Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11-1-11 ★

So, this must be my very first post in 2011. I feel so bad for not updating my blog frequently =( *recently busy with presentations and assignments* Presentation just passed few days ago and i get mark which i'm quite satisfied.

On this beautiful date of 11-1-11, I'm having my presentation on the day *which is yesterday larh* lol. I can't sleep well due to the stressfulness of presentation. This time is so not the same with previous presentations; which is we don't have to prepare anything but just stand in front the slides and blindly reading all the words on the slides. lol This time the lecturer said no more blind reading but to talk on your own words *but of coz previous presentation also using our own words to talk la, just we got jot down on the slides*. That's why I'm stress. >.<"

On 11-1-11, i woke up early and practice for my presentation at home. My presentation starts at 2pm. So i decided to start the journey early for testing the computer. When I was almost reaching my campus, i realized that i forgot to bring my file *all substantial documents are inside the file*. It was like 1:40pm already. I turn back and look for my file and then my car ran out of patrol =.=" Fml. I was encountering the effin' "Sway" *unfortunate* day ever.

Perhaps, I have misjudged the day. It might not be my "Sway" day but my lucky day?
What make me say so?
Okay, here's the story. I was late and i still when to the patrol station for refilling the fuel after I've collected my file. *since I'm already late* After that i drove to campus again. it's already 2:15pm. I'm thinking that maybe my friends had already presented my part. But still I'm rushing to the room. I parked my car at the place i shouldn't park because i might probably get summon. But i didn't really care much of those because i was worrying my presentation *I'm afraid that my friends have no marks too due to in-completion of group members*

I ran to the class room clumsily with my stupid heels, and saw there's no lecturer in the room, just a bunch of friends that waiting their turn for presentations as well. My group members told me that the computer is not functioning and the lecturer is seeking help from the technician and also seeking for other available room for presentations. I was like "phew, the computer save my life *marks*" I placed my stuffs and changed my formal wear and prepare for my presentation. While waiting, a friend of mine told me that she just got parking summon. I was like extreme freaked up. I asked where she parked, and she told me she park exactly where i parked. T^T *fortunate or unfortunate day?* After shifting to another class room and presented my part smoothly *thank God for blessing me for make me not forgetting my words and no tangled tongue for the day* After the classes, I was getting myself ready to see the summon bill lined below my car wipers, since i saw the cars parking at the same roll with me got summoned. Surprisingly, I saw there's non of it on my car but dry leaves.

Overall in my 11-1-11 day, although it's a rushing pointless day, but everything goes so smooth. IF I never forget to bring my file, I'll reached on time. IF I reached on time, I probably get summons like others *Gosh, others sure hate me for not getting summon because it's so unfair to them >.<*  And IF the computer is functioning, I might get zero for my presentation. God blessed me so much. ^^

 apparently, we don't look good in the pictures, but we did well in our presentation =)

our lousy photographer =.=" aka YiliseCullen

That's all for the 11-1-11 day. CNY is coming soon. Have you bought your CNY wears? I'm on the hunt for perfect outfits for CNY. =)


  1. God arranged our direction for a purpose, so being late actually saved you from getting into more trouble..:))

  2. happy 2011! lol the photographer epic fail! or sudden blackout lol