Friday, November 19, 2010

New members in the house ♂ ♀

Guess what I'm busy with recently?

suffering from mosquitoes bites?

 chicken pox?
* =.=" i had before*

Omgosh! Are you actually having serious skin allergic?
*half correct, =)*

I'm actually being scratched by some kind of animal paws. >.<" 

Yorath presented me .... *drum roll~ *


Yup! a pair of new baby sugar gliders. * but it doesn't mean i will forget about cutepie, he will always in my heart*

The aim for getting me this 2 cute babies is because the bf afraid that I might mild in my home *coz he can't spent the time with me like we did last time since he got a job*

Thankiew babe! 

caught some pixies of them 

Sugar gliders make endearing, playful, and entertaining pets, which they need lot'sa attention from their owner.

 lil baby boy shy to take pixi, nah... he still can't cope with the new environment.
*give him some time*

 It's hard to believe that the lil baby girl have big appetite.

she is super small *a few week old only* 

 really unTAHANable! super adorable lorh!!!

I'll be super dupper caution about their diet, feeling, hygiene and SAFETY!!!! *i stayed in the area with effing lot'sa catssss!* 

Everything have to start all over again. Will train them after they manage to cope with their new pinky home. Haven't name them. Any suggestion? * I want cute names for them!!*


  1. omg those spots are actually caused by sugar gliders? :O

  2. hye..nice pair u got..
    but u shouldnt give them cat food..
    may harm to them..

  3. re Hilda Milda: ya, =C their nails are so sharp. but i got this because i let them crawl on my arms. they use their nails to hold them tight.

    re ciKeju: hmm... so what else i should give? last time i feed my sugar glider with bladded oats and apple... but the seller suggests me to feed them cat food =C

  4. food is a big NO NO..boleh rosakkan buah pinggang sugar glider..

    u should gve them,papaya..and HPW..
    btw,ur glider seems underage?how much it cost u?

  5. where do u buy hpw? i can't find any of daily use related to sugar glider in my hometown (melaka) so far...