Friday, June 18, 2010

FIFA 2010

Bola, bola bola bola~

Are you ready to cheers for FIFA 2010 ?? ^_^"
*so am i*

Yesterday, me and Yorath went to Ayoob Mamak stall for 7:30pm football match! It's a match between Argentine and Korea. And guess what, 4-1!!!!  Woohoo! I'm so excited man~ Argentine beaten up Korea with 4 goals! *omg*

I'm looking forward on Argentine and also Brazil~ i support both of them >.<" *greedy*

well, Who deserves for the world cup this year ??

Lets cheer for them! Woohoo~!

-NG shooting-

i didn't mean to be o1o2 AFIF >.<"

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