Monday, April 19, 2010

Sushi Bonanza day and dad's birthday

yea... i admitted i have leave my blog alone for quite long .. 
too much eventsss to follow up d >.<"
lazy type la but i wish to post ... some one please help me type can mou?! lol.

yup.... i went Sushi King with maa babes...

.....SUSHI !!!! .....
We went there because of BONANZA day!
Bonanza days are specially for Sushi King's members. With the member card, one can eat whatever on the kaiten belt with the charge of RM 2 per plate and the owner of the card allowed to bring maximum of 5 person for dining-in only.
the babes~
Jexx is not coming with us so we replaced her seat with Yilise babe. =) 
I brought them to the old Jusco and had our sushi(s) meal.  Once we are being served, we acting like hungry ghost. lol! 
Talking about yummy~ hmmph! the fish oil sushi was totally "yucks"!  i thought that was the fish eggs but it's fish oil... 
Fish oil!!!!! 

the one i'm fear to eat since i was a kid. urgh~ 
but then i force to eat if not will be charges as normal price... how cool huh! 
Liyun had taken all my stupid expressions when i was going to eat the fish oil sushi rice.
trying to get rid the fish oil as much as i can.--> i prefer to eat with the soya oil. --> "aump" !

i don't ever dare to bite.--> "euw" is the only expression i can gave.
 we managed to put the plates into tower >.<" gosh! we aren't ladies ... if guys saw it, they probably don't feel to come approach already.

Eat with the offer price already exceeded hundred riggit. can't imaging if swallow without the offer price. Probably will broke.
the other random pictures we took at there:
         entrance                                       chee yee and me
                                                        liyun                                                  yilise and zen
                                                    yilise and green tea                                         me
                our cute zen                            
 me with "sepet" eyes and liyun
chee yee, me, liyun. (frankly, i like this picture)
After makan makan we went for a walk in Jusco. Liyun and Zen bought some garments... weet*
i didn't bought any of them. Nothing suit me .
That's all for Bonanza day~ 

Dad's birthday.... 
sign... should be a happy one but guess what... 
my dad went to Hospital on his birthday. Even the nurse wished him =.="
but luckily not a big problem ... yet still need to take good care la wei... 
Mum advised him to stay at hospital for a night but in the end he went home by his own. =.=" 
stubborn like me ... 
so, after my classes, i fetched my boy back to my home and see my dad's condition.  
He seem okay to me. We brought him to Amigo for dinner and went to seaside for a walk.
XL size watermelon & carrot milk.
 lol, i'm just trying to show u how extra large it can be. but failed. is not this size!
birthday daddy~ 
 their daughter
 my brother and dad
brother and dear having fish & chips sets.
poor one... he hate hot weather a lot.
 After the dinner, we went to seaside because it's too hot to stay there even a second.
 guess what my dad doing ?? 
 he is explaining how the solar lamp work in the dark to my mum and brother. Explain in details lagi... lolz... 
day passed simple-ly ... 
and hope my dad will recover soon !
stay healthy.

And i think to separate  my events better instead of squishing them all in a post. 
see ya !

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