Monday, May 3, 2010


hi dear readers,

yup, i broke my promise ... as i said on my previous post.
"will be back after my final exams ended".
because i really feel to blog on today. 

feeling damn hurt and sad of cause.
whay happened?
well, i don't hope to hurt anyone's feeling after i posted.
so, please don't get sensitive on it if u didn't treat me like "that" so, especially for those who close to me.
I just wanna shout out loud only. 
I know nothing can be changed.
I'm really unsatisfied with my cw marks of this semester. 
what i meant was i did hardy and performed well but what i got for the outputs was not i suppose to got! a piece of shit i got.
How come? 
The most silly thing is that i don't know what's the reasons i suppose to get this shit.
i am not happy with many of the subjects cw marks ... 
because it's unfair. not only me but others having the same feeling too.
The effort of yours not even exceeding half of my effort. I cry for my assignment, i stay all day for my projects ... Did u? bla bla bla ... u knw what u did. 
sorry, i'm just telling the fact of coz. i didnt mean to hurt anyone.

forget it. 
Maybe  i just have to think positively huh? lecturer evaluate what they saw but not actually what they really saw with their bare eyes. Bias! damn on. 

my Ji Mui(s) all also not satisfy with their cw marks. What to do? we got sucks tutor and lecturer. Be happy Ji Mui(s) ~ 

I'm releasing my anger but i don't hope to make others feel hurt (but if u did so, u perasan la! XD)

what else some more? yup, the every semester's culture again. 
whenever the final exams are coming or during the final exams, i will be extremely famous on FB, MSN or SMS. 
I was like wanted for a moment. These peoples use what ever methods to found me out and~ yea, ask me for exam tips ... regardless of strangers or friends. hng! yea~ "friends" huh?

every end of semester is the same. Never change. 
haiz.. i already see through the realistic of self-center humans. 
It's so sad and how shameful this can be.
frankly, i got not more than 5 best friends ... 
ya, i mean "best friends" now.
People laugh at me if i say this. 
Best friends? what the hack is that? 
but it's true... there are no best friends nowadays.. 
there are, when they NEED YOU... nope... i mean NEED YOU-r help~

Humans are such a devil...
whatever larh, i feel better after releasing ~ hah! u feel hurt? are u one of them am i talking? never mind. Be happy. U can blog about me neither. =P
i love blogging~ nenebubu!

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