Friday, April 2, 2010

They drove me WILD

Well, guess what... 
" my midterm tests came to the end point!!!!!" Yea babe! 
But coming soon with tons of assignmentsssss and presentationsssss.
That's also meant that more "quarrel and crap" issues will occur again~
damn hate it ... but this also shown how much we (group members) concern about our tasks. 
so, should say it's GOOD/ BAD neh? 
Whatever la. >.<"

After the last paper (company law), 
we decided to release our stress !!! wow!
my friends suggested "PureBar".
I put their plane several times already >.<" 
but this time i'm shy to reject again~ 

Wednesday, ladies night ~
I went to Yilise hostel (EP) and met her. 
She was so generous to let me stay with her for a day =) 
Thanks babe! love u! ^^
She also did some makeup on my face.
Most parts are on my eyes. love it*
no photo for that... hehe.
 ~the babes~

After that, we called up Joe Joe and Liyun that we are proceeding to Ixora meet them.
we went to Joe Joe's hostel and Liyun came along next. Because she stay at the same level with joe joe.
We forced Joe Joe to change her clothes ..Hahaha! pity girl*
because she was wearing a normal T and a tight shorts ..
We managed to force her to change it and don't let her put on her spec ...
and lastly, we “asked” her to put on high heels rather than her Japanese slippers.

Bla here Bla that in my ladybird then finally we reached PureBar.
 10:30pm =.=" really damn early lorh... 
but our aim to reach early is to get the front table larh~
2 buskets of Carlsberg :RM120
so pretty~ i meant yilise =)

i love this pic~
they both look so nature
hot chicks? lol~
 Joe looks uncomfortable with the place ...XD
 first time went to pub with my mmu-ians
 aww~ sometime i do think of learning to smile nicely >.<
 testing my phone flash light~
 say "cheers" everyone
 celebrating midterm test ended >.<

=.=" speechless...

Sitting for 2 hours listening to the sux musics and taking pictures and finally ~
we get "high"! the pub was crowded and the dance stage was full with hot chicks. 
my very first time dance so hard with my girls ... Oh god~
Joe Joe danced too ^^ i was so happy to see her dance. 
she was sitting at first. 
after that me and yilise pull off her chair and she got no choice to stand but to dance xD 
yaya ~ i knw we are bad... ngek ngek ngek ngek!

Since the day was ladies night, naturally there was lots of satyrs will be going there =.="
"moh shao moh geok"~ ugh! 
Liyun was being touched and kissed by one malay satyrs~
sei ham lou! 
we keep on pulling Liyun out from him... 
and pretend as we are dancing with her.
i know boys love to social with girls ... but that one truly over lor !!!!
more and more ppl getting around the dance floor.. 
moreover our table was in front the dance floor lor.. 
naturally the area will be much crowded.
the music get us high ~ 
even higher when the DJ shouted " where are the MMU-ians!" 
wow~ we all screamed like bitches .. LOL
between, Joe Joe housemates came along too ... 
we all danced along with them too~ 
i met new friends without knowing their names ... paiseh...
 i can't remember ppl's name easily >.<" 
no pictures were taken because i was hiding my phone in my pockets.
because i told those unknown guys i left my phone in the car and gave them the fake numbers >.<"
my friends all kena too ...
there are boys come and strike up us.
but we just entertained them with dancing and kicked them out with a much proper ways >.<
we were busying covering each other to prevent getting much chances for the guys to come approach us. Thanks to my girls ... they all help to covered me a lot! really thanks! 
and also thanks to the MMU-ians that next to our table. 
they also try to help us when those unknown ppl coming near to ours table.

Fuh~ now i knw why my dear so worry me when i told him that I'm going pub with my friends and without him... and this is the first time i went to pub without my boy accompany.

I know he wish me for not going because he knew  girls went to pub without their boyfriends will probably get striked up easily.
No worries my dear~ I'm okay. =) 
Back to the event. 
we dance hardly until  2:30am and we leave the place immediate to prevent unnecessary unhappy incidents happen among us.
there was a guy wanted to follow us back. He said he will worry if we drive back our own .. 
come on! =.=" what the craps stuff was him talking about... 
Liyun just said " u better leave us far far" 
good one! 

Yilise feeling uncomfortable with her throat and her stomach. 
she didn't eat since yesterday ... =.= 
i lent her my shoulder and she rested nicely until we got blocked by polices =.= 
wtf la ... keep on saying that Liyun got very strong breath of beer and still driving >.<" 
he wanted us to show out our ic and talking craps with us lagi =.= 
he actually just wanna play us only la... 
never mind lo...
after that we proceed to mamak at EP there and had our supper since yilise didn't eat dao anything .
i drank my limau suam and i feel dizzy and wanna vomit jor >.< 
when my roti pisang came, i was "euw~"... feel more wanna vomit >.< 
in the end i left this much >.<" wasted
 Returned to Yilise room after sending Liyun and Joe Joe to Ixora.
freaking exhausted on that night ... 
but i couldn't sleep, rolling for hours and finally i slept at 7am =.= 
and wake up at 10:30am and went class on 12noon. lol 
i canceled the shopping day with friends today... because i was so tiring and i'm worrying about my cutepie >.<" he surely missed me a lot ... 
reached my house at 3pm and made his milk + oat food .
then i continue online ... 
share some picture of him .. grown up jor... =) 

  love his fat butt XD
 he owned a pair of dolly eyes =)



just recorded his barking video. but not clear with my phone. >.<"
 he barks like a puppy whenever he feel happy =)

and today my area rained heavily.
almost make my house yard flood >.<" 
it rain so sudden in the sunny day~

  recently i treat instant noodles as my lunch meal T_T 
just to save money. >.<" 
short of money recently....
tom yam and chicken favor
After that, my mum came back from working. 
and while waiting she to prepare the dinner,
i fall asleep in my bedroom and wake up at 11pm >.<
gosh~ like sleeping beauty. no no! sleeping beast >.<"

wake up already then straight blogging until now >.<" 
okay~ i promised my dear once i finish blogging i will go to bed ... 
so. I'll stop here ...
stay turn~

"Hoping good news approach to me and my dear soon."
~God Bless Us~

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