Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Update Status: I regret i didn't follow my man to go  for badminton >.<" instead of sitting on a small chair in my room and blogging ='(

this color look nice with Chiller font ^^ .. much like Tiki style. 
okay la. it's hard to read with this font. I'll change it back*

(0^_^O)  How's now? better?  Britannic Bold* haha!
I know I'm acting lame here. i got no choice  >.<" really "sienz"
 I suppose to choose to go for badminton. But my arse can't be lifting up after i have sitting for hours. Laziness please "siam" 
Failed* i rejected my man and continue viewing XiaXue's Video *Guide to life*  ^^ hehe. 
But then i finished the video few hours ago. 
Now i have nothing to do  >.<"

*blogging* then. 

Actually there is a pack of nasi lemak waiting for me on the dining table. But i "welly" doesn't feel eating today. I want Coconut Shake + Pisang Goreng. Slrrp! *saliva dropping*

all right, I'll eat it later *my mom packed*
i got nothing to post >.<" damn! talking craps almost half page already
okay, I'll stop crapping now.

Hmm.. Let's see what my camera folder contained.

yea~ i heart this *mini jean skirt/ jean mini skirt* i dunno how to call it >.<"
anyway, that's not the point, i love the color! *that's the point!*

okay, how's this? it's freaking short *just approximately cover my butt >.<" but i use to choose short skirts or shorts bcoz i'm having short legs okay. Not because i wanna look bitchy* 

Cost my man RM40 at Dees. haha! *sowi dear*
obviously look no appetite to eat right? >.<"  yea, i cooked this. 
Cooking with the chesse cream. It's actually have to be with the spaghetti. *but i have non* so., i substituted with Maggie noodles >.<" and mixed with milk scramble eggs which it doesn't taste like milk. =.=" totally a failure! but my brother commented nice. =.=" hope he is honest. *comforting myslef*

Next topic, cut my hair finally! *slightly short only* I definitely won't cut my hair if nobody ask me. >.<" I'm freaking afraid of wrong cutting. 
Well, here is how its go.

On Tuesday, Cyn dated me to go night market at Kg.8 . so as Zardon. Arrived at 8pm. and walk the market which took us a few minutes only to finished the walk  =.=" Zardon treated us Momo Tea *pearl milk tea* but i had chosen the Mango shake *keep dripping!* but the taste not bad =). And then snapped some photo before they went in my car and talk craps.

 zardon and cyn
 Cyn and me
We went in the car for aircon since cyn complained very hot outside. We talked craps and Zardon asked me whether wanna be his demo or not on the next day *he is having exam
So, i considered and gave him a "yes" since Cyn don't mind that she become his demo on Thursday. =) *Thanks
That day, snapped few photo at Team hair saloon. 

 while waiting zardon's turn...
 cyn still can show me her beautiful smile although she is almost mold at there. >.<"
 thru these unclear photos, u may obviously see zardon's hand is shivering lorh *he is the one holding the camera*=.=" he is really nervous. 
When i saw he sweating like hell, i started to feel nervous too >.<" *what the hell my hair is gonna be*

After the hair cut exam, we had our lunch at Sushiya.

freaking HOT green tea >.<"

 ~DADANG~ my hair is shorter then before.
 i got eye bags. 2 days didn't sleep nicely already
 see, so disgusting and funny! XD
mine with fewer plates =.=" 
Well, really can't believe that i just paid for RM4 only =.= i ate RM7 + there is a 50% discount + green tea = RM4. Also good la, I'm broke recently.

 once again, thanks for the hair cut. But now it's so unshaped =.=" after i washed my hair, i dunno how to blow the shape back. >.<"

Next: complaint
Recently the weather is ... ish! F*cking HOT! 
I can't sleep well for almost 3 days already. T_T  *wiping off tears*
 Every night rolling on the bed and kicking off all the pillows on the floor yet still feeling hot. *sweating
 i even try to sleep here ='(
 yet, i'm still awake ='(

 in the end, i prefer sleep on my bed >.<" 
Next day,  my man drove me to his house and i manage to sleep like a pig *with aircon what* after the jungle tracking activity with him. 

 i almost burst out off my tears because he frightening me! i really feel uncomfortable at Hutan Rekreasi. I really damn scare the animals that make up of clay or what ever materials. because they seem like going to be real when it's night >.<" 
 *I'll cut off his balls if he do it again!

camwhored before i fall a sleep 

 slept >.<"

 awake ~

my man's phone keep ringing until i wanna throw his phone towards the wall >.<" 
*cannot la wei! iPhone okay XD* well, i got awakened by the ringtone. *happy now?* calling from Shin Yuu la. Go for Yum Cha after a few calls >.<" and Happy birthday to Vincent. =) 

We change the place to Ayoob. Because Mambo got nothing to eat =.=". went to Ayoob and got frightened by rats. *Fucking idiot rat!

Next: dear starts to modify MIMII. *a little only*
BLUE lights for the front and back  

Last night went for "Prince of Persia- the sand of time" with Shin Yuu at GSC after Friday Pasar malam.

Ouh~ it's another disney production huh? no wander so nice la ^^ 
yea~ i love Disney since i was small.

i would like to share these photo of Murtabak *before i shut up  XD*  that cost the guys RM18 >.<" at Tasik Limbongan last night after the movie

~~Not bad la~~ 

Love Shin Yuu lot. Because they understand me and take care of me. =) I hope it's not because i know my dear. *frozen smile*


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