Monday, March 29, 2010

Kinda Down today

After i knew it, 
my mind was totally blanked.
Why always what i know is when i suspected and i asked and U only tell me?
Why can't u just share with me instead of sharing the message on MSN status
Izzit U doesn't wanna share with me about your happiness if i didn't noticed??
How sad was that...
what i did was telling everything with u even what i'm gonna do the next i'll told u too.
but how come u like to keep your personal secret on me?? 
maybe right... yea~ personal secret huh! 
it's fine. I'm not angry but i'm just disappointed the action u take..
U know this aren't U?? 
I remember that i told U once ~ 
but now it seem nothing change after all.
i'm not greedy about your $$ okay~
Hello, who am i to U?? 
why can't i know your financial statement/ situation? 
why can't u tell me your situation huh?? 
my head is growing lots of question marks duh~
But after this, i wouldn't asking any single question about this matter anymore... 

p/s: i admitted i'm a shopaholic BUT with my own set limit. 

From now on, I hope to spent my own money or even take a cent from u! 
u really pees me off now. 
i know u doesn't know anything about this. 
or even u still don't know that i really mind, care, concern about this matter. 
well, now u should know . 

don't try to explain anything to me after u saw this post. 
Yeah! i'm writting about u~
 I wouldn't cry for this. 
because i learn not to cry easily anymore.
woman's tears are valuable. 
they drops for something worth.
i just feeling disappointed. 
sorry for no replying your msn. 
I really out of mood.

Between, i just collected my last semester result slip from CDP department.

 my result slip

I'm still far away from 4 flags

well, at least I felt satisfy about my results.
i used my max. effort to achieved this greds. 
sorry, that's all i can get ...

And i'm happy that my besties are still the "best-est" 
because i was really worry about the previous days.. 
there are some crisis among my besties. 
but today everything went so smooth... 
I hope tomorrow get better.
Friends are forever~ 
do appreciate your true friends around.
Yea! i can see that both of them still concern about each other.
that's really good =)
i'm happy with them~ 

Tomorrow i'm having my last midterm paper. 
this one really tough with the incomplete notes they gave us.
moreover, gave us lousy tutor and lecturer.
Evaluation day is coming...
they going to face the worst day they ever had b4.
"Bou zhong" la U 2~ 
send u guys back and retrain again.

and i hope to evaluate the CDP stuffs too.
Their service really really bad.
They treat students like criminals. 
cannot do much jobs if not they will "fatt lan zha"
because once u ask them questions, they have to left their arse from the chair and open their gold mouth to entertain U.
they can't talk softly..
or they know is yelling and scolding.
i can't find the worst description to describe them. 

"makan je U all tau, buat sikit benda macam nak ambik dia punya life!"

2 things that they never ever forget to bring to their office are:
1. food!
2. their shit faces.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Before---> During--->After :MidTerm Test

Hey pals! 
sorry for neglecting my blog for a couples of days >.<"
Currently having my mid-term tests and busily completing my loads of assignments and presentation.
Yea~ how bored was that huh? 

Not much activities before, during and after my midterm... 
But, I managed to snapped some pictures for my blog ^_^
I understand no one gonna read my blog without any pictures.
So, I combined all the pictures of before, during and after . Hehe*

Well, before my midterm test started, 
of cause I'm having my "study fever" lorh~ 
and after Yorath came back from Nilai, we when to Jonker Street.

cutepie climbed over my back~
 Tornado Potato~ Garlic favor!!! *not bad*
 Hon Lok home-made ice-cream is here !!! my favor! i really loving it!
                                   q-ing up for tornado potato                                  enjoy the snack! 
After the walk, we went to Mambo Cafe and meet Shin Yuu group ... 

then i dunno when i went to his house and snapped this =.=" 

Then coming next was my suffering days... Ugh!* hate the feeling!
study~study~ and study!!!! OMG ... can't stand it... 
really can't tolerate with this kind of life! Gosh*  
~Random Pics~
revise revise & revise~

                                  my schedule got no empty space!  e-commerce! subject that i dunno the most! 

                                  i memorized all this and          HRM~ memorizing theory
                                yet it didn't came out!WTF*

cam-whore during my revisions time >.<" hehe* 

~Random Pics~
                               e-com was not my cup of tea!!            i'm done! *for capture* lol!

nerd look >.<"

I'm okay!                               no no, surrender!

actually i'm not that hardworking larh~ U thought i really so strive meh??
hahaha~ revise one chapter also hard larh... because my arse can't sit still >.<" 
I must walk around, find snack to chew and snap here snap there larh~ hehe*
~Random Pics~
                                              i ate 5 packets of mini popper!           laying~ lazy bum!
                                              I'm loving it~ Yeah!
 Lol! the worst, SLEEP~ snore* no la!

Before Presentation~
me and my besties all kisiao-ing .. haha! because we really didnt prepare nicely at all ... never practice or train our vocal. Once our turn, we straight performed. Cool huh?! wakaka!* no bad after all ... 
We really didn't expect that HRM lecturer said our presentation was "Very Good". Really thanks a lot to Zen and Liyun larh ... they both talk more than us... =) well done girls!

Next was Company law Presentation~ that 1 was really OMG lorh! Our tutor really sucks larh! 
5-7 minutes presentation for each group ... =.= He said so. 
Like that just introduce our members can already larh =.=" really C2P one! 
we don't really care about the minutes we spent . We just wanna completed our presentation only lorh. 
But before this presentation, we did a lot of lame stuffs >.<" 

I managed to caught some pictures at CLC room~
zen was so "high" that day~ XD

                                  yun's asking joe joe to                 chee yee and jess searching Youtube =.=
                               go for the trip she organized~

using protector viewing YouTube and Facebook =.=" LOL

snapping my shorty legs =.= 

we got script to read for our own part >.<"

                                  see this girl trying to act cool =.="   YouTube-ing, seriously this both 
                                                                                        girl really good in singing!

After the sot-plug season, we went to EP mamak shop ate dinner.
I was so much hungry and ate 2 sets of Roti Pisang >.<" really geng! 

On the way to the presentation room, chee yee was so quiet >.<" because she really nervous!

We done our presentation and what the C2P tutor commented was " okay, but u are taking other's group time." =.=" Whatever!

 Miss my cutepie not??
hehe! I caught quite a lot of his pictures this few days. I love his cute reaction... 
~Random Pics~
parent's room                                           In his cage

he runs freely in my house 

my life was so bored with loads of assignments, tutorials, reports, presentation and exams... and yet all have to completed at the same time because the due date was almost the same. I was so frustrated that whether to do which first and which next~ Ugh!  everyday attended classes from morn to night. 
Can't wait for my next Holiday!!!!!!  lol! 

~Random pics~
    see, butt faces butt. haha!!                 sunny day~ i need sunglasses la wey!
 zen make me laugh out laud in library lor~ 
guess what she told me when i was doing my revision 
" eeling, see~ they both come together.. a set de" =.=

guess how much this cost me~ Thai sweet and sour chicken with rice.
cost me only RM4.50 at Ixora food court. worth lerh~

my mum really an environment friendly women, she packed outside food using our own plastic containers.
 People, learn it !~
Yesterday, i had my Web Design paper at night. I really was so lucky man! Just submitted my paper, 
Electricity broke down for the whole campus ~ lol... those who haven't finish have to use their mobile phone light to brighten the paper =.= how pity was that~ >.<" 

macam haunted exam hall >.<" 
  After liyun and joe joe done their paper and came out, we went  seaside because Yilise suggested wanna go there. But then she went Pure Bar with her roommates =.=" never mind lorh~ we sticked to the plan and went to seaside. But before that, we went to Taman Merdeka for "lala" clamps ... 

they feel strange about the food at the first sign.

squish and Spanish                               fish ball and dry been skin  
                                             clamps and the special source                             me
After our supper, we proceed to seaside. Round and round and round finally reached >.<"
i got no idea about this "thing". me and the ladies keep on arguing for the right answers >.<" 
i said " starfish" , Liyun said " banana skin!" 
i said "how come banana skin got furs??", Liyun said " maybe it's and old banana." 
hahahaha!!! ROFL!
joe joe and liyun                                                      the ladies! 
                                                                  me and joe joe                     Titanic NG part .. LOL! 
 solo pics!
We snap and snap, chat and chat, play and play until 2am only leave the place >.<" 

that day i slept at 4am >.< tired dou~ and thanks liyun for lending me her IC and License >.<"

Today after class, me and joe decided to go Jusco, but then in the end we didn't go because i got no money in my purse jor~ So poor~ I'm totally broke >.<" i went back home with empty purse >.<" 
and mum not working today. I sent her to brother's school to take report card. That was one of my old school. Nothing changed there. Still remain dirty and messy =.="
After that, we went to auntie house because mum wanna pass something to her.

the view behind the pools

the apartment she is staying now

We then nwent to Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan. 
mum strictly wanna eat the Ice kacang at Mahkota Parade Food court. 
so, we accompanied her there and eat .

ice- kacang


I mixed all >.<"

But of cause, my midterm test still haven't end =.=" next Tuesday is my last paper- company law.
wish me good luck! ^_^ 

after that, i can fly~ wakaka! 

 i stop here~ ( and i knw this is the worst post)  >.< paiseh"