Thursday, April 12, 2018

It's no secret. It's just none of your business.

Hi there, I have been stop blogging for a period of time as I went through a hardship moment but time handled it well. There were rumors (Not mentioning what was all about, after all it's just rumors) spreading about me around even if it's not true. I stayed away from blogging ever since I noticed it gone too far. Some humans are more likely spying on me thru my social channels than following me as a reader  and spreading false statements to people around me. I even received a few anonymous's phone calls threatening me by saying something very hurtful. And when the rumors were widespread, it attracts attention from people who know me, even some barely know. My social profiles are set as private all time. Curiosity brought them to view my page. I start to receive many friend requests  from my social accounts that I have. Even those schoolmates that I barely know and friend of friends who I do not know at all get so interested , excited , concern  about my life (I'm sorry, I do not know which word fit the best here) don't know ever since when. "Friends" who never keep in touch for eternity call up to date for a drinks trying their luck to dig out some information. I mean, really? It's non of your business.

I am not going to share what has happened, or to expose any names who did these to me as after all it was actually a personal matter.

But of cause, everything happens with a reason. I am thankful things are well handed and I get to know the ugly side of human. I do not know what is the real motive of a few of them but I can tell they did all harmful things just because they thought I did something hurtful to their friend. I don't blame people for protecting, fight for the unfairness regardless they are being told to or they welling do it for the best friend. But, before taking any sisterhood action, please analyse and understand the situation, especially those problems unrelated to you. And persons who enjoy listen gossip, they are hesitate to  trust those who spread gossip. That is why I don't even bother to engage them or to make any clarification to anyone. Because people who trust you, will never need you to explain and they will trust you eventually.

I was very down and depressed for a moment. But also received good vibes from friends who knows about what was happening especially my dearest. Cannot deny that sometime those negative energies hit me quite hard until I can't have rational thoughts, affecting me mentally, and  I feel like giving them a big slam to shut them off. I also read about articles about life, telling us not to worry about things  that we can't control. Time will reveal the truth. As I grow older, I think wiser. My defenses were to stay away and go on my life. I don't show my frustration towards rumors. Because people who start the rumors are hungry  dying to see your frustration and if you did, it  makes them feels good. Even if it's boiling inside of you, don't attack. It will only attract more attentions from people who likes dramas. There are plenty of  busybodies standing by with their popcorn on hand waiting to watch your dramas.

Well, rumors fade away after it stubbornly stayed for almost half year time, or probably people have other better rumors to focus on now (who's the next victim, I hope by reading this can solve yours depression 😍).  This post is simply just to inform my readers I'm back on track and to share my personal experience to help who is encountering the same issue.

Remember " Rumors come and go, and it's common to happen in any environment. Most of the time it dies down when you don't engage them, and new issue takes it place." I know it's painful to just let them attack you, they get bored when you don't give a damn on them. Ignoring rumors doesn't mean you are hiding away from it. I just felt that it's unnecessary to clarify to people who was being influenced nor people who start this. 

 So, I'm good now. ☺

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank friends and family who shows moral supports and those who really wishes and congrats and felt happy for me 💑 by heart. Thank you. 💖