Monday, December 6, 2010

Tattoo and Piercing Night @ Arena

Got no idea how to blog without complete photos @@" Yorath should bring his canon along! ugh!! Now all the pixies with Benjamin. T^T And guess what? he left his cammy at home town and went back Singapore with his darling. So heartless to leave his cammy alone.

Thinking of just blog with those limited photos.
*don't wanna drag so long, i might not have the mood to blog d that time* 

It's Sunday *Yorath's break*. We went out together in the afternoon to have our brunch.

 outfit of the day

Jolly girl for the day *and cherish it!- Yorath*
we were hunting for food at Jonker area.

But seem like all the shops were crowded with people. Hate to queue up especially when we're effing starving already! Don't like to squeeze with others.*I'll feel irritated if I'm exposed to sticky sweat people. Eaw~*Ya-ya, i behave like a barbaric princess that get irritated easily *it depends on my mood*. Who bother if they have friends that even more princessy than me? Erk ehm... may be you? okay, talk about that issue later.

  see, people queue until the garbage area already =.=" just to nom Malacca chicken rice ball. *all kiasu*  XD

there's no parking lot too. The first day of school holiday. No wonder a lot of Singaporeans larh! *the point is there's an increasing number of vehicles in Malacca ,  therefore "confirmed" no parking* -.-"

So, we gave up hunting food in the end and had McD as brunch  because McD customer get to park at McD Parking lot *wink*

 Me and my Yorath babe

We did actually shopped the whole day *until sunset* and we have another event with the friends at night.

We went to Arena night Bistro to met up the friends after they came back from friend's wedding dinner. They always do something like this, whenever there is somebody marry, they went to their wedding dinner, and the next station will be late night pubs >.<". *I think they had already "warmed up" at their friend's wedding dinner and get wild in the pub later, they're thinking it's a waste if they didn't show up in the pub* my guess work only, not neccessary to be true.

 scene  in the pub *with lousy flash light* took with maa phone.

without the flash. *yet still lousy pic* Next time I'll like to bring cammy along.

 look like we went there alone. >.<" Because all the photos are still with Benjamin *sobbing* He promised me will hands all the photos next week.

 love my eye color *nudy pink lens* and hate my nature eye bags *i born with it*

So coincident that Arena Bistro was having an event on that night "Tattoo and Piercing Night". Apparently, there will be the gleeful night ever. There were 1 guest DJ- DJ Susan, 1 body piercing artist, 3 tattoo artists on that night. You can have your piercing and/or tattooing lively on that night.

 all the tattooing and piercing did it lively there *got those pictures from Joe Tribe*

 That time I was quite wanting a tattoo on my neck, back or waist because there will be slightly cheaper in price than you make an appointment with them on the other day *piercing as well*. But there's a lot of people queuing up for the tattoo. So, i just kaypo go and watch how painful are those who being tattooed.
Photo from Joe Tribe

see all those super chio and blinky earrings, navel buttons, tongue rings... etc. *craving for 1*

photo from Joe Tribe

 See how pro they can be? super concentrate on their job. They really got artist look lor cannot deny! But idk their names >.<" i only knowing one (the 4th pic)-Jitan. My friend's tattoo just done by him last Saturday/Sunday. *will blog it soon* He's reputation grown even better after the tattoo competition on that night. Most of the tattoo competitors mentioned their tattoos are done by him. And even the tattoo of the winner of the male tattoo competitor on that night also done by him.


 on the stage

on the stage

 the tattoo competitors

 the winner of the male tattoo competition.

 Simon, Augustin, and Benjamin's peace pose =.="

 Lovely couple. Benjamin was posing "o0o" when i was upon to snap them. =.=" anyway, i didn't snapped the "o0o" =) how pro can i be.

 the bride groom was drunk >.<" he did actually dance the crayon Shin Chan dance XD lol.

the only pic that included the shawties *sowie >.<"* all the chio pixies with Benjamin larh ='( how many time i want to repeat? *shaddup larh, ppl don't care also*

 Tadah! i got free body piercing voucher. Max gave it to me since he is more interested on tattoo. He got this from the lucky draw on that night. *there's tattoo voucher too, but we didn't win that* 

Went out to have some fresh air and chewing some bubble gums to keep me awake and clear-minded. It's too pack in Arena that night. And the bunch of friends trying hard to fuddle tipple me and Yorath, we were targeted to be the drunkers on the night *nice try people! u guys failed* bluek!

After breathed in some fresh air, I decided to use the piercing voucher when we were about to leave Arena Bistro. Because i might not be brave enough to pierce after the crazy night. lol. And having Midterm some more, got no time for the pierce and end up let the voucher expired. =.=" *smart me to pierce on that day*

 As i have mentioned above, special price to get tattooed and pierced on that day.

I choose to have a spiffy navel piercing. If u guys followed my FB or Twitter, you'll read my mind that i always wanted a navel pierced. I'm craving for it since i saw my friend's belly button carried a blinky rings. so cool! Navel piercing cost about RM90, but if u pierce on that night, you'll be charged only RM49 *special price*. But i pierced for free ^^. 

I did freaked out when I saw all these surgery-looking tools >.<" but it's not worth to be a coward lorh. It wouldn't get your sexy navel pierced.

 getting my belly button to be pierced. =) the piercing artist noting the place to be pierce. *she was actually my ex-schoolmate* i wander she still remember me or not >.<" *love her hair*

okay, she was flipping up my navel >.<" my heart goes "lub-dub lub-dub"

 and here goes she stubbed me with a thick injection needle *something like that*. before that i asked her whether it's painful or not. She only answered "won't" =.= izzit all artist's behave so weirdly? friendly a bit la wey >.<" But when the time she stubs my tummy, i was about to slap her >.<" extremely hurt! It's the pain i felt in my nightmare. How come it can be so painful at that second.  *the paralytic spray thingy is not working and how much painfulness she assumes me to ask when she answered "won't"  >.<"*

But after the stub, there's nothing even painful than that second she stub me. So, I'm quite happy with her piercing skill *round applause*. Yorath was supra coward when i ask him to take the whole process of the piercing. He only take those i haven't being stubbed and is about to be stub on. The rest all blur photos he took and got no photo that the girl was stubbing one =.=" i bet his hand was shaking. rofl.

It's completely free if only i choose the plastic ring. The ring that i choose is RM34 and no charging for the pierce. =) the reason why i choose this chio, blue blink blink ring is because it's chio and blink >.<" lol. Another reason is my friend *the one with the navel pierce* adviced me to pierce with the thick one because the plastic ring they sponsored is much more flimsy but it take shorter time to heal. But once it heal, maybe piercer will goes to those blinky one which is much much more thicker than the plastic ring. It's difficult to put in the thick one when u have small hole and it may cause you hurt for the second time. So, I choose to go for the thick and chio *and more painful* one lorh =) I love it so much but it take months to recover. So, i need to apply aftercare lotion that she gave every time and control my diet ='( if not Yorath would like to take of the belly button's ring. Good also larh, i can diet at the same time. So that i will have a flat stomach + sexy navel. OMG! *don't seduce me with food i tell u!*

speedy recovery after I cut-off Chicken, seafood, beans, and eggs *stomach slightly flatten too >.<"* Gambateh!

Blogged, but i still feel sad about those chio shawties photos not being uploaded. Benjamin recently taking "paktohlogy", he is busy cuddling with his darling. So, might take some time to remind him the photos =.=" . I'll post the pictures once i got it and if only I'm chio in the pictures.. Teehee! joking larh.

okay, stay tune for the next post... tata!


  1. Oh gosh.. i feel the pain when it stub u.. haha.. nice though =)

  2. omgawd! I love ur piercing but surely damn pain :(

  3. sh3rina & YuhJiun: haha! ya, pain in a second.. but it's worth =)

    isroxck: yup! they even get posted in the newspaper on the next day.

  4. lol, u also what! so daring to cut your hair short >.<"