Monday, June 7, 2010

GZ 2✿th Birthday

After the freaking night zoo, there's another event which is one of our Shin Yuu members birthday celebration at Dreambox. Although both were carried on the same day, but i decide to blog each event in each post. Don't wanna blog them together later i confuse >.<"

So, we rushed to Dreambox after the Night Zoo. Didn't have the chance to chance my clothes. Haihz~ but luckily it's not my birthday ^^. It's okay to be ugly on that day. 

Loads of photos have been snapped, but i'm not gonna show all of them. I'll show some chio* and handsome photos only. Rofl!

uncle & auntie =.=

The reason i can't slim down

guess what, these are our food i mean me and my boy only. Below the desk still got lots of dishes. We really look like hungry ghost >.<"

seriously, this is awesome!  beef with onion, curry leaves and chilies. Slurp!*

chi-chong-fan. Taste okay only

look at dai lou, pity face and like asking for food like that. But the fact is he was passing the food to Ivan. Lol! 

he was so high on that night ^^

gz was boo-ing dai lou. 

U guys can't assume me to explain all the photos la hor~ that night they really did a lot of funny stuffs which i got no ideas how to explain >.<"
Just enjoy the photos bah. Lol

*tic-tac* lights were off! 

Happy birthday, Gz ^_^

~the birthday boy~

make 3 wishes and cut the cake as usual. 

gz and SJ

Gz and Dai lou

Can u feel the love? Rofl. 
Anyway, this is Vinc and Gz

haha~ how sweet is this. My dear was the victim XD

dai lou was so concentrate on the pouring champagne skill  simply explain nia*
I don't know the actual name of this cake but it taste great! without the jelly green stuff on top the cake* but if u love Green Tea u should eat with the jelly green cream. I'm not the fans of green Tea, even hate the aroma. Make me dizzy when even i smelt or tasted it. But the green spongy cake don't taste of strong green tea. So, it's great ^^

fatty me and my boy

after the cake and champagne, con't singing and get high! 

Once again, Happy 2oth birthday to Gz! belated * 
Hope u get what ever u wished.

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