Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Craps ❤ ❤

This is gonna be a rojak post with photos- i'm lazy to blog*
i blog according to my SIM card folder ya~ >.<" =.= i'm lazy to blog but i wanna keep my blog up-to-date >.<"

  1. Recently i'm having my MC  *damn suffering* too much of icy drinks for me already. My face was freaking pale and i got no strength to walk at all at the 1st and 2nd days~ 

-sickening face- *slap*
  1.  Weekend passed with my man ordinarily. When out drinks and FIFA-ing. We did went for movie on 12th June at Dataran Pahlawan GSC

Karate Kid acted by Will Smith's son which is lil Jaden Smith and the China expert actor- Jackie Chan.

  1. i got my green apple shake + pearls drink on the next day when shopping with my man. still having the pale face. *ugh!*

*ignore the dead face* had green apple + pearls= yummy! 

i still need 7 cups of green apple drinks only can get 1 for free ^^"

 nonsenses that i bought on the day: Korean spots clothing, hair bands & clips, and comb
it's all in BLUE ~ oh yeah!

  1. Yesterday night just manage to finish the D.I.Y card~ *gosh* long time didn't touch all the color papers and scissor, made me feel dizzy and wanna vomit.  Hope she love it. tomorrow will handed to her. =)
happy belated birthday >.<"!

  1. Masking time! this is our first time to do mask together =) i promised him to wait him came back from Nilai only apply together. Haha! the feeling was " irritating" . i Got irritated by the sticky liquor stuff on the mask >.<" and masking really hard for me because cannot talk and eat!!!! we then watched movie while waiting the masking done.

  1. I snapped the rainbow when i was on the way back to home. I heart rainbow a lot~  it also reminds me that when i was in primary school, the whole class was forced to memorize the colors of the rainbow just to answer the science question in UPSR =.=" 
~red,orange,yellow,blue,green, violet, purple

  1. Maa Facebook
lame quiz make me feel happy sometimes *happy*

But sometimes, really irritates me =.=" what the hell is this?!

Done~ Cincai blog >.<" just wanna update something in my blog before it when molted =.=" 
so, enjoy the crapping blog post XP .


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