Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bravo Candy

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Well, I'm proud of myself ^^ Because i just did it!!!!!
Here comes the Bla Bla Bla things~

I bought a box of DIY toy which to need the soft toy by myself. =) my first time to do! It's tough for a person like me which get my temper easily. But, i think that i didn't do something for my bf for quite long already. >.<" then i decided to buy and do it by myself!

there still got a lot of different soft toy looks u may wanna choose yourself. I picked this because Yorath use to call himself apple. *idk why* so, i picked apple soft toy representing him. =P

I'm quite afraid that i will have errors on doing this, >.< many people seem so pro on doing this stuffs. Moreover, my sawing skill is like *F+* SO, it's kinda nervous.

First,  look at the instructions but if u think u are pro enough then don't need to refer to the instructions larh. *idk why i'm looking at the box >.<" *

Second, take everything out and check whether they miss up any ingredients or not.
The colourful rough cloths, cotton, black buttons, strings, and the hooks for the hanging chains.

It's quite easy to do it because they show the size we have to cut instead of telling us how many cm, diameters, ratio like that >.<" if not, i will be the first one who faint.

so, with the size they shown, we just need to cut out the shape/size

then placed it on the rough cloth and slightly skatch the shap.

cacat hand did cacat things >.<" after the skatching, just follow the shape u draw and cut it.

no worry, they give more then u need. So, don't have to be afraid to cut wrongly.

  see, how choi i manage to cut!

next, skatch the leaves for the apple.

keep repeating the same stage like doing the previous rectangle. All we need to concern about is the shape and the colour doesn't match wrong.

the dolly hair. She got fringe of bang. So cute!

done my cutting stage ^^ so happy!

Then it's time to saw all the things together and stuff the cotton into the apple. I didn't take any picture of sawing because i was too concentrate on it already >.<" and sawing make me headache!!!!!

done the first one!!!!!!!!!! damn happy!

the little girl is done too! i didn't really follow the instructions. I try to make it special like my work. So, what i did was to cut the hair bangs with in opposite V-shape since I have side fringe instead of hair bangs, and one of my characteristic that is .... *drum roll*

ya! the mole. Lol! i proposely saw up the black-mole.  It's obviously representing me now. Hehe!

Although it's not as choi as other people DIY stuff but i'm happy because i spend the days and finished up by myself lerh! I can see my effort! hehe... Bravo Candy! And i passed to Yorath yesterday. He was like laughing on the soft toy because  it really look silly la >.<" Anyway, he loves it! ♥♥♥

simple post on my effort *show off jieh!* lol.

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Thank you! muakz!


  1. i bought it at my campus when there is a promotion. U can get it from shopping centre too.

  2. 1sttime of doing D.I.Y..the result not bad what

  3. ya... i'm quite happy about it =)