Monday, June 7, 2010

Stick with HIM ❤❤

Last week i followed my boy back to Nilai and i stayed with him for 3 days. 
We had and ordinary week there. But it's special when he is beside. At least i can feel that some one special fulfill my emptiness time with me. Thanks *muakz!*

The first 2 days we did nothing special. Just wait him back from classes and watched movie together on the double decker bed. sweet*

Wednesday, he bought me to Taman Connaught pasar malam, Cheres which he already promised  to bring me there
 Before went to Connaught night market, we went to The Mines to have  Pizza Hut and a movie *sherk forever after* and i really can't believe that The Mines got no BR! It's Pink Wednesday! and yet, no BR for us. we missed it again!*

This movie reminds me of "Rumpelstiltskin" story. Because he was taking part in this movie too. Bad guy as usual. Tells lies as usual too. That's his characteristics =). 

I asked my mum " do u still remember Rumpelstiltskin ?"  
mum answered " it's seem so familiar to me but i couldn't remember. Is it one of the fairy tales i told u and brother when u guys were small babies yet?" 

yeah~* at last she remembered . It's so sweet to recalls back all the childhood stories. I love my childhood, my mum use to tell us stories and bought us lots of fairy tales books that's why i'm so good in imagination* lol.  My mum do it with New York style. We got our story time when we were small
 We stick with our plan, after the movie we went to Taman Connaught night market- the longest night market in Malaysia. i love to go there. It's like a woman paradise! lol
As usual, I bought lots of nonsenses =P* but i love those nonsenses after all ^^

addidas sport shoes for me

Gucci casual shoes for my boy

Geo Brand color contact lenses RM35 per pair.

3 pairs of fake eyelashes for me and a funny quotes Tee for my boy.

We spent almost RM200 within the 2 hours at the night market >.<" lmao. Got to save $$ from now if i wanna rebond/curl my hair. my next mission*

 We then rush back to Malacca. And arrived at 3am >.<" . That's all for my "stick with him" post.

Ordinary days passed with some one special  were no more ordinary

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