Friday, February 22, 2013

Fuxk yea!

What a very extreme "pleasant" day today was~
Hell ya, I lost all my precious data in my iPhone after ITunes requested to update ... Sigh! Speechless. Googled on how to retrieve them back without backups, even tried using Ternorshare ITune Date Recovery, STILL NOT WORKING!!!!!!! I have more than 4K pictures in my camera roll and now thanks for the updates... EVERYTHING GONE JUST IN A SECOND! 

Life is sucks! with no backups!! 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prayer for the sick on CNY

Happy Chinese New Year! 
Gong Xi Fa Chai~ 
May this snake year bring more health and wealth to all of the people... 

At the same time, may God bless the bf grandma who is fighting at the final stage of lung cancer. Doctor said he is afraid that she may not able to pass this Chinese New Year. This is so heart crashing. I nor the family can't do anything to help her, but I hope God can give her something powerful to make her well and kill all the spreading cancer cells as she is a wonderful grandma Lee. I know this sounds silly. But who knows impossible wishes may magically come true. 

We'll pray hard for you, Grandma Lee. 

People out there please appreciate the old one when they are still there. Spent more times with them before you lost them.