Monday, January 31, 2011

Sexy Nurse Night Party ☠

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y I got all the pictures from Yorath already. It's time to re-blog this infinity years post. lol
Probably can't recall all single incident happened over there. So, just briefly blog about it with super lotsa chio pictures of sexy seduction nurses. *upset, by looking at them, i feel like i accidentally went to AV-world* wtf.

So, basically the story goes like this. All photographers were invited  *shouldn't says it's invitation lor because they need to pay entrance fee and photographing fee some more-rm50/ person, they just being tag along in the invitation* to attend the Sexy Nurse Night Party at Pure Bar, Malacca. Apparently, I'm so extra because i just went there without invitation and I'm not photographer also. Just to guard Yorath for not getting seduced by the Nurses. *entrance fee is compulsory for the girls without Nursy custume*

 However, i failed to guarding him since he asked his friends to accompany me and then he was like *proof* disappear! =.="

un-chio girl ever on the night T^T Ms. Candy

Tons of photo taken by Yorath the "pro-photographer" lol. Enjoy the chio pictures.

I told ya, they look super chio and hawt!

she slightly look like Dawn Yang >.<

Mr. Yorath said she is the prettiest on the night among other nurses =.= *disagree!*

chubby baby face nurse

they are good in posing. Probably are those part-time models

Kitten-eye look *meow*

lol, the DJ =.=" he should beautify himself as well *look like nerdy using WiFi connection in a cafe* wtf
Erk hem, don't judge a book by its cover wey, he's the DJ of the night okay. >.<"

the first one look super chio for me, she's so sweet. One of them is gonna be my peer during my internship. >.<" ulala! I don't like it. 

Muahahaha! someone put on flesh-light on them. Their true faces: Oily moily shawties. lol

another group photo of them

okay, I'm getting lazy to upload the photos *seriously is effing a lot u know! >.<*

ugly me again with fats on the belly. *I lost my confidence after this post >.<"*

okay, come to the end of the post. Mostly are photos i know. wtf 

Mr. Yorath the photographer =.="  Fyi, all the photos were being comprised due to the big megabytes, so these is not the original size of photos.

That's all for the post. Stay tuned! Bye

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CNY cookies ❀

Chinese New Year is coming like so soon!!! 
This year would be the year of rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac. I hope it will be a better year for everyone.*hopefully*

Dunno what has inspired me to bake cookies for CNY. Ohh! Yaya, i remembered. Mr. Yorath loves to eat flower custard cookies. I stopped him from buying the cookies from Pasar Malam since i know it's so much expensive then making it myself. I promised him i will bake for him *and friends*.

I know this seem like once upon a time to him. I seldom *like never, got larh!* hoop in the kitchen and cook or bake something for him. *lazy bummie* 

 list out all the ingredients *ignore the poor handwriting* >.<"

hunting for the ingredients *the lazy bummie look*

eggs ☑       corn flour ☑       custard flour ☑     plain flour ☑      icing sugar ☑      vanilla essence

 and butter cubes *yaya, i bought from Giant =.=" *

okay, done with the ingredients. the tools i need for measuring, and shaping.
flour sifter, various size of measuring cups, and the  flower-shape pumper *dunno what its exact name* lol. 

Okay, start the procedures: 
 *Welcome to Candy's Kitchen post, probably covered with lotsa spider webs* stop the craps >.<" 

1. cracks 4 eggs and pick up the egg yolks because we only need egg yolks for this cookies recipe. U can use the leftover egg whites for milk scramble egg.

2. mix 250g-which is a butter cube, 4 *don't follow the notes above* egg yolks, and 150g of icing sugar together. 

if u wish to make a lot, u may double up the quantities of the ingredients.

3. Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence into the solvent and mix well. Okay, this is the so-called ingredient A.

 4. left aside ingredient A, we proceed to the making of ingredient B. Sift 220g of corn flour, 120g plain flour, and 130g custard flour and mix them together.

5. Mix ingredient A and ingredient B. Then u will have a yellowish dough. *no pixi for this procedure, i was busy making the dough >.<"*

6. When comes to a dough thingy, it's time to preheat the oven and make the flower looking shape and put the cut-cherry on the center of the cookies dough *make them look like a flower* .

Before pumping the flower-shaped dough to the baking tray, make sure u clean the tray and apply a thin layer of butter on the tray to prevent the dough sticking on it. 

. . . . . .  pumping and pumping the shape out on the baking tray. . . . . .

7. Then, bake them at 170 degree Celsius for 30 minutes.

the outcome *drumroll*


Put them into containers and present them to my friends the next day since the next day is the last day of classes before finals come *sad*. Mr. Yorath got to taste them early while i was baking. Lol. My family is upon to finish them before CNY >.<" lol *sound so delicious like that* 
Indeed!  My friends said very nice *maybe suit their taste* haha! Good larh if it really that yummy. >.<" 

So, I decided to bake more after my class. Unfortunately, I found out my car tire puncture. fml! Luckily i have a useful boyfie. Muahahaha! Thankiew for saving ma life. >.<" * I always bring troubles to him* lol
When i when back, It's already 4pm. So, i change my plan which is to bake more cookies on the day after tomorrow. And I'm done with 4 containers of flower custard cookies =) Bravo Candy! *round applause*

That's all for today's post! and Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese who celebrating CNY =) Gong Hei Fatt Choi!! Angpows please *I'm broke* lol.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

더페이스샵 shopping day

더페이스샵?? since when i know Korea language? >.<" lol. Anyway, 더페이스샵 means THEFACESHOP. haha!! Recently i spent a lot on skin care products.

When i was young *ya, I'm old now* I used to wash my face with water only. Then come to high school, by looking the bitches try to show-off the skin care product they bought *all like to seh 99 when during the teens-stage*. Then I also try to use my mum's skin care product since I don't wanna feel outdated as well. But then, I'm lazy to use those product anymore. I just clean my face with facial cleanser only since my skin type are those people so-called baby skin *except I'm dark*.So i don't have to be too worry about my skin.

But now, up to lady's generation, my face getting worst due to stress from studies *rushing for assignments day and night* different temperature everyday and etc. My face started to pop-out pimples, acne *same what? =.="*, tiny oil buds and blackheads, and my baby facial skin turns to be oily + dry facial skin type T^T. I started to worry about my face. *sniffing*

Here comes THEFACESHOP to the rescue!

Finally found something which is not so troublesome and convenient to use. I'm not preferring those very complicated *with lotsa procedures* and time-consuming one *call me a lazy bum*

My friend recommended me to use FACESHOP products. *Ya, I've already make sure her skin is healthy*. Since my face are with the combination of dry and oily, they made my face got no beautiful complextion *sad*. 

THEFACESHOP: "Peeling Day"-white jewel gel to the rescue! The peeling gel contains precious Pearl powder that exfoliates the skin surface and removes impurities for skin that glows like pearls. I've been using it twice, apply a fair amount on the faceand gently massage for 1 or 2 minutes, you will see those dry skin cells and impurities peeling-off while you were rubbing the face gently, then use lukewarm water to rinse it. It's advised to use 1~2 times a week depending on your skin condition. My facial skin looks brighter after using the peeling gel. It removes impurities resulting in a better absorption of other facial cream since there's no more "dirts" blocking the pores.

Price: RM 49.90 for 120ml *in case someone ask for the price*

So, how to combat my dry facial skin? Dry skin has a parched look caused by its inability to retain moisture. When ever I washed my face with the cleansing foam, my face feel tight and uncomfortable instead of feeling fresh and clean. My nose part is the worst, usually it will chaps and cracks when i was expose to air-conditioner for the whole day long. So I need moisturizer! No No, I need Extreme-Moisture Cream from The FaceShop!

THEFACESHOP: Eco Vert Extreme-Moisture Cream to the rescue! I applied for 3 days already. Guess what? No more cracking on my nose part. And I don't feel "tight" on the face anymore. FYI, Eco Vert ("natural loves me" in French) Extreme-Moisture Cream  is a pure natural skincare line, providing extra gentle and skin-compatible formula. Therefore, it's suitable for all facial skin types and it's alcohol-free, organic pigment-free and mineral oil-free.

Price: RM 59.90 for 50ml

I bought the Herb Day Cotton Perfect Cleansing as my make-up remover tissues. As I am a lazy bummie, It's easy for me to use make-up remover tissues than using the liquid dropping kind. I have the liquid one as well. But, make-up remover tissues is much convenient to use if I'm rushing on time or just came back from night pubs. It's so inconvenient to remove the make-up with the oil liquid kind. *it takes ages to remove* =.=" I probably just fall asleep with the make-up on the face. lol

 THEFACESHOP: Herb Day Cotton Perfect Cleansing wipes for the lazy bum! I start using it since yesterday after attended the Sexy Nurse Party at Pure Bar *will blog about it soon*. The cleaning wipes with new exfoliating mesh cloth deep clean pores and remove excess sebum while removing makeup.The Purifying tea tree helps to control blemishes as it cleanses and clear pores. Don't worry about the Herb Tea smell. *they smell great!* but this makeup remover wipes are much suitable for the light make-up only. I'm advising those girl with heavy make-up especially on the eyes, it's better to use Gentle Make-up remover for eyes and lips *fyi, I'm using L'oreal Gentle Make-up Remover*. It's much effective to remove waterproof mascara.

Price: RM 19.90 for 50 sheets

Frankly, I bought the makeup remover wipe is to exceed RM 180. FYI, customer who purchase more than RM 180 *in a single receipt* will be given a freebie- a large cosmestic traveling bag. Anyway, customer who purchased exceed RM100 *in a single receipt* will be given a small cosmestic travelin bag as well.

RM 180 and above in a single receipt 

 Freebie: Make-up bag with cute pinky bow

there's parts/ pockets for the segments.

All these make me broke >.<" but it's worth since it *proof* my skin to a healthy skin =)

This is not and advertorial post. It's not wrong to share something good right? ^^ That's all for the post. bubye! *stay tune for next post*

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Babes!

Finally, no more classes, no more assignments, no more presentations, no more quizzes! *gosh, the happiest moment ever!* Nah~ Final Exams is coming. >.<" And then there's go my IT Program =)

In January didn't really blog much because all events are almost the same. I had friends who're born in January. Seriously, there's too much.

Start with Joe Joe babe

 Joe Joe and the boys

 Joe Joe and the Sisters! =)

Yilise @ Jexx's creation *since Joe Joe love to eat bread + milo* >.<"

The ladies and me brought her to Amigo after class for a simple 21st celebration

        JoeJoe ordered her japanese "volcano Lamen" *super spicy* and I ordered my mushroom chicken chop as usual =.=" *what a boring person*

other side dishes:  sushi-ssssssss

other side dishes: Japan's Pizzato

lastly, super unclear group pixi =.="

Happy belated birthday to Joe Joe again!

Next, goes to Theresa babe's day!

She's my high school classmate. The other high school classmates planned to give Theresa a small yet sweet surprise to the January Babe. So, they invited me and other high school friends, Theresa's co-worker, and her best friends to attend the surprise party at San Francisco Steak House.*secretly* 

Firstly they just make Theresa thought there's Mandy, Elin & Yee Ling celebrating with her. We all was waiting her at the Steak House. When she came, she was stunned *hope she was stunned* there's others celebrating as well. ^^

all birthday babe looks pretty when having their birthday celebration. =)

We have pro & chio-photographer and editor: Elin

Keat Ying & Ai Fang- both my high school classmates

Yee Ling & Ee Ling- haha! I purposely put both photo together because we have almost the same name. lol
She's MMUian too. Consider as my new friend bah. haha! I knew her from Theresa Birthday Party.

                 Elin and Ee Win- the co-workers                Tadang!* The super kawaii birthday babe- Theresa

cute chubby Ah bii and skinny Mandy- They are sisters.
Okay, the birthday singing time!
 The ladies ♥
 Happy birthday to you ~ x4

=.=" i look so bitchy here *dunno what make me feel so funny*

I wish~ I wish... I have another 10 wishes.

everyone have a pic with the January babe.

And then the group of ladies:

 love the photo
both January babes: Theresa and Yee Ling

Once again, Happy Birthday Theresa!

p/s: all Theresa's birthday photos taken from Elin

The same day, I went to Guan Siang baby boy birthday party as well. Sorry for didn't attend WS baby boy birthday party. Both birthday party was held on the same time. So, I only get to go one unless i can clone another me =.=". I choose to attend GS's birthday since we are graduating soon *very soon!*. So, all the events related to my semesters classmates, I'll attend.T^T Everyone was trying hard to get along, stick together and cherish the short moment before separate.

He rented a bungalow at A'Famosa for his 21st steamboat and BBQ birthday party.

 Mama JoeJoe and me ^^

 yilise cullen and fatty me ='( * i really need to loss some weight!*

still eating =.="

chubby GS.

i wish my chubbiness stay chubby always >.<"

all GS's birthday photos grabbed from his friends.
 the classmates: Kok Yee-the Angel and Birthday boy

 The classmates: Berry-the Majong kaki & Birthday boy

 The classmate: Sze En and the birthday boy

 the classmate: Yilise- the cullen's vempire family member =.=" & birthday boy

 the classmates: TBY- mama JoeJoe's hubby *lol* & Birthday boy

 the classmate: Chee Keat- the chef of the day & the birthday boy

 the classmates: MamaJeoJeo & the birthday boy

lastly, me and the birthday boy *dunno why he is having his hand up like taking an oath* >.<"

Prezzies opening sections:

Some prezzies tested his patience. lol
the present is not in this size. It's far more smaller than this

he actually used almost 30 minutes to unwrapped this present. =.="

 open and open pieces by pieces

cursing and cursing the one who present this >.<" lol

is almost there...

 aww... the tiny  boxie

 the golden key badge for the necklace.

his effort dowsn't make him down. haha!

Next, the group pixies

 his bunch of crazy friends *the 1 with the neck tie behave so aggressive and rough >.<* i don't really like that fella.

 =.=" feet licking?*puke* >.<"

 we are the best. Teehee! the classmates

 again, we look the best among the group pixies =P

 one of the molest-photo =.="

 self-timer: haha! cannot make it

 molest- photo again *poor white tee guy*

 his another group of friends

 Frankly, there's still 1 more January baby boy to go~ Jeromie. Haha! But he postponed his birthday celebration to CNY holidays. So, everyone manage to attend. =)

Happy Birthday to all January Babies! May your birthday wishes come true! That's all for the post.. stay tune for more delayed posts >.<"