Friday, December 3, 2010

8kia 21st Birthday

Finally, i got a lil time to update the blog!!! *excited*
Yea~ I'm done with the Business Ethic Mid-term Paper *deathly paper*

Imma stop all those granny story about how suffering the revision can be *something like didn't-questions-those-I-memorised-one-and-questions-about-those-I-didn't-read-one* this is life. @_@

okay, should back to the topic =) 
Yup, it's one of our Shin Yuu kor-kor birthday *november baby*. We celebrated this precious day at the "1 Malaysia Beach" *sounds lol* We had BBQ party at there. Although the decoration was so so so simple (a table, about 4 chairs, and the dishes) but we got lot'sa FUN on that night ! 

so, i guess these photos will describe the fun

 sorry for the blur photo ... the built-in flash is not good, need to buy the additional one.

 Mr. Yorath busy talking on the phone

  GZ's gf keep grilling those food for her bf

u probably go no idea what they are upping for huh? >.<" building sand castle? haha! we'll see..

here's the story, 1 of them in the picture asked Aco if they manage to dig a hole enough to bury him, what he will do. So, Aco answered "if u all have the ability to dig a hole that manage to bury me vertically, i'll let u all bury!" action-ly >.<". so, that's the anger that inspired them to continuously digging the hole *seriously, they didn't really rest* 

While waiting them to dig the hole, the birthday boy and Aco playing "cat & mice" =.=" supper kiddo! the white-black short is Aco who will be buried soon.

 8kia was testing the depth of hole and nearly fallen down

 Wen and Huat -the tsunami victims >.< lol ... no larh! they were tanning in a cold weather with moon on the sky =.="

haha! Jerome look tiny in here with the hockey stick for the digging 

 the one waiting to be buried                                      He is still on the phone =(

almost done ... i can prove it with my height >.<

tadah! lol ... creepy photo like the camera man was trying to take the photo of the hole but resulted with a lady ghost in the hole >.<" muahaha! I'm actually squatting larh.. Teehee! 

this is the depth actually .. lol! still not deep enough

 so... continue dig 

it's almost done! 

i think is enough to bury Aco already =P

group photo

Before that, someone had come out with an idea which is having a FF "Fun and Funny" game while waiting GZ driving others to the nearest toilet to pee >.< I'm sure everyone played this game before, but it's still fun to see them play. Haha!!! I'm the one who responsible to laugh my ass off.

game instruction: one must spins 5-10 times (depends on the instructors) with a hand touching the ground. After completed the spinning, one should quickly run to the specified point and run back to the point one start the spins. 

 here goes the spinning! ^^ Wen vs. Aco

ROFL when watching them getting dizzier when completing their spins. XD

 Aco win the 1 round =) he can't even control his balancing after the spins *lmao*

 GZ, SJ and Jerome 

 they wanna challenge different way of spinning. lol

 head up and spins but the rest the same

 funny dao!!!! they look like zombies hunting for food ... walking around the sandy beach. haha!
 guess what? the taller the person is, the tougher to spins

 FTL. lol *he's the loser of all rounds* XD

okay, back to the bury process after the funny game. Aco have to do his job if they manage to dig a hole to bury him. *next time don't talk cock* ppl will challenge u back! >.<

waiting Aco to self-enter the hole to get bury. He got lot'sa craps to say and hope to drag the time longer. Haha! So sissy larh wey!
 someone just pushed him into the hole and everyone start working!!

 poor Aco. *he'll learn the lesson*

 surrender >.<

 we came out with an idea which is why not we bury the birthday boy too! It's his birthday after all... good idea! haha

 birthday boy didn't fight back but "guai guai" like them bury. 

 we're done with the bury part. Phew~ 

 hmm ... i think he's giving a big applause for us. haha!

 haha! they are actually tricky man! they bury the birthday boy because he got no way to run for the cake smashing thingy XD 

 Aco was trying to tell Birthday boy that he should show gratitude for his(Aco) deep friendship given to birthday boy that getting himself involved in the cake-smashing game with birthday boy. lol

 okay, stop the craps please. We need u to shut your mouth so that the creamy cake doesn't enter the mouth.

 torturing season... pity them *but i don't care* haha!

 every Shin Yuu member's birthday have to go thru cake-smashing thingy *except me, i don't care!*
I'll get piss-off if they did this to me! =.=" 

 hahahaha! so cute 

 Aww ... this one cute-ter! got a bit of gay feeling >.<

 group photo

birthday boy manage to get himself out from the sandy hole and left a leg to accompany Aco >.<" nah... he can't take his foot off.

 Aco still didn't learn the lesson of talking cock, pissed-off them. They decided to continue bury him. lol
birthday boy actually holding his SR birthday cake and sing birthday song toward Aco. freaking funny.

 see how happy was the birthday boy =)

 cake-cutting ceremony 

 SL is serving Aco cigarette and water. GZ is feeding 8kia the cream. lol *how gays they can be? haha!*
okay, this is what man do... watering Aco

 Naughty Huat was trying to make "ney ney" for Aco. lol

 Aco: please forgive me T^T I'll shaddup i promise~

some one: stop!!!! 
8kia: huh? 
*nah... posing only larh >.< *

 group photo before getting Aco out of the sand

 sweet memories

 once again, Happy belated birthday to 8kia!

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