Friday, May 27, 2011

Everything is wonderful when Papa, Mama & Friends are there

Hola! I'm here to blog delayed events. *please get use to* All these were happened during my internship program. So, understood larh - no time to blog. Once I get to rest, went shopping and have fun with family and friends for sure, because I'm leaving my hometown soon. I'm gonna miss 'em like every second.

Mother's day was awesome because my mom love it. I bought the whole family to Sunset Bistro to have dinner. Mom love the atmosphere because it's quite romantic and just beside beach. Before heading to Sunset bistro, I presented my mom a bunch of carnations. She damn happy lorh! I saw her kept smiling even though go outside an throw rubbish. lol! At that moment, I felt kinda guilty because mom love flowers but she only get it once a year. I should give her more to brighten up her day. 

  When to pick the flowers once arrived Malacca. Yes, I went Sepang goldcoast the day before mother's day. 3 stalks of carnations mean " I love you". I hope she get the message since I'm not daring to say it . lol
The boyfriend bought 9 stalks of carnations *kiasu people is like that one!*. He wanna compete his love for his mom is more than mine. wtf

 then, went to collect the steamed cupcakes from Eevonne. =) 

happy family - brother, daddy, mama, and candy with some snow on her hair. lol

 took a picture while waiting food to be served. traffic light color again, lol. Daddy look so exhausted. And my face look like monkey poo!

 food are served. Again, monkey poo face.

this is what i ordered. Don't know what it call. 

Happy belated Mother's day once again! we love you. 

Next, to the internship part. The second last day was utilized with joy and all the colleagues were so appreciating the short time to be together. One thing that I never regret for choosing the company is that i get to know all the good and cute colleagues. They are so nice! I miss the boss too. He's good.

We took a lot of pictures on the Amber Chia Academy grand orientation day. So unwilling to leave them. They are the one who brighten my day after I get scolded. =')  They are just like my sisters.

Went to Shih Lin together to have our lunch before the event start. 

♥♥♥♥♥ my two besties! They're always there when i need them. ♥♥♥♥♥

 but sometimes i hate them too! because of them, I look even shorter!!!!! fml. >.<"

 Angeline, the world is small. She's my primary classmate's girlfriend. How coincident is this. Charlene, she's the one keep me awake, she always shouts her name or my name with acting like "somebody's" voice whenever I feel sleepy at work. That's really shocking me. haha! 

me and Angeline having our delicious fat oyster! Yummy~ 

Okay, back to work. But we still get to snap some photos to keep it as sweet memories. 

before the models were here, we act like one of them first. Teehee!

 the crews of the day! 

snapping and snapping. Never stop! 

 Even sat on the sofa which the special guests gonna sit later. 

get stalked by some photographer when we are "working". 

lastly, a group photo with all the staffs of ACA, Amber and models before they go back.

 and also never forget to take photo with this nice man- Alex Gan. Our previous marketing head.

 A picture with Alex Lim. *yay, we got a lot of Alex in the company* haha! 

 the nice boss as well. He hardly smile when talking photo. So glad he show his happiness towards the event.
and i'm effing fat like pregnant women. fml

 the last time to take photo with them. Benjamin- Catwalk guru and kit- model instructor. 

Omg, comes to the last day of my internship. It's like finally the nightmare is gone. I though I'm gonna be so excited on the day. But I almost drop my tears when all of the colleagues of mine is like so ... I don't know how to describe. They just make me feel so awful. Although it's just 3 months of get along, but the moment is so wonderful. We share tears and happiness, we complaint and gossips and make fun of each other. There's no coin can buy this wonderful friendship. Boss touched my heart with his action. I was like "Omg, he is so sweet." He asked us to stayback for awhile because he got something to give us.

At first he gave us key chain with furry ball with the nail of ezlink. 
Then, he came out with this... ♥♥♥

 A certifucate for completing our internship program! 
Whoa... my tears almost drop. 

Thank you boss for everything.

Then we got Farewell party on the night some more. =)


A trip to Singapore

Hi peeps! I know it had been a long time i didn't come over here or even didn't leave some words here..
But, from now on, Imma keep my blog up-to-date since my internship has comes to the end!!! *claps*
During my internship program, I hardly get any time to release my working stress *got larh, if u add me on twitter*. Anyway, i manage to go for a trip after all *but incidents happened too* . But forget about it.
Let's talk about happy stuffs.

Me and friends went to Johor and Singapore. =) on weekends and labor day.

on the day, i dressed up like a hello kitty fans! lol... I love the passport pouch. Elmo for the man and kitty for me. Photo taken while otw to JB.

a blur and shinny one here.

Dinner with all the friends and stayed a day at Max cousin's house til the next day we proceeded to Singapore.

Entered Singapore and everything is in english and chinese! *i love it* We went to Sentosa of couse! Sentosa is always the best choice to visit! 

Went to Sentosa's Siloso beach area. I sweet-talked Yorath to bring to the pink dolphin show *yes, i love dolphins!*  So excited when got to see dolphins with my real eyes. *cavegirl cannot be blamed*

But we visit aquarium first =.=" 

seaweeds or seahorses? =) 

no flash is allowed in the aquarium. It may harms the fishes. 

the aquarium is smaller than KL Suria one, so it's so crowded when a lot of people entered in the same time. I choose to sit at the rocky stone while waiting others to leave the place *ya, can't wait for the dolphin part* 

Here you go, the dolphin lagoon ..

waiting for the show to start. Many indian tourists were there. 

Thanks Annie for taking such lovely photo of us. love it! 

they are doing well in the show! so cute. Unfortunately the audiences are not allow to touch the dolphins.

Since all of them turned into "adults" except me and Yorath still consider under age when talking about casino. So the "adults" went to the casino, and the "under age teens" search their own joy! 

 We give a try on "skyline luge". We have to sit the luge to the higher area and slip down with the skyride =)

 while sitting the luge, we have to bring along the rides up too.

i was quite nervous because I'm afraid I'll drop my slippers. 

 and then sit for the ride and race with your partner. freaking ugly helmet! force to wear if you don't want your head got "balukut"

next, we walked to the shore and whoo! a lot's of bikini shawties. Damnit I hate myself at that second. So, because of my invidiousness, I don't wanna take their pictures. wtf

We went to Azzura beach club. It's like so fun! they got bubble tub just like the ang-moh movie always show that ang-mohs having wet party in the bubble tub.   AZZURA Beach Club offers a new wide range of hydro-sports, activities, food, drinks and entertainment. Its high energy atmosphere will electrify you from day to night. So, go and hook-up some bitches there. No worries, all super chio and sexy!

 If I'm slim enough, I'll definitely will be wearing bikini lay on this i don't know what they call it and wait muscular banana guy come approach me. slut! wtf, just joking.

Next, to the wave house! If u are a good surfer, u definitely gotta come here and show-off your talents because all the sexy babes gonna scream and shout your name while you were presenting your flowriding skills. But of cause, people gonna laugh til die when you fall and being flush away by the man-made wave. XD
 his time to show-off! 

 phiwitt! pretty cool huh...

take a sit, my legs muscle damn painful.

 okay! finally all the "adults" came back from casino d. 

 the Ah moi-s 

 4 pairs of couples. I'm so effing dark after the long-walk at the shore.

 2 pairs of couples and 1 extra tiang lampu XD

 random shoot

 he copied Mr Thinker's pose

 at the fountain and why my hair look like crayon Shin Chan's hair? 

 The song of music

 we watched for free from the high hill. We were actually going for this show but too much of people kiasu then they all bought all the tickets. 

Southern Point of Continental Asia at Pahlawan Beach which is the other side of silicon beach.

Hard Rock Hotel , Singapore.

Went back to JB with bus and taxi after the tiring day. 

The next day we went to Pasir Gudang, JB for riding the small ferry to Leisure World Cruise.
 top roof of the ferry. See, all gambling faces. lol

Leisure World Cruise. No pictures taken because I was encountering the dizziness of floating.

That's all for the trip. Next trip with them- Thailand! 
looking forward~ Ciao!