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First trip abroad with ♥♥

Ya, it's my very first trip abroad with Yorath. Although it's effing near to Malaysia but we always wanted to go there together. So, finally we have the chance and time to go!!! Mad exciting because this trip is in my wish list too. ^^ I'm a fans of Universal Studio or should I say i'm fans of every movie from Universal production! =)

Hell yea~ stuff all the clothes into the baggage and not to forget the camera!
Our plan is like kinda complex. Since USS *Universal Studio Singapore* starts operating at 10am, that's mean we have to reach Singapore super early *bcoz my friends told me not to go on Saturday, it's effing lot'sa people* So, we decided to go one day early *Friday* to Johor since Malacca most earliest bus to Singapore was 7:30am *reached Singapore about 12 noon* Probably can't make it. We take the latest bus to Johor and bought the earliest ticket for the next day to Singapore.

8pm we took the bus to Johor Bahru.

Candy & Yorath in the Bus *feel kinda unsafe, reminds me the 10.10.10 tragedy*

We reached Johor at 10:30pm and Max fetched us and find us a hotel. *thanks* We went to Danga Bay Beach again *Yorath loves*

loving the view over there

i love this view

Max and Yorath

whenever there are guys, beer is always their "alternative" choice~

the tripod help to snap

we- i wonder when will we meet again?

the Danga cruise 8 *Hi, we meet again!*

skinny + tall Max

i'm a dwaf to them... >.<

After relexing at Danga Bay Beach, we decided to go for karaoke! from 1am to 4am. *too exaggerated le bah? >.< *

 got fiew *feel* ~

their voice covered mine... >.<

We leave Johor early like about 8:30am and arrived Sentosa, Singapore at 12noon. *wasted lot'sa time at Singapore custom* We were rushing to USS since it open at 9:30am.

the view from the bus

After arriving Sentosa, we took a cab to Harbour Hotel which Tonggeng-a friend recomended. Yorath had $27 with him only. We were worry the destination cost exceed the only Singapore dollar we have that time >.<" *Mr. Yorath haven't change the money yet* After done the hotel check-in procedures, we heading to USS!!!!

I get super excited especially when we gonna enter the USS enterence lorh!! >.<" *it's my wish to go there*

 Loving this pic max! *that's why making it to XLarge size.. teehee!*

Got the tickets with me and i'm enter to the thrlling world of magic movie!~ *wow!*

They divided into 7 zones- Hollywood, dense tropical jungle of Madagascar *i like to move it move it!* , Land of Far Far Away *meeting the talking donkey!*, The Lost World-Jurassic Park & t WaterWorld, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, and New York.

FYI, we captured effing lot'sa photo *seriously* i try to pick some "only"

I'm in the first zone ^^ The Hollywood Boulevard which is the famous street in LA.

Hi Hollywood! *why I'm with the tripod stand =.=*

the popcorn car >.<"

               Err... Wood Packer's girlfriend?           Marilyn Monroe!!!  *ignore the shitty smile of mine*

Waiting for the show

they dance so hard on the Kowabunga Kove stage

New York police car

New York old car

The put put car~ haha!

 trying to pose like her >.<" *i knw failed!*

this is super adorable! the panda look so animate in this pic
~ ♥ ~

Next Zone to the .... *drum roll*

Madagascar Tropical Jungle!  still remember the ship? the penguins try to drive this to leave Madagascar island.

 Idk which part of the movie got this skeleton hanging on the tree

With the Gang ^^ 

 i though can go up the ship one ='( 

 with the help of tripod stand is so much convenient to take photo with the bf

  The new ride- a crete adventure. *opening soon*

 Waiting for the bus *lol!* posing nia~ just a shady place to sit

Everything in Madagascar zone is so colorful + my pinky top!

Next to the Far Far Away land! *maa favorite cartoon movie! THE SHREK*

Beware of ogres!

knock knock! Mr. Shrek, are u there? can i get your autograph?

hmm... maybe he is in the toilet

and next! to the Lord Farquaard *the si pendek king* 's palace ^^

 the palace really mad huge and pretty lorh!!!

the frog is actually Princess Fiona's father- King Harold! The bad Fairy Godmother had changed him to a frog *proff!*

 obviously it's a fake smile lor >.<" so many people queuing for the Shrek 4D movie still can smile =.="

 Que from outside to the inside *luckily, they provide air con while we were queuing*

it's time to put on the 4D effect spec

do there look alike ? *frankly, got a bit lorh! lol*

 Showing my Mr.Shrek poster in the souvenir shop

err... i got no idea who is he and why is he in this zone, *anyway he is cute with his round tummy.*

okay, let's proceed to the talking donkey part~

 waiting Donkey to meet us

 there he is! aww, he love singing... he did really interact with us =) *funny talkative Donkey*

 the walking street at The Shrek zone. *everything is so fairy tales*

aww... It's Donkey and his sons~ mad cute!

Heading to the next zone- Jurassic Park!!! the most frightening place for me >.<" i hate those RAWRing sound!

 we took almost 20 minutes to take this picture! idk why they just can't wait and try not to block the way
*or they just wanna be in the photo with me? =P *

 one of the view in Jurassic Park

 >.<" i came from a dinosaur egg

 hmm.. idk how to explain this =.=" they just come forward me and asked permission to take picture with me. lol

i got two guys from India with me >.<" lol... *or did i look like any universal cartoon character or what? =.=*

Well, we didn't take much photo in Jurassic Park because most of the fun *scary* rides especially the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure- thrilling river raft ride *i'm breathless* which will make us wet. So, we just keep everything in the freaking expensive locker. =.="

after the water ride >.<" lucky got 1 ah-ma give me her rain coat, if not I'll be super sexy after the ride. LOL.

 Going for the show at WaterWorld- the sub zone in Jurassic Park.
a small area for the pro(s) to perform.

I must say that they are really really AWESOME!!  i didn't record the show because we were sitting at the slightly wet area. So, I don't wish Yorath's camera got wet.

 see! not craps! he drive the army boat there

 and ride like a pro *they are pro!* in a limited space.

 The girl- one of the main character swing here and there to escape from the bad guy

 we were amazed by the awsome explosions in that area. It's a MUST SEE show!

 Taking picture with the characters! *cool!*

 the Kelefe >.<"

another kelefe~                                                                    cool!

Next zone.... "Egypt"

 the sandy place~

 the long legs Egyptian " the army of Anubis" *he did actually make the sound like avatar >.<"*

 this is the entrance to the darkness indoor roller coaster  ! You guys really have to try this! super cool!! you will face those worrier mummies on the psychological thrill. But the way to the queue is freaking creepy T^T

 the Egypt statues

the last pic before we leave this zone.

To the Sci-Fi Zone. The most exciting rides are still under maintenance ='( Apparently there got nothing to see lorh~ 

 super exciting bettlestar galactica roller coasters under maintenance

 another "log legs" science creature

 basically the zone look like this

Sci-Fi City - will enter again for the rides! *once they open for the people*

We used few minutes to finish observing this zone. So, to the last zone then... New York City!
What we do is snap lot'sa photos!

 The New York Daily Inquirer Office

 Resting at New York Street

 somewhere with Rome concept?

 Hey, please keep New York City clean!

 acting like rich people walking out from the Palace- world premiere hall

 posing like nobody business

 pose again~

 pose again and again~

 waiting for the cab that actually broke down already *nah, posing only*

 New York Street- black and white mode

 lol. i know we are funny >.<"

           the signboard which we can't find in M'sia                   waiting for my Pizzie~ 

 New York houses backyard *which spiderman climb up and meet his girlfriend >.<"*

playing with those silly novelty hats.
1 pic: I'm Lord Farquaard! i will kill who dare to calls me shorty! rawr~
2 pic: I'm actually a lil princess~ aww.. when can i meet my prince charming?

 he actually smell like rubber! =.="

  headed in the Silver Screen Collectibles souvenir shop

 glamorous Marilyn Monroe and M.J

 super cute and pinky purse for the princess

 the world greatest girlfriend and boyfriend! Teehee!

cut cut cut!!!!

finished the walk in USS and feel extreme exhausted and the stomach starts to growl. Here we go "Mil's Drive-in" for the dinner.

 eating with my sticky body *we actually spent the whole day in USS*

 The night view of  Far Far Away

 night view of the "the world's tallest dueling roller coasters" *super cool! imma sit this ride one day!*

 where we had our dinner- Mel's drive-in

night view beside the lake Hollywood Spectacular.

 everyone was getting ready for the Hollywood After Hours- the Lake Hollywood  Spectacular Show!! only show on every Friday and Saturday. Outsiders have to pay $5 to enter USS just for the show

          Everyone is looking forward for the show                me and the tripod stand =.=

Here goes the incredible new pyrotechnics show set to a brilliant musical score that burst across the night sky right in front of us. This time we recorded the show =) but too bad can't upload here due to this video having big MB. So, the only choice is to upload in Youtube and embed here ='( and idk why the result came out like this. I viewed with my pc's window media is in good quality but what i see from youtube is like having very "laoya" resolution *as u can see the pixel boxes*

oppssy~ run out of memory >.<" *the show almost finish too* . Finally we leave USS. The last pic with the big earth =)

bubye USS!

before leaving Sentosa, Candylicious caught my eyes >.<". We went in and purchased some of the candies back. 

 colorful M&M *some special color u can't get it in the M&M packet*

DIY powder candy. Me and Yorath actually make this rainbow color thingy.

Back to hotel and wait for Simon and Tonggeng to meet us =) and then have the Singapore famous porridge at China Town. They had the frog porridge * I dare not eat frog!* >.<" and i order the pork liver porridge.

no pixie taken because i'm damn exhausted already. After the supper, Simon and Tonggeng bring us to Orchard Road and other places which i can't remember the name *my brain is nonfunctional and i almost sleepwalking >.<*

 the only picture i took =.= and idk where is this. Just remember that all the pubs and bistro located at there. 

Since i can't walk anymore, they sent us back to the hotel and have a good rest and continue the walk on the next day. lol

Close my eyes and open my eyes back and *proof!* next morn! =.="  i was like happened within a minute. 

took a cab to Simon house and meet up Tongeng at the food court. They actually ordered freaking lot'sa food lorh! can't even finish all of them. >.<"

slurrp! nom nom nom nom~ burrp!

forgot where is this temple located, just knowing there was crowded with extreme lot'sa people. 

 Bugis Street.. they sell super chio and cheap things

 Star Virgo Cruise
 the only picture took with Simon and Tongeng *boys doesn't like to take picture idk why =.=*

Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sand

We leave Singapore in the evening and arrived Malacca at 10:30pm. =)

Lovely  first and nearest aboard trip. haha. That's all for the super dupper long post with freaking lot'sa pictures ^^.


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