Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bangkok Jam met up the Sabahan friends

Sowwie >.<" for not keeping my blog alive again. Ugh! my bad. I'll try my best to update my deathly blog often. *promise*

Actually this post supposes to be in October post man! anyway, i just busy with ... nothing. But the blog mode is not there yet. So, today i gonna puke out. 

After the Singapore trip, I and Yorath got a ring from Johnan. He dates us for a drink and yet he is at KL with his girl. =.= and we are still in Malacca. Lol, it's ridiculous for us to drive to KL immediately *we did!* Since Johnan and Becky are flying back to Sabah on the next day and since it had been 5 months we didn't meet, we drive there after my evening class. >.<"
  on the way to Hard Rock Cafe- arrh... i know i know... betrayed GigaBite >.<" *suddenly demanded for Jacker's peanut waffle* don't blame me. >.<"

 taste great! ^^
but not to forget to drink some water before u have the first piece. 
*u will get chocked i swear!* XD

 okay, Yorath speed-ed >.<" *we're late!*

 here we go *fuck them for not letting us enter!* one must be over 21 years of age only allowed to enter? wtf... Even Pubs and Bistros also just restrict those under 18 teens to enter only lorh, moreover this is just a cafe man! =.=" i went to Hard Rock Cafe in Penang once. they didn't set any stupid law like this also. *piss-off again* I swear I'm not going there again! although I'm 21 already *next time xp*
We changed the drinking place. We went to Bangkok Jam for some great stuffs. =) 

The only photos took at there. Never get the chance to take with Becky and Tze Ni. It's okay. Don't really feel friendly that night. >.<" Maybe i was exhausted after my long day classes.  Anyway, i believe still have the chance to take photo together. ^^ *they say next meeting uwill be 5 months later too*

 Yorath and botak Johnan

 tom yam-gong recomended by Becky

 my pineapple seafood Thai rice

me and Yorath =) loving this pix!

that's all for the simple post. 



  1. Then why you dowan to argue if you're 21 already? Sigh, I haven't been to both Hard Rock KL and Bangkok Jam. Which one is better ya?

  2. haha.. i'm not even that age yet XD .. wat i mean was if i'm 21 later, i won't visit HR cafe in KL too... it's too lame to set that rule in HR cafe. i nvr been to KL HR cafe (i'm under age =.=) Bangkok jam and HR, both have different concept. but i more into HR cafe because they have rock band! =) i went to the Penang one. i think it's the same with KL one. Bangkok Jam is another kind of relaxing cafe. They serve Thai food as u can see from the pixies~ =)