Saturday, April 24, 2010

Genting Trip with Family and Love One

Hi peeps,
gonna blog again before i forgot all the memorable events ( in detail)
yea~ i'm super duper lazy wanna start to type >.<"
ish... k la ... stop my crap words and start blogging now. =P

My Family, me and my dear went Genting Highland with my auntie.
Because she has the Genting member card to exchange points to hotel room.

We started our journey at about 10:30. My dear fetched us to central and met up aunt and bought bus tickets of 11:30am.

my dear and me in the bus to KL

 brother and dad.

i bring my cutepie along too =) yea~ i cant live without him ...

Sit for about an hour, we finally arrived Bukit Jalil. Why is Bukit Jalil??
because Pudu Raya is still under renovation. So, temporary bus station is at Bukit Jalil stadium there.

my family q-ing up for Genting bus tickets.

he brought his favorite luggage.      me and my cutepie's traveling bag. 

Our bus started to drive at 2pm.

still sleeping zzzz~

in the bus to Genting Highland~

yea~ i love to take pictures ... and cam-whoring  >.<" .
so, it is not surprise to see me upload tons of photos in my blog .. =)

Reached Skyway cable car station and etc ( pictures will do the talk)

waiting for our turn to enter each cable car.

"throwing us out of the cable car station" >.<"

poor boy, he felt uncomfortable after the long journey of bus sitting.

i can smell the fresh air outside.

finally, reached the entertainment park. >.<"

heading to first world lobby for booking an extra room for us. =P

                                     first world entrance               snapped for fun. They look so adorable.

                                        waiting them to check-in.                  finally

After got the room, they kept talking in the room... i got nothing to do but to "kacha! kacha! kacha!" 

                             so dark =.="                                 act cool                     look kinda pale.

see this tauke~ so relax.. watching cartoon lagi =.=" duh hai~

I'm so exciting when i saw rainbow from our hotel's window... XD
it's hard to see rainbow nowadays... i love rainbow
After placing our luggages in the hotel room, it's time for lunch~ 
and adults went to the casino and leave us berlepak at where ever we want =.= 
good news is we can lepak without the adults controls, bad news is that we need to bring my brother along when we lepak =.="... 
indoor theme park~

failed                                 passed( and i heart it)

walk here and there dunno where to go some more.
finally we went for movie.

my dear                        Genting cinema

we decided to watch " puppy love" because others we watched already.
"puppy love" is Malaysia product neh. At least support har la wei~ haha!

After bought the tickets for 3 persons, we went for a walk at down stairs while waiting for the movie to show on time.

the skeleton posing for me to snap himi'm not gonna enter there >.<"

the pontianak.                        me at Thai fair.

Finally, it's time for "puppy love" !
Went in to the cinema and snap snap snap again~ 
because first time went in to their cinema >.<"
~without flash and with flash~

show wont be nice without the golden popcorn. ^_^

solo photo of each of us

this movie not bad la. But not much dialogue for them. >.<" Still need more improvement to be like Singapore level. >.<" gambatteh bah Malaysia! Malysia boleh~ lol~

After the movie, we returned to our room since the adults came back from the casino jor. =.=" but me and my dear still not so energetic yet >.<" we went for night walk after taking shower. And also McD ^_^

                             outside outdoor theme park        ugh~ hate my height! >.<"

After the walk, felt tired and sleepy, and freaking cold ( i didn't bring my sweater!). we went back to our room and sleep immediately until the next day ... once i opened my eyes, guess what i saw =.=" ??
my cute pie climbing the curtain =.=

i slept back due to lacking sleep before the day and wake up at 11am on the next day. 12pm have to check out already. So, we clear and keep our things and capture photo then check out lurh~

modeling on the messy bed >.<" while waiting them to pack their stuffs.
no one focus on the camera except me =.=" they all busy keeping ~

picture with my dad.

After done, we went to lobby and wait for my brother, mother and aunt.

fatty me.                             waiting for the lift

22nd floor we stay.

We met them and kept our luggages at the luggages centre. 
then. we went to theme park again to spent all the e-tokens we have changed last night after we had our breakfast at our room.

car drifting

brother                                    my dear

both of them win the game.

Next. racing car ~ 

shh~ not to disturb them.

race with the computer.

erk erm~ my turn to roll the fortune >.<" 

get 30 points =.="

after that, we felt hungry and went to find food eat. Brother didn't wanna follow. So, he continue his games and we left him there for a few hours.

pisang goreng RM6 for 5 pieces =.=" and my dessert RM5

bak kut teh~ RM43 for 2 persons.

After our meal, we went back indoor theme park and find brother. He used the points and changed for gifts . The we rush the adults to come out and leave the place. Because we started to feel bore jor.
But, unfortunately, they still don't wanna come out. So, we got to spent the time some more until they are willing to come out =.=" 
we went to the jeweleries shop and bought a gold key chain for our coming Mimii ^_^ ... 
after that,we went to Baskin's Robin for ice-cream.

BR's cake look like dough =.=          me and my ice-cream

2 cup of single scoop charged us RM23.52 =.="

 too bored then make fun at there >.<" lol

We chit- chatted about 1 hours and left the place. Again, simply snapping the environment >.<"
me and dear                               the fake lake.

the wishing bell

we went to outdoor for the spider theme drive ( i don't know wha it call >.<") 

                                                          dear                      me ( lol, i'm so tiny >.<")

                   caught the fresh sakura before we back.                    first world

We went to lobby and wait them collect the luggages back and went home ~
watching mr bean while waiting them.

me and dear~

It's time to return to Malacca =)


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