Monday, April 26, 2010

Ah Wei sweet 21st

Gonna continue blog all previous events that i had left out before i start to revise for my final exam.

Well, talking about ah wei 's b'day, it recalled me to post another b'day of my friend in the second week. Gosh* 
yea, i will blog about it. No worries.

Ah wei is my boy's friend. I'm not really knowing him much until i went to his b'day invitation at Arena. Much closer after having beer, chivas and all kind of stuffs u know. =)

So, i'm not gonna talking much on these event because we all doing the same thing in pub right? nothing to talk about ... haha. 

Tons of photo have been captured by me and ma friends. 
I'll be explaining these photos ... =)

just  applied my new fake lashes.

filled with peoples around. So damn crowded and smokey.

                                               cheers !!                                                           fei fei and ah heng*

these are before i became red butt monkey. >.<" 

                                         i heart my eyes in this photo. =)       and~ here comes the b'day boy!

                                                  here comes the "vomit-ter"  lol!              flaming... ouh yeah!

                                          eww... I'm so curious about the  taste         see... I'm getting reddish.. =.=

promoting chivas? lol                       say bravo to GZ?? 

getting redder and redder ...                                feifei dai lou~ 

yo yo yo yo! so damn high.

hahaha! once i saw these photo put together look so funny... my head automatic create my own dialogue XD

                                GZ: i really can't drink any more... wanna vomit already.
                                ah wei: walao! so " lousy" meh! drink a bit want to vomit alredy~

b'day boy and fei fei.                                   get high!

                                     panda was challenging victor,                    this is the way how fei fei and ah peng           
                            but victor was to sissy to accept the challenge.          dance .. hehe! cute~ 

 he was getting drunk...                       ah hua with spec. =)

                                                      ah hua and dear                        lol! my face was red than the drunk one XD

                                                        another time of sucking ..              i posed this and let them captured
                                 but this time was  flaming Lamborghini           lol... my friends was so surprise. XD

 ah hua and dear posing                                       me and my dear =)

 Shuffle shuffle shuffle~ 

ah hua and me                               me and the babe 

 me and monkey                                     dear and victor 

everyone was in a high mode ... lol
the 2 girls look alike >.< are they twins??

 gosh! i'm the red butt monkey~ 

 lets welcome the red butt monkey girl ... XD lol.

The birthday event ended happily~ 
Once again, Happy belated- b'day to you ,ah wei! 

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