Monday, September 27, 2010

Shh~ blogging surreptitiously

I can't leave my blog alone for so long man! >.<" that's why i broke my promise and blog for recent update.
I hate to drag all the post and until i'm really free then blog the whole thing! i'll go nuts.
So, i try to keep my blog up-to-date. =)

As i've mentioned in my previous post that i'm sitting for final exam for 2 weeks and guess what, i still got 3 more papers to go. FML. Anyway, i enjoy the days actually. I don't really study for final. When i decided to do revision, sure got something seduce me to close my books one! *no kidding* probably it's a test from God. anyway, i failed it. >.<" 

I gain weight during Final....

brought my daddy and brother to Sakura House for dinner. Mr Yorath come along too =)

the "prince" ordered this bento - he hates what he ordered *i warned him, but he still intend to order* so, it's not my fault =P

lol, must be shooting errors!!!! the eyes look so funny!!! hahaha!! anyway, dad oredred this... so small >.<"

ya, i ordered udon mee again >.<" i never change my taste because i'll get very angry if i ordered horrible food in my first try. So, ir's better to stick with the old one =)

Mr. Yorath ordered a lot of food which make my dad's wallet bleeds. lol


I watch plenty of movies during Final

took this photo when we were trapped in the shopping mall with no lights on >.<"
* ingore the pale face without make-up*
i give myself a reason no to make-up which is i'm too busy until no time for make-up. Actually i'm lazy larh...

hang-out at the shopping mall's field while waiting for the showtime. "LanC" quotes on Yorath's printed T-shirt >.<" i hate to read it... *coz i feel like it's talking me if i read it* F u larh

sleepy eyes couple. lousy camera with 3.0 megapixel only . *But it's cybershot lerh >.<"*

It's almost the time for movie, but that time i was craving for McD french fries again T^T. wait for me to finish up the fries first before watch the movie ( Resisdent Evil: after life). Hehe!

McShaker. Shake it and Taste it! it taste sucks with the cheese MSG. Regret for being so keypoh and try new taste. Destroy my whole packet of fries. Sibeh salty too! advise u not to put the chesse MSG too. FYI, i'm a cheese fans too but cheese just doesn't work in McD French Fries. It taste like the Roller Coaster fabricated potato chips from Jack 'n Jill. 

anyway, i finished it. T-hee!


Start to revise for the first paper

Next ...

I gym during final exam...

pulled by Yorath to go for gym. I am super lazy to jog on the treadmill larh wei. but i did joy for 1 hour on that day. *bravo!*

working hard for the pack abs. Lol. He need more protein. Should try on gym food. We only had energy powder drink for the gym to keep us feel like gym-ing. =.="

Ah Yang is working hard for the muscle. He will be there on weekdays. I can see his muscle is popping-put jor. Gambateh bah Yang!!


Hang-out at Station 1 cafe with Shin Yuu members.

The "green" drinks taste great with the name "hapiness" !!!! my first order and it really make me happy lorh. ^_^

Panda Ivan, Fei, and wen's arm. lol

they were playing Chua Dai Di and the loser got his hilarious punishments ^^ and i'm the one who keep giving out ideas * wakaka!* that's why i'm happy

Yorath playing cards and i was FB-ing while waiting them to lose.

one of the torturing video recorded. =) Still got 1 more video. But haven't edit yet.


Boom Boom Shake Shake and drop! Arena night club with the other side of Yorath friends after attending the wedding dinner. *i know i'm overmuch >.<"* i told u so, i'm enjoying the exam weeks. Lol

up-side-down heineken =.="



* i never get bored of posting before and after beer pictures XD*
It's also my first puke-day! and it's awful >.<" i vomited in the pool. sowi~ >.<"


The next morning, yorath's wishlist reduce a wish. ^^. *wiping off DSLR 550D from the wishlist*
yup... uh-huh!

Canon 550D is finally his!

trying to capture me with his new wife.
look like very pro like that. Lol. Still learning how to change the modes.


YumCha with Shin Yuu members at Uncle Jacky Cafe.

milo and dun know what drink that yorath order.


Japanese Food and movie again.

Yorath and me

after the lunch, went for movie- Devil.

how was the movie? hmm, "mah-mah tei" lorh.


finally... i'm doing revision for final exam.

giving up >.<"


and here comes someing seduce me to stop revise again. Friend's 23th b'day party >.<"

BBQ birthday party

oops! simply shoot

Max the birthday boy and his girlfriend

we have fun until 3am! gosh ... my eye bags is really indescribable lorh.

Next ....

which is the day before sitting the 2nd paper. me and Yorath went for movie again with the gang.

watched the Legend of the fist- return of Chen Zhen. I like the movie. =)

Donnie Yen show his butt in the movie. haha! muscular butt kena cane.

after the movie, went to Arena again >.<" because a friend promised to treat us Chivas. But too bad. I just got to drink a sip only because i'm having exam at the next morning. So, it's kinda sienz dancing without slighty drunk. I found out that i don't even know how to shake my butt when i was totally sober with clear-head. >.<"

super stress face because i can't believe i'm in the pub and tomorrow i'm having exam.

new girlfriend. She is nice. she was the one sweet-talked me to go Arena >.<" and she successed seducing me.

okay... i'm finally up-to-date. Got the latest shoot of me just after having my 2nd paper.

look chubby ... ouh~  i really need to slim down before i change into a big foot.

that's all for the Chin-Chai rojak post.

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  1. oo sakura house, i celebrated my birthday there haha. Food quite good :) The gym and station one looks like the one in batu berendam?

  2. haha, lot'sa ppl choose there for b'day celebration =). the gym is same with the one at batu berendam OHM but it's cheng perdana one because it's near to my house. station 1 melaka baru =)

  3. looks like you had a great time..
    gaining weight is okay la.. lol =)