Monday, April 26, 2010

my last post before my 4th sem Final Exam

Phew~ I managed to write 3 posts in a day.
Good job girl! =) praising myself .. lol

this semester really cracked my head. It's a long semester but don't know why it looks like a very super duper short semester i had. Lol. 
From the first day busy until now still haven't complete all the task given by lecturers and tutors. So stress until wanna cry hardly. wuu ... T_T 

but how my life came into stressfulness i still have the time to have fun with all my important one in my heart.  My dear, Family and my besties.

recent activities. ^^ .. 
Yesterday went  to watch movie with my dear .
"Toy story 1 & Toy story 2" in 3D
funny incident happened there. I thought that was "Toy story 3", 
that's why I'm so demand to watch . Mana tau it's really combination of  Toy story 1 and 2 ... za dao! but i didn't watch toy story 1 before . haha! 
We had watched toy story 1 smoothly but when comes to toy story 2 ....
the projector went wrong. >.<"  It auto off the screen 3 times and it took so long to repair until the end the staff came in and apologized to the audience and ask us to refund the money back >.<" lol.

why they just cant  modify a better looking 3D spec lerh? lol.

                      getting freaking less audiences d.                     refund!  

After watching the free show, my boy's phone rang ^^ ... it's ah yang.
Asked us to join seafood dinner at Portuguese settlement. =) 
Yummy! enjoy the meal too ... He treated  us ^^ thanks a lot!
me and the one i love a lot 
raw fresh oysters >.<" 

well, i dunno this "thing" got flash geh >.<

                                 i wanna eat jor >.<"                           clams

before and after =.="

me and the "after" XD

I ate a lot bcoz i love to eat crabs >.<" gain weight and also loss weight ... why? gain weight because i ate a lot ( u really can't imaging). Loss weight because ate too much make me food poisoning and keep on ruch to toilet and release everything out >.<" 
 haha! i know wasted food ... XD
So, Today neh went to DP after having lunch at jonker street and we park the car at red house there and walk to DP . >.<"

ignore my siao zha boh hair

stayed at outlet for a few minutes and try all the silly things XD
  colorful specs 

After that get my dear's w580i from repairing. Its' LCD spoil and changed a new one. 
after that we went to Big apple and have donuts. =) 

                                         apple juice for me            he tried to connect to big 
                                                                                       appls's wifi.

then we went to mahkota and did stupid stuffs too >.<
try the ogawa or osim i'm not sure ... the message chair . first try . lol! 

                                        our expressions so ugly and funny >.<"

next, I'm trying to measure my weight and height >.<" 

now at least we played something normal ... lol

After the outing, we walk around the river cruise and took some pictures. and then drive thru McD and packed McChicken and vanilla Sundae cone >.<"

Simple and happy day past with my dear meaningfully . =)

so, i will stop blogging from now on and will start blogging after my Final Exam ended. Need to work hard on my final! Gambateh to me and to all having Final Exam too! 

Look forward for my coming semester break!

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