Monday, June 7, 2010

few days before sem break ended (part 2)

It's Saturday!

Another maid gonna back to her hometown- Bali, Indonesia. Because she didn't obey the rules of the contract, she was force to compensate to the agency and return to her hometown.

 So, me and my boy send her to the airport- LCCT. On the way, candy can't stop camwhoring >.<"
but all the photos are freaking ugly. ='( because of my untrimmed hair! 

i really "mou gan tai" my hair. ugh~

didn't forget to snap the one i love =)

We reached there at 4:30pm and almost late to check-in because the staff in the check-in counter was freaking slow motion! Incident happened and delayed our precious time. 3 aged runs toward the counter and yelling maybe they just know their fly flied already. =.=" And the staff don't bother they at all. This is Air Asia huh? at least some one incharge entertains larh them. The line was jam for so long. Luckily the maid managed to get into the plane on time. 

After we done the mission >.<", my boy drove me to ICE ROOM, Nilai have dinner ^^
First try, the snow ice taste great but the food "ma ma tei" only.


fatty boom boom*

passion fruit and mango snow ice- taste great =)

yammy snow ice - taste great too
ugly betty with yammy

After Ice Room we drove back to Malacca and went to Jonker Street and guess what, i saw the whole process of LIVE propose marriage XD it's so romantic ~ but i saw this scene before on video that shared at FB. Copy the idea >.<" but not bad after all. Congratulation to both of them ^^" i only managed to snapped the stage part.

when the master of the ceremony asked both of them come to the stage.

waiting the girl to say "i do" XD

how sweet was that~ =) and on that day i manage to bought 6 face masks and got to try it next week ^^

Sunday, i went to my boy house and watched Saw III with him =) simple sem break passed sweety with my love one.
Supposedly, my class started today but seem MMLS doesn't make any annoucement, so i choose to skip the class =) tomorrow will be back to campus . Yeepy!

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