Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love is in the air ♥ ♥

lol. I know it's effing late for this. But I'm super salute myself for farting all the posts that are accumulated during my finals in this week before i start my internship. Now I'm able puke and fart *sound so nasty!* all of them out! *round applause*

Happy Belated Valentine's Day people! Anyway, I have my Valentine's day celebration on the actual night. ^^. Although others having fun for the whole day, but i can't be bother so much because both of us are busy. I was seating my Investment final and Yorath has to go for work like usual. So, after the paper, I rushed to DP and seek for the valentine's gift *sorry, i got no time to prepare ='(* 

When i was in the shopping complex, I saw many pairs of lovey-dovey birds there, some holding flowers, holding hands and chilling at the shopping complex. I felt like a super lonely girl that get lost in the shopping complex or the bf break-up with me in the mall,whenever  those couples starring at me -.-'' lol. Now i know how those singles feel on Valentine's day. >.<" *u guys better stay at home watch tv, bcoz u will feel the same >.<" will u?*

Proceeded to the Famous Amos Chocolate store and choosing what should i buy for Yorath. Because they don't have self-choosing chocolate area ='( so "laoya". They sell home-made cookies *their main focus product*, and all the bar chocolate and chocolate cubes in the box. I asked the staff over there who was wrapping the chocolates for valentine's day, " do you guys provide gift-wrappng service? I mean those chocolates that people choose one", the girl said "No!" *F you!* and turn her head back and continue wraping the ugly and laoya chocolates gift.  -.-"  This bitch definitely will not get any valentine on valentine's day i mean for her entire life!! So rude!

Since I only know 2 places that sell chocolates. This "laoya" service store and the other one where i bought for him as x-mas gift with the perfume wounded up already.*that one better, this laoya store should wound up early*

No choice but to choose the most "Atas" chocolates among the laoya one. Then proceed to Daiso and bought transparent wrapping paper and wooden box for placing the chocolates *yes, i wrapped it by my own*

candided in the car before speeding back home

I spent hours to wrap the gift *I'm not a good wrapper* and smacked some make-up on the face. We reserved table for 2 paxs at San Fransisco Steak House, but then the staff called back and told us that we must purchase their promotion : valentine sets. We canceled our reservation since both of us don't like the valentine meals they served.While i was wrapping the gift clumsily, Yorath made a reservation at other venue without discussing with me to save time. *yaya, i asked him to do so*      

okay, it's time to go *he doesn't wanna tell me where he reserved* 

wore dress and look pinky on valentine's day.*have to wear pink before I'm too old for this color*

okay, here it is- Aldy Hotel located in the "red centre" of Malacca. U knew where's the red centre if u are Malaccan or historian -.-" Those place where the Dutch built during the colonization of Malacca.

but we're not having the meal at the Bamboo Hut Bistro at the ground floor

we're actually joining other lovey-dovey birds on the Rooftop d' Place. The roof top is doing valentine sets for the couples on that day.

 rose petals on the tables for all couples
 a fat girl on the opposite side of Yorath -.-"

can't wait for the main dish to be served because I'm starving

 Cheers! Happy Valentine's Day

finally, the main dishes is here!

 my charming Yorath

 A combination of giant prawn, salmon fish, squish, baby abalones, turkey, chicken, salad, and super delicious spaghetti. *don't ask me what is the long thingy that standing in the center of my foods, okay larh! i think it's for the food to look more "atas" i guess -.-* 

dessert time...

chubby me

what are u looking at?

ohhh, the fireworks that I dedicated for him. lol, no larh! It's so coincident got people put fireworks and we manage to take a look from the rooftop. >.<" see, so nice can catch the serenity night view of Strait of Malacca and enjoying the crooner live, ya they sing oldies *quite nice*. That's the benefits of dining on the roof top. It's so claming and enjoyable.

love is every where, even the dessert have love candies too.

 red wine is a must on valentine's day. 

 took by the waiter

 I want this flower-made thingy. Suit my outfit colour >.<"

It's time to go back with the effing full tummy. 

thanks for the purple-pink roses. =) 

 The chocolates for the love one

 a kiss for you *chu * so that i will get a kiss in return


even my farmville also have the atmosphere of valentine's day. lol

Happy Valentine's Day people! 

 Trip over love, you can get up, But, fall in love? you fall forever. Cherish and appreciate your love one. Love is nuts, because it make you sacrifice the most and yet, u are willing to do so. ^^ Every day is Valentine's day, so don't only treat your valentine mega special only on Valentine's Day. That's a shame!

-End -

Hot weather ☀

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Even the tap water also can boil an egg, the road can burn my feet and I got mouth ulcer due to the hot weather *seriously*. Give lot'sa people lot'sa stress especially me. I'm having my bloody final in such a torrid weather make me fell sick for a couple of times.

Baby sugie use to sleep properly like a little baby. Yea, i know he is baby since i name him baby sugie, but i mean  he sleep this way ....

sleep "baby-ly"

Because of the effing hot weather, he no longer snuggling on his comfy blanket. and sleep not so "proper" anymore -.-"

 At first, he showed me his butt. But i forgive him for such offensive manner because I didn't taught him manners before -.-" lol

and then, he is getting over and over and sleep like this....

At the first sign i saw this, my heart was beating super hard i swear and i almost drop my tears! I thought he was dead because of the effing hot weather.  But then, I look closer and I yelled at him loudly "Baby!!! wake up!!!" He was being stunned by my stupid bitchy loud voice.

 thank God, he is still alive and still look so charming. 
*ya, he barks. Don't believe just find it on Youtube*

But, still ... he sleep "improperly"~ sigh...

Now, he started to show me his cock. wtf ! I should buy him undies or ... thongs? since he like to sleep with his "kang-kang" legs lol!

Doing my bloody revision in such hot weather. Apparently, I got no mood to study at all *because all the notes are so dull, colorless , and so wtf*
told ya, "colorless" except my pens *okay, i lied. I use black-white effect and focus my pens* lol
all the subjects make me nuts in the hot weather!! *i got no idea what am i talking about*
some candid photos during fml-final-exam days ...

u can skip these. Just wanna release my effing hot weather and exam stress

 but now, no more exam for me!!!! ^^ so I look a bit chio-er without exam-stress 

 I know this is a pointless post. 
...I know I'm lame, but it's A-Okay... 

stay tuned for my super delay v-day post! =D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sh|n Yuu trip

This is a "once upon a time" trip with Sh|n Yuu Group. It's actually organized by Jerome. He was thinking to replacing his 21st birthday celebration on Chor 3 and 4 since his actual date is so inconvenient for others to take off-day.

 On Chor 3, I was super in a rush and Yorath keep rushing me *I hate being rushed!*. Apparently, I was not in good mood. And I forgot to bring bath stuff and my sun glasses broke! fml. And i dare not ask them to turn back to my house and take those stuffs because we are super late because of ME. *sorry*

So, i start my day with fml mood. I brought  baby along too. He protests to go with me since he escape from his little traveling cage when i open its cover. Everyone was finding, chasing and catching him. Then i made everyone fml-mood >.<" *sorry again* haha!

After wasting a lot of time on me, finally~ we start our journey. *driving for hours*  We arrived Port Dickson at about 3 to 4pm and check-in immediately. Everyone was busy choosing the room they want. The bangalow it's too huge for us to stay. There's 6 room with min. of 2 beds to 5 beds in it. Moreover, everyone love to squish together and sleep. So, there's 2 to 3 rooms is empty.

basically, the side view of the bungalow look like this. So sweet... see, Shin Yuu's towels all hanged together like one happy family. *that's why i use pink for the wording represent the warmness relationship of us*

 1 of the rooms

mine and cyn's room.
I know I'm so greedy for choosing the king size bed. 
Bcoz cyn had a "lil" on her name, so she should sleep little bed. lol! so bad!

obviously everyone was starving!

close up... I love the colours of this photo.. candies colour.

there's effing lotsa food for the BBQ! i hate to blog now... i miss the beef slides *stomach growling*

super hungry lor .. everyone crowded at the grilling area >.<" and that's Jerome the birthday boy- the one looking at the camera

fyi, Yorath is getting fatter and fatter =) i love it! coz i can pinch his fat tires

Aco and lil cynthia

mushmellow and me =D

lil cynthia *i took this because she look so auntie here. hahaha!*

victor and wen

ya... they got lot'sa craps to tell. Never feel bore hearing their bull craps

=.=" this is just the beginning of all the Epic

here we go ... all the Epic *kinda sore eyes*

i know this is super wtf XD

>.<" no comment.. i'm all Epic photographer

half-naked only larh >.<"



lmao!!!! I think I'm a good wording editor.lol

finally there's no more Epic .. *me and cyn*

 dunno watching what until so concern and almost knocked the head

 I took this =)

sorry >.<" i focus the wrong thing... >.<" that's y they're blur

"u got no idea how tired am i" not until the next picture

now u got it?

everyone is going up stairs for poker card games

"hello? anybody here? no more vodka party?" *hiccups*


Pity my baby sugie... he still cannot crop with the new environment

Since Baby Sugie missing the home, we went back the next day. Nah... >.<" we just stay for a night. So, next morning, clean up everything, packed all the dirty clothes, and lift the ass up to the cars. Say Sayonara to PD after taking our brunch!

Aco have to send little cyn back to cyberjaya first since she is having exams too. So, we have to sent her back then only go back Malacca.

i took this after dropping lil cyn to the condo.

After leaving Cyberjaya, the GPS lead us to Subang Subway. Brought them to taste Subway since Malacca don't have.

only 5 of us headed to Subway... the others went to KLIA. wtf! they follow the signboard to Malacca but end up at KLIA =.="

I with my bare face and Yorath

our water supplier of the day!

Check out Aco's nom-ing reaction of Aco. hahaha!

Next, proceed to Ice Room Nilai!!! yeah!

I effing love this photo !!!!! Yorath took this with risk.

 baby sugie had his tiring journey

 fugly me

 Ice Room-ing with them

i love mango shaved ice!!!!!

That's all about the trip. Effing long one for u guys! >.<" this is the matter of bringing  along the D550!

feed  u guys with mega lot'sa photos! wahahaha!

-trip end-