Thursday, September 21, 2017

Coney Island, Singapore (day trip)

Hi humans, it's been awhile since my last blog post. I was too busy with all the work training lately. *Training is exhausting!*

Well, I was in Singapore the week before last. I woke up early thinking of hitting the gym in the morning. But then, the adverse weather shoo-ed away my hardly-found workout ohm. Meh ... *But I did some Tabata workout in the room for half and hour *at least not so guilty larh*. I texted my girl friend, Chloe to have breakfast  brunch together when my tummy starts growling after the workout. She came out with more than just having brunch together but outdoor adventure! *Yay, I like it!* 

She brought me to Coney Island for cycling. We met at AMK mrt station at 1pm and simply grabbed the crispy roasted pork rice at the nearby hawker. It starts to rain again when we were having our brunch. While waiting for the rain to stop, we went to Sportlink for a walk. I got so obsessed of seeing girl wearing football wear. So, I simply took one and tried on. But never buy larh. 

There were varieties of sport wears and sport shoes with great prices. I did not buy any as I plan to go again with my best friend, since he is interested as well. But gotta wait until he is back from trip first. He went for a long vacation with his darling. Yea, leave me here ALONE.

Okay, where was I ... ?
Oh ya, after done our window shopping at Sportlink, the rain stopped, and we took a bus ride from AMK to Punggol bus interchange. Then we took bus 84, aligned at Punggol Point Park / Punggol Settlement. We headed to the bicycle rental shop to get ourselves a bicycle and cycle all the way to Coney Island.

Took a photo at the famous Coney island gate. You will notice everyone lining up at the side and wait for their turn to strike a pose before setting off for full day cycle and exploration.

The jolly Chloe

The weather was so chilling after the heavy rain. Wind-proof coat will be perfect for the day. But I didn't bring larh.

The rustic Coney Island, alternatively known as Serangoon Island. If you need a little nature escape, this is the place!

This rustic island is covered with the abundant flora, and sand-paved bumpy road, therefore cycling is kinda tiring here if you rarely cycle like me, but the breeze and the greenery will certainly make your cycling experience a great one.

never forget to dab at "tepi longkang"

Besides cycling within the island, we also hang out at the beach and did strike some stupid poses to feed our hungry Insta.

sea weed

I love seaweed but not this one. Haha!

trying to take photo like a pro but failed.

Chloe was so pitiful. She accidentally stepped the red ant's nest. She got attacked by all the red ants and sand flies throughout the trip. Poor Chloe.

We cycled along the boardwalk that lead us to a few different designed bridges. And we also found the container eateries - Punggol East Container Park. We spent some time chilling at one of the container there since it started to drizzle a little.

we hang out at this Pump Station Bar & Bistro

My favorite beer of all. Hoegarden Rose

 Cheers to you, cheers to me, the best of friend we will be!

We cycled back and returned the bicycles after the "light" meal.

Overall it was a great outing with her. Thanks for touring me around Singapore. *flying kisses*
But the journey to Punggol was really time-taking. Haha.