Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BICC 2010 and Dean's Award

Hi, my first time to write more than one post in a day. 
Yala yala...Who ask me neglected my blog for so long. 
i knw i deserve to! hehe*

In this post i'm not gonna use creative font =.= because i'm gonna blog about ... 
yup! "Dean Award" . It's a much grave topic . lame la wey~ XD
 But i still wanna blog la.. nenebubu!* 
It's hard to gett blogger mode nah~  especially for those who didn't blog quite long (me*)

Yea~ I'm in the Dean List. That;s why i wanna blog ma... Hehe!
but on that day really damn bore lorh. keep on waiting the time past and hope this event finish quickly. Because me and my besties separated. Because i get 3 dean awards (each for a sem). woow~ kinda impressed  myself. 
whatever u wanna say me la... action kah, show off kah, bla bla bla... so what.
i got these also because of my effort what. 
no such thing is FOC in this world la . Wait long long la.

Main hall 

waiting dean's award and BICC student's parents to take their seats. Sign~ my parents didn't come for this ceremony.   I didn't blame them for this just kinda sorrow when saw other parents came and support their sons and daughters. Some even bought flowers for them. But those i think is for FYP students. Haiz~ never mind. At least i got my dear sms-ing me during the ceremony to accompany me.

 all the lecturers and assistant lecturers.

they also forced to attend this ceremony. Therefore all the classes have been canceled during the time.  Poor liyun and zen, they 2 wait at the tutorial room and waiting for Mr. William's lesson. He didn't tell the students that class is canceled =.=".

 i heart this picture a lot. 

Those are my friends that took engineering course.  Funny men~

we took with mr. beh

smart guy who got 4.0 in his GPA ( if i'm not mistaken)

I look like auntie in this picture!!! >.<"

 who's the shortest? yea~ me*

 jexx and choon                                        chee yee and me

jexx and me                                       chee yee and jexx 

this ceremony end at 4pm sharp. =.=" 

make me hungry.
I went Taipei with liyun and zen and jexx after that came along too.
First time went there eat. Okay la.
the first impression the restaurant gave me was "clean".

                                             zen with "zen zhu"          liyun with her mocha drink

i don't like coffee taste but i try to taste because they said very nice. >.<" 

okay la... tasted like coffee lor ... I can't differentiate coffee and mocha la .. >.<" all same taste for me. I know nothing about coffee stuff. Not interested.

spicy wedges (which is not spicy at all =.=" ) and liyun's pork bone rice.

me and zen both ordered this. Rice with grilled cheese. 
no taste for zen. She said not salty at all.

zen and me

not ready yet la wei!                Okay.. i'm ready.

finished up the food and went to company law class after that. 

share some picture of liyun and zen during the "flash" assignment cracking head session with u guys (the flash is specially for jexx birthday surprise on the flash presentation day)
early morning started do already.

the expression they gave me - they can't get what they want in the flash software.

that's all. 
wanna crow back to my nest and sleep. 
still intending whether to go for tomorrow 8am class or skip it. 
because just watch other group present only.

Okay la, night!


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