Monday, April 26, 2010

Sibaraku with the Future Engineer and IT

Here comes another happy event.
The engineers called up us for Sibaraku buffet. 
But, some of them not manage to join. ( zen and chew)
However, we replaced them with my boy and also Desmond.

Went to Sibaraku and met up them at 8pm and started to eat and make fun there. =) 

again, tons of photo have been snapped by me and my boy.
uploading... ... ... done!

"pai pai zhuo, chi guo guo"

this look much closer =)

the ladies

the "leng zai" chief =.="

                                       he can't wait for his            teow and jexx
                          fried chicken to be served. 

liyun and teow              jexx and liyun 

liyun and beh                   desmond and liyun 

 desmond and jexx                   jexx and beh

this one look like family photo .. XD joking~
me and the guys

lol, beh is missing??        finally, me and dear

After the gathering, they sent jexx and liyun back. 
well, me and dear went to seaside and feel the wind ... love it!
after that, i went back home too ... 

a simple yet happy day with friends and dear!  


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