Monday, June 7, 2010

Night Zoo

Hey there, sorry for neglecting my blog for so long >.<" 
Actually my blog have been updated before. But i deleted >.<" u probably don't wanna know the reason. Okay la, I'll tell : i embed a video and i talk in the video of what i wanna blog about. Lol. I posted and i deleted because i keep replay the video and felt extreme funny!!! especially with my noob hair T_T. 
Ouh well, i hope i have a chance to make my own video with a chio-er face next time. 

SO,this time I' ll be bloging about my Night Zoo adventure with u guys. And i admitted that i am really a coward when goes to "Dark" place. 
Not much photo i could take on that night. Because my camera was kisiao-ing on that night. The flash light was not working. Ish!!!! 

But before the freaking night zoo, me and my boy went to Tong Shui house to have our lunch but counted as dinner jor*

me and the funny guy =)

He always on his phone when ever i hang out with him*

Chrysanthemum with sea coconut dessert* 
looks nice for me =)

After the lunch dinner*, we proceed to the haunted night zoo >.<" Lol.I'm sweating all the way long. 

I'm almost to obesity*

 waiting for the shutter bus*              with the shutter bus now*
(without make-up with my typical Chinese Ah Moi eyes)

The shutter bus did drove us around the area that we cannot walk alone in the night. Good* but there were areas that we have to walk and without the road lamp!! Can u imaging?? freaking scary! and the animals' behavior was not in my expectation. Totally opposite, they are so wild in the dark night and no light in their cages because they could be confusing btw day and night. So, we force to spot them ourself with our bare eyes. I'm totally being freak out with the animals when i was trying hard to search for them. They always lay so near or peep at me with a short distances and yet i still cannot see them >.<" i drop my tears seriously when i saw them just right in front of me !

see, i told u~ they are fucking near me!

 sharp mouth crocodile and the owls*
the only animal that i like. Damn cute! It's a Slow Loris. They move freaking slow no kidding* i think that's the reason a "slow" words is in their name. I didn't get frightened by this slow loris because he/she own a pair of dolly eyes just like my cutepie. I miss him lots~ *cry* again~
Next, this stupid croc! nearly got my life! He was damn active in the dark. 
I was trying to snap him but my flash light caught his attention and he bang the cage so hard. Seriously they can move very fast although they got short legs and fat body lorh =.="


 this is extremely long and fat anaconda! and look like "shit" XD

ouh well, i guess this is the place that with lights. I was happy with it. But my boy was acting like a sissy when saw those anacondas and snakes~ Lmao!

That's all for the night zoo trip. We missed lots of place because i refused to go. We missed Mini Safari, tower, and the other one which i forgot what name already.
 The reason I don't wanna go because i don't wish i scream like bitch at there >.<" 
No lights okay!! i don't wanna torture myself anymore la wei. If not because we get free entrance tickets from Ivan, I probably won't choose to go if i know need to walk in the zoo with no lights~ >.<" Anyway, i get to experienced the feeling in the Night Zoo and thanks for the tickets, Ivan  

Frankly, it's advanture! 
but i don't hope to re-visit dy* Lol

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