Wednesday, February 29, 2012

thoughts and feelings - "感触"

Thought of blogging in Chinese today but too much of vocabularies have returned back to high school. Today, feeling like kinda emo, might be due to my complicated feelings fighting in my soul. Doesn't know how to describe. No idea what kind of chemical has injected into my heart. 

The bf fall sick and is making me worry like hell. His body was very hot and I was trying all ways to reduce the heat from his body and make him feel as comfortable as possible. He took a cold bath and laid on the bed with thick blanket. I was busy in the kitchen making something watery for his stomach to digest easily so that he doesn't need to chew hard with his dinner. Soup noodles will be the idle dinner for him. Made him one and he finished within 10 minutes. Praised me about the delicious food. I was touched and my heart melted as how can he be so sweet, caught with a high fever and doesn't seem a big matter to him, yet my worries become his concerned matter. Praised the food is nice and finished it - He is just wanting to pass me a message which is not to be too worries, and he will get well soon. I find no reason to stop loving and pamper him. 

Life is so colorful since he entered my life. His the one trying hard to make all my silly wishes came true, make me laugh like no body business and make me sobbing with happy tears.

He's the only one able to bear with my unbearable barbaric and stubborn behavior. He's the only one apologize to me although he thinks he did nothing wrong.  He loves and pampers me but he doesn't make me a worst person. He teaches , guides and reminds me when I'm almost acting like my enemies.

We cook and quarrel in the kitchen as I always think he is stupid in cooking, we are fine after the food is ready. Haha! But can't deny that he is good in frying omelette. I'm afraid of the hot splashy cooking oil but he is so brave to encounter that. So, when there is omelette as dinner, he will be the chef and I'll be the assistant, he'll be the hero and I'll be the zero. Anyway, it's great to have bf that willing to share housework with the girl. Not many bf volunteer to do housework. I'm quite satisfied with his attitude. haha!

He knows what I'm crazy of. He bought them although they are not worthy at all. As his view, he thinks nothing is unworthy than the priceless smile hanging on my face. 

We share funny stories and we gossip about others during supper time. We laugh hard and we joke around. We enjoy the moment like this and we should continue practice this. This make us understand each deeper. 

I love him a lot. He is kind hearted although people thinks that he has a naughty looking. But I know is good enough =) 

Our 6th anniversary is coming! Planning to do something memorable for him. 6 years of togetherness is not simple. Respect and honesty is the most important theory to hold on your relationship. I might said that we reached the stability line but at the same time we are entering to the next step which I think is maintaining the stability of relationship.  

Okay, gonna sleep now. His much better now. No more fever after the sweating. 


an update of my sugie latest sleeping pose. haha! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hello! Just found out something cute and colourful. lol.  Try it! 

Blog with no aim. I'm waiting the boyfie come back. He asked me to sleep early but I just can't close my eye. Kinda worry especially when he driving alone. ='( Anyway, he's on his way coming back and we decided to go for sinful supper. lol *how to lost weight?*

okay, bye!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day 2♥12

Hi peeps! How's your valentine's day .. Fabulous or #Foreveralone? Well, mine was pretty good. Thanks to the boyfie. The past 4 years were celebrated in Malacca. Still remember one of the year we celebrated in Ampang, KL. Yes, he drove all the way long from Malacca just for the valentine dinner

* how sweet!*. We wore couple attire some more. haha! *I look young with fringe*

Last year was great as well! Still remember the Love is in the air *Maa friend said I look like Selena Gomez on that day although i don't think so*

So, this year St. Valentine's day falls on a working day. No choice but to celebrate in KL and when for work as usual. Since both of us living under 1 roof, it's hard for me to plan surprises for him. Haha! So, no choice but to leave an empty hand on v-day! *pity him* but will replace gifts on our anniversary *coming soon* Teehee! We decided to search on webs to get the place to celebrate our v-day. End up with Monte's Restaurant and Wine Bar, Bangsar.

The outside view 

It's a quite cozy place to dine-in. To have a romantic candle light dinner, sparks and chemistry are all needed. Choose a low lighting restaurant is perfect for setting the v-day mood. And of cause, the food quality should be in standard as well larh. 

So, this is the idle place we choose to have our intimate and romantic dinner *called and book for the table*. Dolled-up after work and watched movie at home some more. The boyfie drove all the way from D'sara. Arrived at 9:30pm. They provided Valentine's day Dinner as well but we choose to order our own. =) 

Love bird among the love birds 

The boyfie still remains so mystery and purchased a bunch of roses secretly. And he hided at the same place of the car and I didn't notice at all =.=" until he get the flower from the back seat. This time is with the Kitty and it's all in PINK! I love it a lot! it's superb ... Everything is so perfect. Haha!

We parked at the housing areas and walk toward Bangsar Shopping Mall. All around the town was full with lovely couples holding hands. The day of romance, almost every girl was holding the roses gifted by the love one. How pretty the scene is!  

Entered Monte's restaurant and were guided to the seats. And the menu was served since we don't want the valentine set. 

 Photo time before food is served =]

We ordered mango and shrimps cocktail as appertizer

Farmer's soup *sound so organic & healthy*. Taste great too!

Sorry for the photo quality. ='[ should bring dslr along. Yorath main dishGrilled Halibut where else mine  was Monte's Ribeye

The boyfie was so "Haolian" wanted to try up atas drink. He called this tiny glass of beverage. I have forgotten the name. It's not a pure chololate drinks. It's liquor flavored chocolate. Very strong vodka containment. And seriously, it could make him drunk. I drank a sip, it's exactly like drinking vodka *the neck burns immediately* pwoof! He can't finish-off the drink as he need to drive the car back. Luckily i ordered a playsafe drink - lychee froze. Something taste like lychee + cherry juice in ice shake form. Not bad tho. =) But no picture taken as it looks like a glass of strawberry juice with a bending straw that's it. It should have some fruit decoration on the glass *it shown in the menu =.="* 

We took 2 hours to enjoy the intimate and romantic dinner. And I loves to look around as some of the couples presented their v-day gifts at their seats. I was too kepochee to kan-jiong together with the person who unwrapped the gift and goes Awww~ it's an expensive atas watch! =.=" then it make me more disappointing on myself for not getting anything for the pity boyfie. lol. Really feel so guilty. A few days before, i told the boyfie frankly saying that I didn't prepare anything for him on V-day and asking him whether he wants anything or not. He told me he wants coupons for "FREE BODY MASSAGE FOR WHOLE LIFE" from me. *bloody hell* of cause I didn't make it for him. >.<" 

Gosh, look at my fat belly! 

Finally I'm back to home. So, photos are much better! with dslr =] Never regret of buying it. 

Kitty roses and the boyfie's valentine =]

Love you! ='}. He is good in cheering me up. Thanks for everything. It's not about money, it's not about showing-off. It's all about "Heart"

The 6th year I'm celebrating Valentine's Day with this guy, and I never regret =') *until now lol*  
He makes everyday is a valentine's day.

last pic of it! Teehee!