Friday, November 26, 2010

stay tune!

Hi peeps,
I feel better after observing my babe getting healthier and he finally accepted the baby cereal which i bought ! *OMGosh! he is actually soaking in the baby cereal potty and barking happily now!!! Jesus Christ!* Walao wey, how to clean him?! T^T ...He's happy to stay alone play alone. He is damn fierce whenever i come closer or touched him *maybe because i ter-killed his future wife ='(* he's not going to forgive me *sob* 

Any idea how to get closer with him? and how to clean his body? =.="

mayb i should change his name to "stubborn".

yesterday picxi, tried McChicken Supreme. *not bad*

Actually I got lot'sa redundant events and thoughts in my damn good imagination mind *cheh* but i just couldn't blog about them yet. Because Imma seating for midterm test on next Wednesday.  *LML* because I'm only having business ethic paper for that week and then i got a week break for blogging.I know I still got plenty of time to revise, but I'm those who can't take it easy if one knows something stress-y is approaching towards ones, i feel stress when exams are coming *my usual moron symptom* Once the stress is ended, there come assignments and quizzes, and here goes the stress to handle again. lol.  Anyway. Imma blog just after the paper.

oh dear, I should stop typing since later I'm going to LCCT. 

A random and simple post for today.  Chaoz! *wave*

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