Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye-bye 2010 and say Hi, watzup 2011!

I know i'm super late for this post. My bad.
Anyway, still need to say Bye bye 2010 *waving with handkerchief* I'm quite excited that we are entering a new year! Maybe is because during year 2010 many unhappy incidents happened *can reset 2010?*. So, I'm quite looking forward in this new year ^^ 
I feel like I'm reborn-ed. I hope i got a new soul as well. lol 
People wish to recap their 2010. But I don't really hope so, or can i just recap all the good one? haha. 
In this new year, i do feel my responsibility is getting heavier. Maybe because I'm getting old? *nah, i'm quite exciting that i'm getting 21 on this year!* 

is 2011 a good year? Must be!!! 
in 2011, I end my Diploma *there's a confusion whether to continue degree or not*. Before that, all diploma students in my campus are required to finish their industry training program first and if we passed our industry training, here goes a new life which is to continue study or enter the working society/life. 
I've already applied a few companies, and there are 2 companies replied me *i applied 3 companies actually* so, humans are always like that. Whenever there's an option for them, they can't really think which is the alternative one to choose. I got to choose 1 from 2. Both has different benefits. *headache*
And of cause, In year 2011, I have to face the most fear-est thing which is to say goodbye to my classmates! We have been sticking together for 2 years and now we have to separate and maybe never ever have the chances to meet again. I confirm I'll be super emo that time >.<" lol. Probably will cry like a baby. *yer, so ugly* 

So, i wish no more hardcore for me in 2011. 
  1. I hope I'll get new friends and co-workers * i want good one!*
  2. I hope i'll do well in my industry training program.
  3. I hope my relationship will be stabilized *always will be*
  4. There's a large improvement in my interaction, socializing skills. lol
  5. I hope i enjoy my job and i got satisfying salary. 
Let's get ready to face all the obstacles in 2011! And make 2011 a good and merry year!

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.

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