Thursday, November 11, 2010


Gonna blog about the Sagil trip now. *kinda lazy actually* Teehee!
 because i'm fugly in all the pictures.

My mum suggested to go Sagil on last Sunday. Since dear Yorath don't work on Sunday. Pity him for can't get enough rest on his first week of work, yet need to drive us to Sagil *climb the effin' high hill lagi* ='(

I wanted to cancel the trip one actually. But sometimes it's hard to make such kind of decision *mother vs. the BF* In the end, i didn't do any changes about the plan. >.<" *feel sorry to the BF*

Morning, mum and I were busy preparing the food for the Sagil picnic. And the brother and dad watching CARTOON while we busy like beaver. wtf. They are not helping at all =.="

After that, i went to Yorath house and pick up him first because *i'm kinda miss him in the morn* hehe. So, he can starts the journey from our house. My aunt and my lil cousins are coming along at first, but my aunt's car broke down *the tank broke* so, unfortunately they can't catch up with us. *aww, i miss my lil cousins.*

So, we took about 45 minutes to arrive the destination. *fml, i'm having my MP that morning!* Cannot enter water T^T *i did entered, i dont care!* The BF known me as the "polluter" of the day. Haha!

here comes all the pictures~

poor BF, have to carry the heavy bag of mine >.<'

 at the shallow mellow part... it's also known as the dirtiest part. lol

 a lot'sa indians that day because it's still their Deepavali day.

 since we all kiasu, so we climb up to the top to have the clean water. haha

 can't believe my mum is so energetic. * i was half death already*

haha! my daddy look so cute with the bag and the cap. *like small kid* haha!

once my mum reached the top, she can't wait to sink herself into the water >.<"

 the guys~ they need some preparation before getting wet, because it's effing COLD!!!

Some other people.

FML, i just can soak my feet =.="

 okay, got improve... he get his butt wet

 this pak cik was extreme enjoy slipping from the rocky hill to the water. >.<"
*i wander how if his balls hit the rock? * 

 me also got improvement. >.<" sink the whole foot.

 my skinny brother *idk what he is doing up there*

 happy husband and wife

 daddy laugh at brother because he got sexy rib bones.

 happy family without me =.="

hmm... meditating?

 drinking syrup with the taofu huey box >.< mum forgot to bring paper cups

 the only okay photo of me on the day

 picnic food

 the BF is still not wet yet =.=

 dad and mum

 fugly me eating bihun

 the water getting cooler because it's gonna rain soon

 not preparing to get into the water =.=" relaxing

 tadang~ ! the polluter >.< but i didn't sink into the water lar ... most of the time i'm sitting on the rock with lil water >,<"

 mum get up and enjoy her reading

 everyone going back and the sky turned dark

ah ma hand with winkles >.<"

 haha! macam ah-beng ah-seng like that >.<

 okay! it's time to back! *my dad carry my snoopy bag* lol

 the last fugly photo of me to share.

 confirm die if u just slipped down

bubye Ledang Hill!

Cincai blog >.<" not really in the mood to blog.

can't wait for the ladies shopping-day on this Saturday!
hope i could take some pics with them.


  1. bu just looking at the picture, I feel cold~~~

  2. Nice picnic there with your loved ones.... yea sure those waters looked really cold...