantic until the weather turn bad and started to have thunder storms. Walao, die die don't wanna get up from my seat. Okay, we moved to the indoor section in the end when the rain started to fall inward and strong wild wind blows all the cutteries away from the table.

I'm hungry already!!

two wet ducklings 

Overall it was a great dinner in such a stylish restaurant on the cliff and sharing our wonderful trip experiences. 

We grabbed some snacks and beers for the last night from Chenang. As both of us are sour sop freak, the best friend spotted the so-called "sour sop". Because we realized sour sop is hard to find from the market nowadays. He saw something alike sour sop. I remembered sour sop has sharp torns and mango-shaped. This one was not really convincing me to believe is a sour sop. He says maybe we have not seen sour sop fruit for a long time and kinda forgot how it looks like. We bought two "sour sop fruits" back happily.

What we bought was not sour sop but it known as custard apple or sweetsop. Anyhow still deliciously sweet but we still prefer soursop. We ended our last night watching dead pool and noming all the funny food over the night.

So, here goes the last day in the island. We woke up very early as our flight to KL is 10.25am. Woke up at 7am to grab our breakfast, showered and get everything well-packed and check-out. Returned little greeny to the car rental service company. 

It was still early, we waited at Starbuck airport. Some sleepy head photos of us before the flight.

Back to KLIA and took airbus to TBS to check-in our bus to Singapore.While waiting for the bus to arrive, we settled our lunch in TBS. Due to heavy traffic during the Raya, the bus arrived at 4:30pm instead of 2pm and took 10 hours to arrive Singapore and almost killed in the bus. Lol. But we were all safe and sound in the end.