Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi there, 
candy is having her blogger mode.
I got nothing special to blog about but a "rojak" of stories to blog >.<" 
but don't know where to start...

okay ~ I'll start from weekend with my boy then.
Saturday we was like so damn on down mood.
down ~ down ~ down ~ down!
so we went to seaside and clear up our mind.

Malacca sea =.=" dirty sea

shorty legs

                                                          me                             he was so moody~

After that, we went to dataran pahlawan walk and forgot where we went next. >.<" 
ohya ohya~  i recalled back after i saw those photos we took .. hehe
we went to temple "guan ying ting" >.<" hope all the "sway" thing gone ... yea~ i know ... acting kinda superstitious >.<" but when one got into problems and everything go so un-smoothie,  whatever stupid ideas also came out one larh =(

sky getting dark~                                  rained after all~

refuse to go out >.<"until this cute boy waiting me with an umbrella ^^

guan ying ting

the other temple in the opposite side

started to pray after we bought the incenses

Yorath bought the lotus candle light pray for protection for his family.

we both bought this amulets for our own protection.

After that i forgot where else we went jor ~ 
just remember before sent me home we went Mambo cafe drink with Shinn Yu group  >.<" 
but~ they all keep on talking about football matches ... sianz dou~ 
 what a mess >.<" i ate until like this 

disturbing yorath- tickling his legs... but kena caught >.<"

Sunday we went for a drink at Oldtown with Alvin and Wee Beng ... 
After that we met Winnie and her friends ... next, we went for badminton game with them. 
on the way~

loose shoes i wear

the banana team XD
after badminton ,resting and bathing, we went to Dataran Pahlawan for movie since we asked Panda to help us bought Clash of the Titans tickets for 2 ... 
hmm... not bad for me larh~ ^^ worth to watch also la (for me*) because some of maa friends said not nice =( but okay what!!!! >=O . We didn't watch the 3D one after we watched Alice in the wonderland with 3D ... really make me sick with the stupid 3D spec. 
After the movie, we visit my boy's father and then went to Jonker Street. 
eat and eat and eat~ recently i was so ber-appetite >.<" i also don't know why... >.<" i gained my weight a lot but i just don't wanna stop eating~
fried stuffs, ABC, lo han guo dessert, asam laksa and prawn mee.

lala and sotong~ nice! 

my mouth was full with food!!! and yorath said he should took this photo and scare away all the guys that wanna woo me... lol! hahaha! nah! ugly photo!

my weekend past like that with unstable mood =.=" lol...

However, i still got a few pieces of photos of my funny besties in this few days...

my besties at library ... doing flash assignment until sot d ... 

and this snack made me sick >.<" 
sore throat, runny nose and mild fever.... ugh~ 
but nice to eat lerh >.<"

kay, i stop here... 
i get my headache since i got my runny nose ... ugh!!!! i hate runny nose! can't breath by my nose ... using my mouth to breath now ... well, got to take good rest ... lucky tomorrow no class... 
tata! stay turn for more exciting posts (i hope so)

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