Friday, September 10, 2010

wildless clubing day

When i was viewing my phone picture file, i found out that i caught some photos on the clubbing night which i don't really feel wild on the night. So, it make sense that i just forgot about that night. Lol. But, actually not bad la, just maybe there got not much bitches to crazy with me and I'm not really close to the guys yet.

SO, there's pointless to be wild on that night lorh. *probably will turn out like a pontianak dancing alone and nobody cares* what i do was standing there like a *tiang* and looking the girl in front our table get drunk and do something so embarrassing. She was like super high and went up to the stage and dance with the dancers and then get chased down by the bouncers. lol!  So funny, and she still dancing like fast speed tango. *she swing her head so hardy* =.="

So, the photos will do the talking.

always never forget to camwhore with Yorath before i turn into red-butt-monkey

it's never get bored  playing with flaming waterfall.

maybe i shouldn't turn on the flash. >.<" cannot see the blue flame at all

The girl i met just couple of days. She's Max gf. She's super decorous silence. >.<"
one of the reasons for not getting wild.

just after half glass of beer. look like a kid in this picture. * a kid that put too much of blush on her cheeks* =.= i just hate my skin color after taking a sip of alcoholic drink.

still can see that my scleras are red in color. Probably got a lots of red bloody veins in my scleras. >.<"

Yorath puked after the night club. And i sent him all the way back home after the supper. And he was like " ei, drive faster lerh, cannot tahan already, want to vomit d" ... then i drive faster. "Ei, u drive like this make me more wanna vomit! drive slow a bit larh" . I was like fucking pissed off on the way sending him back home. >.<" i end up driving 20km/hour =P

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