Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm so dying for these dresses

blackie dresses - sexy theme

the most i like. =)

much more normal~

aww~ where to buy this instead of e-purchasing ... love these dresses so muchie~ i'm deciding to look much more mature than those days... 
Big girl... going 20th this year~ =) 

and I'm planning to loss my weight... but today i ate 2 bowls of noodles man! >.<" mission failed. I'm not hungry but i force to ate... i cooked instant noodles at noon. My mum came back after work and cooked soup noodle for me and asked me to finish up. >.<" but then i told her that i really can't finish all because i ate just now and i wan out of appetite sorry mum*  she scooped some of the noodles up and i ate the rest left in my bowl. =)

 what i cooked and what my mum cooked =) 
i love green vege a lot!!!! 
  ginseng liquid
anyway... i love the taste of ginseng. 

my numb face >.<"

guess what T I'm wearing?? 

Haha! I'm wearing my primary school sport T ... >.<" 
mum saw me wearing this and she said " gosh! is this your standard 3 T~ aiyooo... how come u still so small size?? didn't grow at all... "
I also hope I grow taller lar >.<" but this is the max. i can do ... haha! 
Aplasia* la woii~ lol. 

oh God~ i still having my runny nose.. but my throat feel better already. Just left the runny nose!!! ugh~ tomorrow need to prepare a lot a lot of tissue papers for me... keep on sneezing~ I think i caught cold disease already ... 
=( suffering~ 

get well soon! to me*

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