Monday, November 22, 2010

recovering from nasty emotion

Hey there, I'll be back after settled my nasty mood that I'm encountering now.
FYI *those who kaypo wanna know*, I'm a murderer of a cute sugar glider. Yea, but i did it accidentally.
the female sugar glider die on 21/11/10 *yesterday*. We tried to rescue her but end up her heart beat stopped. FML! I really feel so sorry to her. Don't really wanna explain how she die, because my mind will keep on flash back all the scans she struggling for help and gasping for air *somehow now I'm recalling back the scan again* Super heart-ache! *just shoot me!* Because i promised that I'll take good care of her but end up i broke my fuxking promise on my previous post. I got lot'sa stress from my parents who keep asking how she die and blaming me for the fault. These even make me hard to rise my head up. But, in the horrible incident there is still a little happy incident is that we manage to rescue the sugar glider joey- lil baby boy. Surprisingly, he is strong enough to survives. But he had experienced too much of fear. He is now under my observation. Hope he will recover soon *he is improving*.   God Bless him. And R.I.P lil girl glider, I'm super sorry, i shouldn't let u both waiting in the car under a torrid sun. Never ever let this happen AGAIN! *I swear*

The latest pix of lil baby boy
got appetite and manage to climb here and there already *good sign*

will stop feeding him cat food after i bought baby cereal. Because i have do some research on their food. Cat food cannot be served daily. Baby cereal should be the best choice. Gonna buy Baby Cereal for him after my class. *signing-off to classes*


  1. serve apple...or fruit lah
    sugar glider must kept in dark place, only active at dark place...

  2. he need more than that ... the most he need is protein... fruits are his appetizer or dessert only... they got no strength if he just consume apple.. moreover, he is still a baby... he got no teeth to bite apple at all... ya, he will be active i a dark place but he also need their owner attention... after he is close to his owner, he can suit both dark and bright place.