Friday, December 31, 2010

He is officially 20th ❥

Hiak-hiak-hiak! I'm backie!
I supposed to do my bloody McDonald assignment, but the mood keep lead me to Candy's life tales >.<" so now I'm blogging surreptitiously. Shh~ 

Gonna blog now before my final and training program tie me up. So, Here we go. I've been planning for Yorath birthday since beginning of December 2010. Yup, he is December baby-31st some more. I think he probably is the last production of December 1990 lor, *so obvious lorh, at the end of the year, ppl already lack of resources, therefore the production is produced with a limited raw material. Probably the fats finish already, that's why he is thin* haha! Stop the craps.

I have been to KL for several time with him and friends just to find the place to celebrate his 20th birthday. End up i just made online reservation for 2 pax. wtf. And  I made a collusion with his friends since his friends wanna celebrate with us as well.

 the Driver- birthday boy >.<"

I booked Jogoya for the dinner *supper actually*
 Freebies for online reservation- traveling chopsticks.

On 30th December 2010, we start our journey after he came back from his work. My plan was imperfect because i don't know the road to KL >.<" I really wanted to try to drive him there since my friend told me briefly about the way. But then Yorath intend to drive, end up the birthday boy drive himself to the destination. lol. 

 luckily, there is no long-term jam on that night.

But luckily is not his birthday yet. He drove to Pavillion that area and then i told him to park at Star Hill, then he was stunned and say "Star Hill?! seriously ar? U booked the restaurant at Star Hill arh?". I bet he is thinking of those atas restaurants lor. >.<" lol. No la, i hate to go atas restaurant because i dunno how to use folk, spoon, and knife in the correct way. wtf. I prefer buffet style. =) 

 Yorath said like I'm the one who is having her birthday celebration. Because i kept order him to take all the foods. lol. Sorry~ when comes to food, I'm no longer Candy anymore. I'm a hungry ghost.

 what we get in a round >.<" and mostly were my food. lol

 I love food

 and then i forced him to assume those food were his XD. He love his man-made Rocky.

 the hungry ghost tried those poisoning raw oysters. *they make my tummy felt uncomfortable. fml*. The birthday boy laugh at me for being so Hao-Lian *show-off* to try the raw food. >.<" 

 within the period we were having the dinner together, he seem like having emo mood which i don't know what is happening to him actually. So, that night i was actually thinking that I've failed to make him the man of the day. =( haiz *maybe because that night i was busy sms-ing his friends who wanna give him surprise, he probably thought I'm sms-ing with other bfs*

 we go for infinity round to hunt for food. Then i asked him to let me snap, he then choose to capture with the raw oyster which mean he is teasing me about my HouLian-ness again. fhl.

 the funny couple ever

 aww, look at those cake... seducing me to take them only. fml.

 then i get bored with scooping the food, so i make ABC topping for myself. *look so pro, but actually worst than having snowball only* Omg, look at my spare tyres~ *kill me*

I'm a bad ABC-maker >.<" i rather eat up snowball than finishing the whole bowl of dullness ABC, so not colorful!!!! -.-"
he show me how much he love Jogoya's choco deeping stick that he made himself.

 it's hard to predict his feeling on that night actually. lol

 I didn't touch any of the sushi on the night. 

fresh coconuts! loving this... 

We actually didn't eat much in Jogoya, maybe the food is not very satisfying me.Moreover, is about time to celebrate Yorath's birthday. Unfortunately, the friends can't make it on time. I planned to celebrate his birthday at Village Bar which is at the ground floor(Feast) of Starhill. I bring him walk around to prolong the time and wait for them. Because the birthday cake was with them. However, God doesn't really help me lot >.<" because all the shops are closed. I got no idea where should i bring him =X. So, i just brought him to Village Bar and tell him i want to hang-out at there *silly lies that i have ever tell*  

 village bar- at the right heart of Feast Village.It is decorated with iconic pillars of stacked bottles, and colourful pendant lights hanging overhead. The bar is so glamorous and comfortable to hang-out lorh. I'll be super enjoy if i can stay there for a bit longer and enjoy my red wine and hearing those classic music. Aww~

 I ordered red wine from Australia which obviously i don't wish to learn to pronounce the name at all *super tough like with almost no vowel in the words*.  Yorath ordered a type of vodka *forgot the name too* lol.

After awhile, The friends finally arrived. I was like super anxious that the surprise plan will fail >.<" To avoid he turn his head or looking around, I present him the gift that i bought for him. So, he can busy guessing and unwrapping the gift. 

 He manage to guess the gift after he shake the gift. lol. I bought him a golden necklace from Poh Kong. He was like blaming me for spending so much on the gift. >.<" But, he love the necklace. ^^

Here comes the birthday song. It was sang by a group of friends from a short distance and it is getting louder and louder from Yorath's back. He was so surprise and smile sweetly when he saw them. I'm so glad our surprise plan succeed!


Once again, happy birthday to my Yorath Boy *the SR white chocolate cake taste great!*

We didn't hang out at Village bar for long because they are closing after 1am. So, we got no choice but to leave the place and here comes dunno who's suggestion- to go Quattro for the next station. lol. 

 the whole pub was crowded with ladies and gentleman 

 FYI, Quattro Club has 4 Seasons Concepts (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) The coolest thing is each season has their own temperature! Spring Lounge is about +21ºC, Summer Restaurant is about +26ºC. Whereby Autumn club is about +18ºC, and Winter Bar is around +10ºC. We was in the Autumn club that night but i can't feel the differences because we didn't went to survey the other 3 concepts. Eh, we got went to Spring Lounge for a few mintues only. 

Spring Lounge- yaya, now i remember i feel kinda hot there. That's why we just went for a few minutes only.

Since this is Yorath and my very first time to chill at Quattro.Therefore, tons of funny photos are being captured is not stunning lorh. They were like super crazy and posing a lot of funny nuts pose. Enjoy bah >.<"


 weirdo faces =.="

 we are good in a second =) "we're angels" erk ehm...

but, we are naughty at the rest of the time. XD *I bet Yorath was about to say "fml!!!" *

they're cute actually... cute as a button =.="

ugh, it's time to dye my hair

funny couple and the romance couple  ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

 Yen Ling- She's an angel                                      Candy-She's a devil 

but we can cope with each quite well *ftw*

and both devil and angel has a naughty boyfie ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶

 Yorath restrict me to have another glass of liquor after i have my red wine at Village bar.

 Hins * i had a tough time to plan with this guy, he is not serious at all, i pissed-off thousands time frankly =.=* and Yorath
 Yorath and Oni *Yorath's collage friend*

 Alvin the humor guy*just knowing him, Hins's friend* and Yorath

again, the devil and angel. *how come we both look so yellowish*

 they can't finish the whole bottle of Vodka.

 Yorath and Oni 

 Oni and Hins *seriously both of them love to take pictures >.<*

Yorath and Oni

About 3am, we leave Quattro and went for breakfast =.=" -dim sum for the choice. I was upon to sleep-walking again. Whatever they talk, my brain just cannot absorb, the brain is completely not functioning at that time, so, they keep making jokes on me =\ but i just don't care it since i can't hear a thing XD. 
After dim sum, they still don't wanna release us. End up we went to Alvin's house and play poker card. lol. 

see, zombie playing cards x_x lol. 

About 7am only start our journey back to Malacca.

That's all for the surprise. =) Hope the birthday boy love it although is extreme exhaustion >.<" love ya!
and, what i wanna say is Hey, you are officially 20th!!!!!!



  1. Ah~ Jogoya. There is just 1 thing about Jogoya. Too many things and too little time XD

  2. wat time can start for the jagoya??
    how much huh??

    hmm weird, i cant see ur ads...

  3. they got 3 different packages... Started from lunch, dinner and supper... Dinner is the best since is much expensive than both lunch and supper (but only rm10 difference) lol