Monday, March 29, 2010

Kinda Down today

After i knew it, 
my mind was totally blanked.
Why always what i know is when i suspected and i asked and U only tell me?
Why can't u just share with me instead of sharing the message on MSN status
Izzit U doesn't wanna share with me about your happiness if i didn't noticed??
How sad was that...
what i did was telling everything with u even what i'm gonna do the next i'll told u too.
but how come u like to keep your personal secret on me?? 
maybe right... yea~ personal secret huh! 
it's fine. I'm not angry but i'm just disappointed the action u take..
U know this aren't U?? 
I remember that i told U once ~ 
but now it seem nothing change after all.
i'm not greedy about your $$ okay~
Hello, who am i to U?? 
why can't i know your financial statement/ situation? 
why can't u tell me your situation huh?? 
my head is growing lots of question marks duh~
But after this, i wouldn't asking any single question about this matter anymore... 

p/s: i admitted i'm a shopaholic BUT with my own set limit. 

From now on, I hope to spent my own money or even take a cent from u! 
u really pees me off now. 
i know u doesn't know anything about this. 
or even u still don't know that i really mind, care, concern about this matter. 
well, now u should know . 

don't try to explain anything to me after u saw this post. 
Yeah! i'm writting about u~
 I wouldn't cry for this. 
because i learn not to cry easily anymore.
woman's tears are valuable. 
they drops for something worth.
i just feeling disappointed. 
sorry for no replying your msn. 
I really out of mood.

Between, i just collected my last semester result slip from CDP department.

 my result slip

I'm still far away from 4 flags

well, at least I felt satisfy about my results.
i used my max. effort to achieved this greds. 
sorry, that's all i can get ...

And i'm happy that my besties are still the "best-est" 
because i was really worry about the previous days.. 
there are some crisis among my besties. 
but today everything went so smooth... 
I hope tomorrow get better.
Friends are forever~ 
do appreciate your true friends around.
Yea! i can see that both of them still concern about each other.
that's really good =)
i'm happy with them~ 

Tomorrow i'm having my last midterm paper. 
this one really tough with the incomplete notes they gave us.
moreover, gave us lousy tutor and lecturer.
Evaluation day is coming...
they going to face the worst day they ever had b4.
"Bou zhong" la U 2~ 
send u guys back and retrain again.

and i hope to evaluate the CDP stuffs too.
Their service really really bad.
They treat students like criminals. 
cannot do much jobs if not they will "fatt lan zha"
because once u ask them questions, they have to left their arse from the chair and open their gold mouth to entertain U.
they can't talk softly..
or they know is yelling and scolding.
i can't find the worst description to describe them. 

"makan je U all tau, buat sikit benda macam nak ambik dia punya life!"

2 things that they never ever forget to bring to their office are:
1. food!
2. their shit faces.


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