Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some lil food update ♨

My Naffnang Analytic value keep on decrease dramatically. *sad face*
-it must be a few past posts i upload all my bare face photos- *scared all the people bah, wtf*

haha! nah~ i think most probably is i "cincai" blogged too much >.<" *sowie* it's hard to bring up the blogging mood. Sometime i do have the mood to inspire me to blog, but then when i clicked "new post" it show a blank white box for me and my brain blank too. lol.

So, today gonna keep some effort to blog a lil with the limited photos in the memory card. *lazy to take photo nowadays* 

Recently just went out with the BF for dinner after his work and had movies on every Wednesday *as usual, and I'm not complaining the life is bore okay! =.=*

Once upon a time, i went to Nadeje with Yorath. He knew i'm craving for Mille crepe *especially the cheese one and banana! slurp!!!!!* 

 enjoy sitting at Nadeje Cafe reading Nov ViVi magazine *latest*!

 ordered banana mille crepe shared with Yorath. *I'm lovin' it* After that, I'm still demand for another piece >.<" ordered the Gula Melaka one! *kns taste! over sweet man! feel nausea after swallow it* Didn't snap the Gula Melaka Mille Crepe. Please don't order that favor *unless u are crazy fans of Gula Melaka*

A new "fast" food in the fast food sectors. =.="
 A new "fast" food - ChicKing trying to compete with KFC =.=" *ChicKing, u need to try harder.*

the fried chickens are small >.<" *probably forgot to inject the chicken* lol. So, i think is healthier than KFC.

Next- the Taiwan Noodles

Recommended by Yorath's brother. *since we were out-of-idea for thinking what's for dinner* I went they once with the friends before. But then that time i tasted the food like okay-okay lorh. 
When I went with the BF, the taste became much better. *the food taste nicer because i went with the BF? the chef improved? my tongue sensory spoil?*

 Yorath and me

That's all for the food thingy. =) 

I'm having shopping mood for this few days + lot'sa promotion caught my eyes! But i have controlled myself for not splurge on clothes so muchie. *i hope it fail! lol* I can't live without shopping and purchasing! life get bored without it okay! ladies born with a pair of super amazing legs *we can shop the whole day, but we can't jog the whole day- vise verse with the guys* haha!


  1. Hi Candy, the food that you show is really tempting. Don't worry bout the white box when you post. Everyone has the same problem, it takes something inside to move us, take a look around, see how beautiful everything is, inspiration will come from these things. I'm sure the food you eat inspires you to write bout it. So, hope you enjoy every minute of your wonderful life and great posts!