Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recent hectic Life ✖

Just after back from gym and badminton game =) yup, i'm on my way to 39kg back ... hope i would able stick on the way to my goal >.< AZA AZA!!!! Because food is my best seducer! T^T

went to gym for the 2nd times only. Lol. But, will keep drawing some times to continue it. Recently, my life is hectic. More and more assignments and quizes came together on the same time. Finally, left one more midterm test and an assignment then will be having exam fever.

So, I'll be blogging the activities I'm doing recently. Tons of "rojak" pictures in my phone folder.

1. Gym

Recently having my gym at OHM gym centre with the bf and Ah Yang.

the boys hearing the coach giving the instructions to avoid any unneccessary injuries happen.

i was "kaypo" taking pictures of them gyming after jogging on the treadmills >.<

Recharge Isot Solution drinks. Have this after 3 hours of gym to replace loss fluids during exercise and sport activities. I need this for instant re-hyddration because i'm having badmiton game after gym *sound so pro like that* who has weak body like me need some helps in boosting in immune system and energy level. >.<" don't waste time to rest! it will increase my laziness. Lol.

a picture of them playing badminton game at Bkt. Beruang badminton court.

2. lil Zen is injured! poor Zen~

i ask for her permission to take the photo of her legs because it seem so funny after wrap up. XD Anyway, she got pretty foot la *RHS*. How she get into this? Funny incident she had. Berry was whistling her when she is walking alone. When she turn her head to see who is the one who whistled her, she didn't notice there is a small stair step =.=" then "Piak!" sprains her leg. That's why i don't entertain people who whistle me. I'm not LC okay. Just doesn't wanna get embraced. =.="

3. Jerome came back from Itally after travelling for almost a week.

a lil Pisa Tower from him. Thanks for the sorvenior and espresso cioccolato *chocolate* and the chocolate cube whicjh i forgot the name already. lol. ! i love it.  Tons of photos he took in Italy. He has uploaded in his FB photo album. Feel free to view his album *for those who have his FB*

4. I'm late again!

my class on 2pm. And i have to reach campus early to search for empty parking slot.

i manage to get shady parking slot!!!! once in a blue moon! my very first time to park under shade.

this is how i get late! i really caught in a jam on the distance to my campus what! but don't ever try to give reason why u're late. The lecturer is not gonna trust u for telling them "sorry ms/sir, caught in the jam." they consider "traffic jam" (the fact) to the silly nonsense that u're trying to cover your lateness. Just tell lies when u are late to class. =.=" something like " i went to the wrong class just now or the lift is not functioning, therefore i take stairs." something like that. They will trust it. =.="

5. Chicken Murtabak for supper after movie.

expesive Murtabak with lot'sa onions- RM5 per slice for size of roti canai

Murtabak-ing at Tasik Limbongan after watching "The adventure of the King (cantonese)"with Shin Yuu group. "Sampat" movie =.=" recommended by Ivan Panda. 

6. Sushi Boats on one of the weekend

having sushi before attending Ah Bee's advance birthday party.

~fatty boom boom~

the man

he always act so cool, but the fact is he's still so cute for me
both of us

7. Advance Birthday

funny couple

we are different.

on the way to GoGo KTV after bought the birthday cake.

2 lazy bums choose to sit the shutter car instead of walking to the place.

the bf friends. I'm not really close to them like how i close to Shin Yuu. Hehe... still feel kinda strange. Maybe need sometime to cope with them. =)

b'day boy's girlfriend - the one who posing o0o in the pic XD
 ( no la... the 1 who snapping her dear)

obviously the birthday boy lorh~ happy 23rd!

torturing the b'day boy.

8. satay- 1 of a kind

Yorath bought me to a much more rural area to have different kind of Satay. Chinese satay. They sell pork, pig intestine, and chicken satay before having my replacement class at 8pm.

Actually, we had going for twice already, but didn't get to taste because we don't know the actual hours they're running the business. And finally we went on the valid hours.

pale face with no make-up. between, there're 2 satay mui(s) skewer and grill the satay behid me.

 eating satay- the most important thing is to deep the satay into the tangy peanut spicy sauce before u place it into your month.

pig intestine satay. Yorath love it. >.<"

That's all for a little update. Gonna revise for my DMG-accounting test 2 starting tomorrow. Tough subject! I don't like calculation ='( i'm weak on this. Anyway, Gambateh Gambateh! try my best!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

The harder I worked, the luckier I got? Nah!

Finally, i Can't  post the "short" video clip me and the members recorded. FML! We have been to a very tough time while doing this video. It's an assignment of our "Organizational Behavior" subject. there are 10 titles for the video. Each group need a leader to represents the group to picks 1 title among 10 titles. Again, I'm the leader in my group and i picked the title of "Leadership" Yup, when mention about leader, i really afraid of previous tragedy happen again. Well, there are some dissatisfaction from me but i don't dare to voice up because i freaking hate arguments, quarrel, or unnecessary conflicts happened between me and the friends since we have more group assignments to be completed together. So, just let it be then. Moreover, I'm kinda silent in the reality life. Idk how to socialize with people. forget it.

I'll like to share the short video clip we recorded but unfortunely is too taking space. Not pro at all but at least we gain experiences. Now, i know that, acting is not my talent >.&lt;" I'm suck in acting. But maybe i can be a script writer? XD yup, i wrote the script but some parts are being cancelled by the members. Frankly, I'm kinda upset about that but, I'm fine now =). I also don't wish to gossip my own friends here. Be humble Candy =). lol.

this video dragged a lot of time to upload. Lol. I've tried lot'sa of site to upload probably i have using 2/3 days to upload the video. Blogspot need some improvement over here or maybe idk the actual maximum length can be uploaded in here >.&lt; haha! I've tried to upload to Youtube which also take long time to completed the load * need improvement too* Lol. then after it is completely uploaded, I only found out that my video can't be view because it's more than 15 minutes >.&lt;" lol! time wasted to upload. I hope Youtube can extend the time to 20 minutes. But, most of the video sharing site is 15 minutes the max already! hmm ... think of >.<" try it when i'm free. will show the video once i found somewhere willing to give me a space to share the video.
I think it will be slightly perfect if we can act more silly and talk more naturally and without Malaysia slang. Haha! Anyway, acting is really a hardcore thing to me. They said, next Semester we are taking Malaysia Studies and we might having video assignment something like that. *sigh*

But, I feel so much luckier than others. Because whenever I get into trouble, Yorath appeared and be the hero of mine *heart* I'm lack of actors in my short video clip. He tried hard to draw his precious time and helps me in my assignment. Thanks a lot because I know he scarified a lot behind the scene and sorry for making you caught into trouble. Love you lots!

Well, if I got the recording of the process when we are busy embedding the video and converting the video into another format, it should be funny. FYI, we all are computer stupids instead of computer nerd. We don't even know how to use Window Live Movie Maker application at the first and got no idea how to convert the MOV format to WMV format =.=". So, during the time we are processing the video and burning the disc, many funny incidents happened. But, after surfing google and download those conversion gadgets, we do like a pro IT engineers. Lol. Lastly, we converted the format and successfully arranging the parts and editing musics, it became an icon. After that, we double-clicked it and it load kinda slow and we all were like freaking nervous and hope not to redo for the n-times anymore. Suddenly the song- " Me Love" sang by Sean Kingstone is played and the girls(we) shouted and screamed like nobody business. We hold our hand tight and jump with the only strength we have on that midnight. You got no idea about the joyful we had on that night. Seriously, we was like so crazy. Because we really frustrated and nearly give up (we redoing for n-times already) we even know every single word without looking at the scripts. After all, our effort never waste. God make everything possible. We don't know the marks yet due to having lousy lecturer.

I grade myself and my sisters "A" for the effort and teamwork on that night. Seriously, we learnt a lot. we changed from computer stupids/idiots to computer nerd *at least* but of cause, the friendship are getting deeper. Before that, there are some attrition among the sisters.We got some misunderstanding issues and maybe feelings conflict between heart-to-heart. Thru this assignment, we need lots of communications and interactions. From there, we know/understand each better. The friendship linkages are not completely bonded back so fast of cause. But at least reduced the attrition among us and i believe it can be even better than before. ^^

Too bad for the lecturer. She show no concern on our video clip. when it's our turn to present, the projector is down. WTF! then dragged lot'sa time! and in the end we only managed to play half of the video clip only. Lecturer said next week continue the other 1/2 on the replacement class. And, guess what! the next week, she forgot what she said and we still need to remind her again. She allowed us to continue playing the other 1/2. But, she didn't even focus on the video at all. And all the groups got their comments and grade from her, but she didn't even comment anything about our video. I got lot'sa WTF questions in my mind. She didn't even appreciate our work! i mean that, we put  f*cking lot'sa Effort on the video clip, i can bet we put more effort then everyone lorh! We do try to ask  for the grade, but she answer us " i don't have the time to watch the video", "so, how about the grade?!" we asked. "i will let u know when I'm free to watch" she replied.  I'll be losing interest and wont do that great on next time anymore. We put so much effort, yet what we get was a piece of shit! FML. My heart told me, she doesn't like us. It's okay, i hate her to the max too!

"Keep your sense of humor. There's enough stress in the rest of your life to let bad shots ruin a game you're supposed to enjoy." I love this quotation =) it's from Amy Alcott.

That's all for the post. More and more written assignments coming next T^T. We do it individually >.&lt;" so, hope to blog when I'm free again. Uni life is hectic!

Stay tune!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


 it's Wednesday! ^^ i love Wednesday =)

Baskin Robins for the pinky Wednesday and GSC movie for RM6 on Wednesday ^^

Me and Yorath go for Movie and Baskin every Wednesday. Gonna show u guys what movies i'm watching recently. We had watched "The Jade and the Pearl" on previous wednesday which i don't encourage others watch for it. It's SUCK and STUPID!!!!! 

The Jade and the Pearl

 and previous Wednesday we watched "Inception". Great! I rate 4 stars out of 5 for this movie. It's so cool! ^^ It's talking about sci-fiction actions set within the architecture of the mind. They talk about Dreams. Complicated dreams with many layers. And the trailer is so cool in this site!!!! ----> Inception Trailer 
I wonder who is this guy writing, producing and filming this Movie... And guess what, i found out that he is Christopher Nolan!!!! No wonder larh! the movie turns out great! Or maybe i should briefly introduce him. ^^ Christopher Nolan is a British-American. He is a well known Film director, screenwriter, actor, costume designer and also producer. Well, *Prove it!*

His great/ awasome Filmography :

He is the director of :-

  • Memento

  • Isomnia

  • Batman Begins

  • The Prestige

  • The Dark Knight

  • Inception

  • Batman 3 (coming soon)

La Comedie Humaine
Main characters are Chapman To Man-Chat and Wong Cho-Lam. Both of them are mad hilarious. =) It's a comedy but idk why it spells " la comedie humaine" (french language).

This is cute!!!!!!! i love Agnes!!!! her voice mad cute. Voiced by Elsie Fisher little girl. Should watch it for those who haven't watch. Funny and Touching movie. And guess what, it's Universal Studio production!! =)

hmm ... not really love this movie. It's kinda bored. Still ok larh ... hehe! but most of the audiences very satisfied with the movie. Maybe it doesn't came out what i expected. 

 Today i'm going to watch Lee Hom production!!!!!! "Love in disguise" mad excited ^^

i love lee hom!!!! He is so charm!!!!

Oh well, i really don't know what the hell i'm blogging. >.<" haha! Anyway, enjoy the post bah >.<" Ouing with the bf now. =) see ya !

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are u a Hello Kitty mad Lover?

Yeep! I'm back to Candy's Life Tale FINALLY!

However, my presentation was not smooth at all. We didn't get the chance to finish the video clip because of the lousy Projector dragged lot of time. So, I'm not gonna show right here before my presentation end. Sorry ^^ haha... next week me and my group members will be presenting again. =.=" duplicated the work. FML!

I bought Mallow and Gummy bear for my snack! =) the red gummy taste so strawberry!

So, today will be blogging something regarding to my title "Hello Kitty lover". I don't know since when I kinda fall for Pinky stuffs. >.<" But not much, if not I'll feel headache with the bright pink color. I love light/pale pink. So, I guess most of the pink lover will be loving Hello Kitty as well. Aren't they? >.<" Nah~ I don't really in love with Kitty. >.<"

Anyway, I found Lot's of Cute Stuffs when I'm searching for hello kitty products. >.&lt;" so cute and so gross *some*!
I categorized them into the stuffs that I'll try to look for it and the one that I'll not.

Well, let's start with Hello Kitty stuffs that I doesn't wish to have:

This really polluting Kitty image >.<" doesn't look like Hello Kitty at all! who bought this for my birthday I'll be punching them >.<" gosh, the 8 years old b'day kid probably will be fear of Kitty from the date of her b'day. Poor kid >.<"
Hello Kitty eye make-up? lol. Look not very attractive also X_X" don't like*

Hello Kitty gown. Not my choice. look ugly anyway >.<"

well, looks okay for me, but i don't need it. Waste my room space

ouch! tongue piercing... always wanna to try but got not brave enough >.<" if i got a tongue piercing, i may not wanna have Kitty tongue stud. Probably will choose for more coolest one! =P

tell me HE is not a girl... >.<" whack him if i saw him! too gross

Now, those "mad cute kitty stuffs" that caught my eyes:

Hello Kitty scooter >.<" looks cute if I'm riding this to MMU everyday XD.

auw... this is cute XD Hmm... should i bought this for Yorath??? Lol.
 I know YOU  hear me ^^

i want this! so cute man! i gonna search for this bikini. ^^ please inform me if u know where to found this Hello Kitty set of bikini.


Eau De Toilette fragrance look so gorgeous and lovely in Kitty packaging! mad cute!! I want this too T^T...  tomorrow gonna look for it at Perfume shop ^^ hope the essence suit my taste.

kitty envelop coin purse. Kinda creative. Well, i will love to have one too ... but wont try hard to find it. Anyway, is not really attractive >.<"


I'm curious about this >.<" izzit true i will get a Kitty shape toast on my bread?? haha! I'm not a toasted bread lover. Just wanna know it is true or not ... hehe

the doggie look so cute with it's hair tied up!!!!! But, I think the Hello Kitty elastic rubber band forgot something. Kitty's mustache. No wonder the Hello kitty look so weird =.="


NIKE also have Kitty Sport shoes for the girls?! look lovely too =) okay, will be looking for this too >.<"

 Lol... Kotex pantyliner with picky Kitty packaging. Didn't know about this before. Brilliant ideas to tackle girls who mad love kitty. i would love to have 1 please XD

kitty with nerd look. So adorable! i hope it's not a container. It will be better if it is a small makeup pouch. 

Kitty pasta ... If u are sick of Kitty, maybe you can have this. HEHE! eat up them! Lol.

SO, i guess I'm a kitty lover since i love most of the stuffs with Kitty. But i don't dare to admit that I'm a MAD kitty lover. Sometimes, i do hate it. >.<" Everything with Hello Kitty feel kinda sick >.<" * sorry to those who are Mad lover*

Simple post for the day. >.<" Thanks for reading anyway. And don't forget to click my Ads ya!