Saturday, November 6, 2010

I smell yummy muffins! ♥

In order to keep my blog up-to-date, I'll try hard to post something in my bloggie. FYI, will not having any special occasions or affairs often-ly anymore because dear Yorath got to work hard for his future *he got a job!* Should be posting about my thought more than events, traveling all that ='( *sad case* but, will make it fun *I'll try >.<"* 

one of the days, i smelled muffins in the kitchen... well well well, look who is in the kitchen baking those yummy muffins huh? ^^ 

okay larh, it's me! *LOL*  

 I decided to bake something during the semester break for my beloved family and dearest bf. *okay, it's an Oct post too >.<"*

i even captured all the steps to bake yummy muffins ^^ for basic learners like me only larh. *Those pro bakers don't come here and "seh 9 9 " I'll kill u guys!*

This is also my very first time to bake muffins. So, it might not be the best muffin ever but i can confirm it's not the yuckiest muffin ever larh! >.<" eh, it tasted great okay!

Step 1: Bring up "the spirit of baking!" dress like a baker although u are not a pro baker >.<" because u need the baking spirit to inspire u. Come on girls!
 *okay, i failed. look more like dutch lady going to squish the cow neh neh* 

Step 2: Prepare the ingredients for baking [ 3 omega eggs, vegetable oil, and a box of Nona muffin mix flour, and some paper cuppies]

aiks! Please make sure everything is not reaching the expiring date. *gosh, the muffin flour i have keep for n- years. Although is not yet expired, but i still don't feel secured with the color of the flour*  

So, I went to Tesco and bought a new box.  

Step 3: prepare 100ml of water and  about 8 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Pour both on the big potty that you wanna steer up the mixture.

 Step 4: pour the whole packet of Nona's muffin mix into the same pot too.

Step 5: cracks 3 eggs into the potty. Definitely there's still some egg shell crumbs inside for those who can't crack the egg skillfuly. So, remove the egg shell crumbs then.

Step 6: after sifted all ingredients in the pot, blend them all equally. And u can start to preheat the oven to 150 degree.

Step 7: not to forget to camwhore. lol. haha!!!

Step 8: u may skip step 7 >.<" and continue blend the mixture until it turns completely creamy like this.

 Step 9: Evenly fill up the muffin tray. p/s: don't fill the whole cup to make life easy. Fill about 3/4. If not u will get a cauliflower-look muffin =.="

Step 10: it's time to let the oven do the job! bake the muffins at 200 degree for 15-20 minutes. *aww... love the cute apron with a heart in the earth "asking humans to recycle!"*

T^T i got this blackie muffins for the first try due to unconcerned during the baking period.
* i was actually harvesting my crops in FarmVille >.<" my bad!*
cry-out-loud suan le! 

okay, I'll be super concern about the next tray! camwhore in the kitchen and wait for the muffins to be done =) *no more farmville-ing*

 take extra concentration on the baking period >.<"

 It's almost done!!!!

*Tah Dang*! golden brown color! Passed wey! ^^

 i wasted the first tray and only managed to bake 5 muffins for the next tray with the remaining mixture. >.<" so little! then i decided to make QQ Jelly for addition. 

a heart-shape less sugar QQ Jelly with grape pieces for the bf and cute shaped for the family =) . No guides for QQ Jelly coz everyone know how to make i'm so sure!

That's all for today's post =) 



  1. wah you bake muffin also can camwhore so much! you are very talented! XD

  2. Lol ur face looks so alike ahPeng when the muffin failed. hahaha. Jiayou ^^

  3. jfook: lol... >.<" feeling like kena tease like tat

    mandy: haha! kinda manly with the hair tighten up ...