Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's your view about them?

I'm hearing those songs from "private practice" album. It's so sweet to hear when u are in a complicated mood. But, it doesn't mean I'm in emo mood now larh. I'm wondering this fun questions "why there's people wanna be lesbian?" lol. I know it sound so nuts why am i thinking of this. XD It just popped out from my mind few days ago and i was like feeling curious about it. so, what's your view about lesbians?

Well, just make it clear what Lesbian/ homosexual partnership really mean. In my view, lesbian means 2 people with same sex fall in love with each other and cope up. Having sex or kissing with the same sex doesn't really mean lesbian for me. Some girls love to have fun! i love too. And I'm curious to have sex with female friends too,but i haven't get the chance to try yet. It doesn't mean I'm a lesbian okay =.=.*i'm not bisexual either! just curious larh wey*  If u view lesbian is like having sex *which i got no idea how they do*, kissing, hugging, bathing together, naked swim or any reactions that show super close with your friends mean Lesbian, it doesn't make sense for me lorh. Because i might wondering there's how many lesbians in western countries if I'm referring to your nonsense theory?? *infinity, i guess* lol! it's so ridiculous! i do kiss my female friends too when I'm get excited like in the night club or somewhere else that heat up my mind with music/ alcohol. Then you are considering i'm a lesbian? lol! You probably just have to format your mind seriously. =.="  *u must be some kind of people wearing so nerdy all the time and so pervert that kind* and I'm not insulting anyone okay. What i think is in my view. Those sexual reactions doesn't mean lesbian *it's BFF*, but lesbian does do those actions too.

I'm not considering this as lesbian okay =.=" i do this as well when i get wild like them!

when alcohol and music is here =)

But how about this?

the guy was shocked XD lol.

homosexual marriage have been legalized in some countries

one of the great example is Irina Shepitko and Irina Fedotova marriage

they both are Russians if I'm not mistaken. But they get refusal of the marriage registration in Russia because they do not permit homosexual marriage. So, they fly to Toronto,Canada to register their marriage since Canada legalized same-sex marriage in 2005, including for nonresidents.

they decide not to hide their relationship after all. =)

but of cause, Malaysia do not allow gay/ homosexual marriage. So, if who are Malaysian-lesbians don't ever try to register in Malaysia- it won't work =.=" and might probably get caught. *mai siao siao or don't try to be super stars and wanted to be the first*

see, all ang-mohs ... Better don't be lesbian in Asia countries. >.<"

What I'm curious about is why they wanna be lesbian?! lol. What make them to be? It is something do with their hormones or they probably just sick of males?? * probably got chase away from their ex one, nah! joking*  

I've seen a lot of lesbians in Malaysia. They really was like little lovely couple and usually there's one party act like very macho like that *probably will be the bf* and the other was like other normal girls. I saw a pair yesterday while i was hanging out with Yorath at MP. I went into Sasa shop i saw one girl *the tomboy* stand aside and her gf was busy choosing the cosmetics. She just do what exactly Yorath did. Most of the boy just standing aside/ wait their gf  mad-busy choosing the stuffs to buy right? She just did the something. >.<"

 The girl was actually pretty chio one, don't know why she turn up to be a lesbian. =.=" so sad ... i mean wasted la, because she got such chio eyes u know! *double eyelid and long lashes some more* lol. I really can't accept if i found out myself turn into a lesbian *i might just commit suicide with eating a lot of beansprouts >.<*I got no idea how girls can be together "so great" until can fall into the love river went they hook up together. It's really difficult to find a soul sister already how come they can like so loving each >.<"
I admit I'm kinda unfriendly with girls because girls really irritates me *especially those who talk a lot, bring my name into gossip conversations, act like super chio like that, and jealousy! got a lot more!!!!* when u ask me to describe a girl, there's a lot of negative descriptions of girl lorh. Therefore i hardly to get BFF *got also not lasting one*. Because when we get close together, i will figure out all their "bau"- irritating personalities,then end up can't bear with them. So, I'm wondering why they don't get irritates or they really met girls that really do not irritated people?? or *they both also irritating?* =.=" i got no idea. Maybe i will understand when i found great girlfriends that don't have such irritating personality.

Lastly, i wanna said that I'm not criticizing those who are lesbians. I'm just wondering what make u all change to have homosexual relationship and does it really last long? or longer? . I hope i have lesbian friends, i probably will be absorbing more information in details =) . And, please~ never ever insult or tease the lesbians. No one love getting tease/ insult by people. *u either*  Don't ever judge them like "she turns up into a lesbian just because she can't get a man" *stupid! bitch slaps for u*. So, please respect others. They got there freedom to choose who they wanna be with. I believe they also want to be accepted by society and the state. Your insult words is not needed. And... those who reading my blog, don't be too serious in my words *if not you'll make your life suck* , I just love to have crap jokes =P.

Anyway, I prefer healthy relationship which everyone can accept. And therefore I love Yorath!
lesbian/ gay? it's the matter how perceived homosexual. 

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