Saturday, November 12, 2011

12-11-2011 "knock knock"

Hello, anybody here? lol... I'm still alive just I got none to blog about. >.<". Nah, Actually I went to Tioman island quite long a time but I didn't blog about it ... yea, photos of me not chio at all + super fat ...  That's why not gonna blog about it... Anyway, Just a quick update which is to inform that I'm still alive, life is still tension but gone better than before or shall I say I quite getting use to this fucking place now. Hmm, some more what? Ohya, this year lotsa friends get married *hope they wouldn't screwed-up their life after marriage* lol... Okay, that's it. 

Okay, shall zip my mouth/ tie my hands up *too much of bull shit i'm typing* . Okay bye! going back to hometown for 2nd tattoo i guess! bye agian!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm awake

Ola people, *busy pulling off the spiderwebs on my blog* I know i have been too much of laziness. Nah... tiring of my work life in KL. It's really hectic and work stress. Nearly change my mind to quit the job. But thinking of living without income that's NO WAY!! so, stick with this uncool job then. *or else u guys intro me   any other job, lol* I wish someday I manage to open my own girlish cafe or boutique. *at least I'm the Tauke and there's no one on top of me! So that I don't have to work with those superior with overbearing stepmother behavior!* But now i still have to. fml.

Recently, lot'sa "beh-ta-han" (unbearable) incidents happened in my life. I experienced and met variety of people. What do i meant? Human behavior!  I can't get along with the housemates. Can't even mention about it, I'll start flaming and pissed-off. I hate the way he talks! He talks like a winner, wtf-kind of people *that's why he have a wtf-kind of gf as well* He is good in talking cock! o0o

I hate the way he thought he is always right *that's what he thinks, not me*. There're a lot more to bitch about. But I'm not gonna mess up my blog with their stories anyway.

Let's talk about other stuffs. Recently my Baby Sugie gain a lot of weight. >.<" I'm a successful sugie owner. lol. Here are the photos of him. 

 maybe i should call him furry ball =D 

 Y're you so cute?? 

 i love him a lot. =')

August happening, Mom's birthday fall on Wednesday. I went back on weekends and celebrate in advance. A simple yet happy birthday dinner with the family. Ordered pizzas and add-on dishes as the dinner and of cause cannot miss out the cake. Bamboo almond cake this year =)

tada! taste great ~

mom looks even pretty on that day. 

actually, I'm not really know what's the intent of blogging this post =.=" seems like crapping all unrelated things >.<" I just know that I've skipped a few months and it's time to follow up the beat. So, just try to blog something and refresh my blog. Planning to redo the background and apps, but i'm lazy. >.<

I just did my nails just now! polka dot Minnie mouse theme without the black bow *I don't have a black liquor >.<*.

although the dots are not even, but i still lovin' it =) 

Okay, end my silly post with this pic! I think it's kinda cool!! 

Chinese avatar XD wtf! 
okay bye~ as the bf keep on disturbing me! going for branch. tata!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My first flight - Day 3 & 4

Aww~ I don't feel like putting a full-stop on my Bali trip story ='( but unfortunately, this is the last post. So damn heart break. *glass broken sound*. Bali is a piece of heaven with flower essences everywhere. Now i know what is the smells of Bali~ I can smell Bali once i smelled fragrance of frangipani. As people said "memories triggered by smells" *that's true!* 

My vivid memory is the first morning at The Bali Dream Villa. While I'm still lying on the comfy cozy warm bed, the sunlight shine upon the room, i love the scene infront of me when i open my eyes. What a sunny day! 

Okay, let's proceed to the 3rd day. So, the 3rd day we refuse to visit places anymore but to relax and unwind since the next day we are going back in the morning. Seminyak Beach is our choice! But of cause not to miss out the breakfast provided in the villa~ lol

my breakfast ❤ the strawberry fresh juice is just so perfect! 

Had my breakfast and took a rest in the villa. Took pictures around because i'm so in love in this villa. lol

ya, there's a huge mirror outside the private pool. there's more and more mirrors everywhere.

 That's the living room. Picture taken from the stairs. Oops, forgot to say that we are staying double stories villa. but nothing special upstairs. Just another two bead room and huge bathroom.

 Picture taken from the balcony.

bought some souvenirs for the housemates.

Called the shuttle service which provided by the villa to bring us to the beautiful beach. After a few miles, we finally departed Seminyak Beach.

 look at the beautiful beach~ who doesn't like it ...

 did u see something flying in the sky? a ship?

 a lot of ang moh(s) hawt chicks lying on the sundecks enjoy tanning under the sun.

windy day and huge waves. It's time for surfing! but not me. lol

We rented 2 sundecks and a huge umbrella as the shelter.

 Aww,  i love Bali weather.

flat boobies girl and the funny man! 

Get to experienced the ultimate tanning experience. Fuah~ feeling great. Is not what i expected. The wind is cold instead of giving hot air. So, not to hot not to spice while tanning. It's just A okay for me. And I love it. ^^ 

 The boyfriend enjoy shading instead of tanning ... lol

After tanning. super un-mamamia reddish body with flat boobies. wtf! I really need a boobs job >.<"

I enjoy napping and snacking on the beach. Definitely  going back to Bali!

 playing with the grass hat and the sarong where we bought at the beach.

Sexy lady with my sarong... showing-off her  skinny legs.

Don't kill me darling! lmao! besides, look at the huge wave! No photo taken in the sea since it's so inconvenient to us. So, I just manage to took all the dry part.

Okay, almost evening. It's time to leave. Informed shuttle driver to fetch us in the evening. 

Say bye bye to the beach~

Back to the villa, took shower and rest. Will proceed to the spa centre later for the body scrub and full body message.
guess what he is watching =.=" Naruto with Indonesia subtitle. Kiddo

 Where's my rose petals?!

 They clean the whole villa while we are enjoying at the beach. This is what we call efficient =)

looking on the spa menu.

preparing the feeling of getting naked infront of the massage therapist ='3

After the body scrub and massage, take a both again and have our dinner at Made's Warung- recommended by the staff at the villa. Made's Warung serves Indonesian/ Balinese food. The driver drove us to a few Pusat Oleh-Oleh- Souvenir Centre. And then we take a short walk to Kuta and look for the Made's Warung.

 I ordered Nasi Campur Special- special mix rice. I counted there're about 11 dishes on my plate. >.<" and most of them doesn't suit my taste. lol. But I effing love fried tempeh!

 the curry chicken- well, this is syok! spices your tongue!

 The boyfriend chatting with the housemate and waiting the housemate reporting about my baby sugie's activity. lol. So sad that i can't bring him along.

This fella is not gonna stop until the music ban plays the 'california' song. His favourite!

After our lunch, we took a cab back to our villa since the villa shuttle is not available after 10pm. Took shower again and fall asleep til morning. That's how we spent the relaxing 3rd day =) 

Here comes the last day *aww* woke up quite early to take our last breakfast in Bali Dream Villa.

Balinese food + American breakfast + Fresh strawberries juice! sounds odd but taste great. hehe!

 the boyfriend and the officially 21st year old girl ^^

After the breakfast, went back to our villa and packed up all the stuffs and took our last photos before ciao~

say bye to the open air living room

 say bye to the private pool and sundecks

 Say bye to the main entrance of our villa

 bubye paradise! ='(

lastly, the entrance to the lobby of Dream Villa.

They even provide us shuttle to Ngurah Rai Airport. The shuttle driver told us not to forget Bali Dream Villa when reached Malaysia. I left a big paragraph of compliment and praises on their customer satisfaction survey form. The boyfriend even email them, thank them for their excellent customer service.

check-in the flight back to KLCC

erk hmm! Hello, where are you staring at?

bye bye Bali ='( gonna miss all of it so muchie

What a beautiful view from the sky

 my balinese fish curry + Tempeh rice = Yummeh!

The boyfriend's chicken chop with potato cubes and long beans =) both of them are nice!

while i was snapping the boyfriend, I saw Santa uncle sitting next to the boyfriend >.<"

I can confirm he is Santa after imaging he wearing the Santa hat!!!!!

hahaha! just a small lame joke.

That's all for my 21st birthday! Thanks to you Yorath ^^ U melt my heart again. I'm still the luckiest girlfriend in the entire universe. At the same time, i make u broke again. lol. I'm encountering serious tension now. I'm so gonna crash my head to think about his 21st birthday this year as well. >.<" Probably cannot lose him! kiasu people is like that one mah~ haha!