Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yang Low's 21st!

Hell ya! Finally~ finally i'm able to reblog this post.
Here goes the December baby- Yang Low aka lamb, sheep, or carpet XD lol.

The birthday boy invited us partying at Dream Box. had lotsa fun there. *funny video recorded!* =)

so, not much word to say but tons of pictures to post! so, why not let the picxies do the talking *lazy dou~*hiak hiak!

our super Yang! Happy birthday to u ^^

 this is hilarious, GZ covering or digging his ass? wtf

okay, I'm super fat now! Are u happy?!

 but i don't care, continue eating >.<"

Yang's disgusting act cute poses: *enjoy*



                                       No.2                                                                       No.3

 No.4                                                                        No.5

 candle pulling~ *yuck* >.<"

 I don't really know what happened to these both pairs =.=" gay-ing?

I love this photo so much! thanks to me @_@ I'm the photographer

 they really pour the water on his head >.<"

Fatty me and Yorath
group photo

crazy group photo >.<'

I did record 2 funny videos of them. lol. but the volume are super loud. So, try to low down the volume before playing the videos=)

the way they dance .. hahaha! cute dou~

The torturing season~ =P

Happy birthday to Ah Yang Low!

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