Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lil time at Genting Highland

As i have mentioned in my previous post, 
Me and Yorath went to Genting Highland to met up Ah Fei and IT Master's workmates. 
i know it's sounds funny if i tell u guys the purpose i went there  XP
*Just to watch LIVE FIFA football match Denmark vs Cameroon in the International Showroom*
*smile: hehe*

G.Z followed along too. We started our journey at 12 midnight. 
As usual, someone kept cam-whoring in the car.
"she thought herself  is chio* enough to be com-whore queen" >.<"

sorry for the stupiak* face i got on that night T^T 
bcoz suddenly decided to go... as u can see, my eyeballs XD 
*1 in blue and 1 in black* sampat!! *tak sempat to apply both lenses*

this will be better =) *still ugly*

Arrived  Genting Highland at about 2am. It take time for us to search for parking lot even thought it's 2 am. The parking bays are all fulled.

Finally got to parked at the side bays. 

Then, rushed to the International Showroom and cheered for the FIFA World Cup match >.<" 
entering the showroom *kacha!*

the giant screen for us to cheer for our supportive team.

Go Go Go!!! Denmark won ~ with0 2-. (o^_^o) I'm not crazy about football, just to crop with the football season =P. Haha! Well, u can't assume me to watch the wholly 64 matches lorh~ i'll faint. I just pick some teams that i support and watch it. That's all ^_^

thru his face expression, i'm distrubing him from watching the match obviously. Lol

the showroom with lights on after the match. 

Ianz- which is the guy on the screen and also the one hidden on the LHS. I really thought he is the DJ from Hitz.FM *Ean* i meant. >.<" lol. 
and the other one in the screen is Chui Ling- the DJ from 988 radio station, but she didn't come on that night.

not to forget to take photo before we leave the place.
see! he smile bcoz the match is finished =.=" i'm no longer a disturber*

After the match, we went to Starbucks *as usual* while waiting the others in the casino. Yorath ordered Mocha without cream and i ordered the blackforest cake slide. *wallet bleeding*

the blackforest cake slide is just OK only RM10.50. 
Mocha, i just take a sip to taste only >.<" still can't differentiate the differences btw mocha and coffee!
I drink back my Ribena >.<"

i'm gonna have the first bite of my cake.

-surfing the net-

yea~ i brought my lappie there to get rid off my boredom.

I choose to sleep in the car while they enjoy gambling in casinos. ='( I'm under age! so as "some" of them. 
But they manage to enter successfully.  I know I'll be caught if i try to enter =.=" because cinema caught me and asking for IC =.=" i have been suspected in the age of below 18 !!! WTF~ I'm getting 20 soon okay!
but, still not enough for entering casino larh, duh!

woke up in the morn and take my first photo for the day =) without brushing teeth .. *Uek*
And yet they still haven't come out from Casinos!!!! Gamble Ghost! hmph!! I have been rushing to the toilet for several times alone. Idk what is happening to my tummy. Can't crop with the temperature i guess.
almost noon they only willing to come out and have their breakfast! *lei sai pou*

can u spot me? =P
*took this while waiting Mr. Yorath ordering food*

i got no appetite for my day since my tummy feel not well. 
After the brunch, we met up his friends and chilled with them...

                             =LOL expression=                              =my outfit of the day=


=.=" he said " hi 5!" instead of hi 10 with the poster of 3 stars. =.="
however, what i wanna replenish is that he is freaking THIN in this photo!!!

The only photo of them that i able to snap. 
p/s: * i'm not really close to them* Lol

dear said "the expression of losing RM170 in the casinos" 

 Since, we decided not to go for outdoor theme park, we wish  to go back to Malacca then. Moreover, G.Z wish to go back early *before 6pm* because he got his family party.
So, we drove all the way back to Malacca *exhausted* to celebrate  Father's Day at Portuguese settlement.

No picture have been taken because i was enjoying my Seafood Dinner with my family and love one. Forgot to snap~ lol.

That's all for the post. 
c ya world!
[-not to forget to clicks on my Ads yea-]

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